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Covid Test Results for AV Schools

AVUSD Superintendent Louise Simpson reports:

We received the Monday collection results for the high school and elementary school.  I am still waiting on Peachland and the District Office.

The good news is the High School Pool came up completely clean.  We did have one staff member test positive on a rapid test last night.  

At the elementary school, we had two positive pools.  (One of them was detected on Tuesday and the entire class was rapid tested at that time and parents notified.  The other pool positive will be tested today.)

I will have the pool tests back from yesterday, hopefully tomorrow.  Pool testing will continue twice a week through the end of February.  The combination of the rapid tests prior to school return and the pool testing are a great detection model to catch cases early.


  1. Wendy Broffman January 15, 2022

    Let’s continue tramatizing children and teaching them to be obediant compliars of the biosecurity surveillance state. The end is in sight though, thanks to our friends at Big Pharma. Pfizer CEO just went on national news stating that although the first two jabs of his company’s “vaccine” offer little to no immunity and the booster migh, at best, help stave off severe cases of covid-19, never fear — Pfizer will have a NEW safe and effective vaccine by May 2022. Until then, continue to live in fear of your neighbor and the unvaxxed, don’t forget to wear a mask and may you never rely on natural immunity again..

    • Bruce Anderson January 15, 2022


    • Joe January 15, 2022

      We should all rejoice they apparently have 140 mRNA vaccines in the pipeline for all sorts of ills.

    • Jamie lee January 25, 2022

      LOVE IT.
      And what is in the test kits??? anyone want to know what they are sticking up our childrens noses every week?? Google “Ginko Bioworks”. .They provide the test kits AND are a stated ‘Synthetic Biology Company’, whose stock symbol is “DNA”! AND whose main product is gene editing, AND called “The Organism Company!” AND promotes its “digital surveillance” look for yourself. And AV school officials are all over You Tube promoting this insanity! HOley Moley All.

  2. Jamie lee January 25, 2022

    doing the math
    it takes up to two weeks to get test results, so when someone ‘has it’ we won’t know for up to two weeks!

    the tests are “pooled” with up to 12 individual test kits all in one sample study SO they have no idea who out of the 12 has “it” so All must be Quarantined then until the one is ‘over it’. right? So is this why he CDC Is setting up shielding camps??? and saying they will begin Quarantining people as Newsome also has empowered and militarized! the Ntl’ Guard on Jan. 12, 2022? with almost $3B of spending on money we don’t have on debt that has never been anywhere near such insane numbers that puts debt of current $276,000 per man women and child that owes the note holders (see Controllers)

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