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Letters (January 13, 2022)

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Hello to everyone at the Mighty AVA.

This is a letter to fill you in on my Christmas gift from California’s governor.

Most of you know why I have spent the last 25 years in prison. I truly never touched any one, but to gain parole I had to admit to touching the two I was convicted of.

I was found suitable for parole at my sixth hearing after a psychologist’s evaluation found but I am a “low” risk for recidivism. It should also be noted that I was NOT found to fit the criteria for being a pedophile.

On Christmas Eve my counselor handed me a letter from Governor Newsom. He has taken it upon himself to have my case reviewed by the full Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) again, to see if I should really be granted parole. This is usually only done for cases that are the worst of the worst.

As the Governor’s letter states, the public is allowed to attend this review hearing and even allowed to make statements. Please consider speaking on my behalf at the hearing either in person or via computer as I will not be able to do so myself. If you are willing to advocate for me, please go to the below websites. 

The day of the hearing should be either January 18 or January 19, 2022.

To check the schedule:

To see the agenda:

To attend the meeting:

(You are allowed two minutes of comment)

To e-mail a comment:

Thank you very much and peace be with you all.


Mark Sprinkle #K-24619


P.O. Box 368

Chino, CA 91708-0368

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I wanted to reach out to our residents and let them know, this Sunday, January 9th is National Law Enforcement appreciation day.

Across the nation on January 9th, citizens take the lead to show support on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. 

Law Enforcement Officers of every rank have chosen a profession that puts their life on the line every day for their communities. 

These folks have chosen to serve the public and take on a profession that is demanding and often unappreciated.

Recently, our people continued to serve and work through the holidays. 

This includes our Deputies on patrol and in the jail as well as our dispatchers. 

Our deputies have duties which demand dedication. The jobs are often dangerous, thankless and take them away from their families for long hours. Rarely do they know what their days have in store for them when they arrive at work. 

Although this is often a tough job, I simply don’t hear complaints from my personnel. I truly believe this is because of the constant support they receive from our communities. Most people realize these are our sons and daughters. 

I wanted to thank our communities for the calls, emails and letters of support we received throughout this year and especially over the holiday season. 

In Mendocino County we have the honor of being treated with respect and thanks on a daily basis. This is humbling to me as the Sheriff, and greatly appreciated by those who serve their neighbors. For that I thank you. 

As we move into 2022 I hope we can all take some time to appreciate all of the things that are going well in Mendocino County and to appreciate the blessings we receive on a daily basis. 

Mendocino Sheriff Matt Kendall

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Hi to my friends at the AVA,

First of all I’d like to thank those who came to my aid last Thursday (Dec. 30), when instead of hitting a deer, I sideswiped a tree. It was on 128, heading west, a few hundred feet before the Navarro Store. Thanks to Judy (?) who said I should get checked out by an EMT to make sure I wasn’t in shock; to the man who checked me out (sorry I don’t remember your name) and to Dave at the Navarro Store who chatted with me about Albion, back in the day, as I waited for the tow truck. This was my first car accident ever and I just learned today from my insurance agent that you’re always supposed to hit the deer. I had no idea. Seemed more dangerous to hit a large animal than to avoid it; who knew?

Don’t know if anyone noticed that in the recent list of Mendocino County Current Job Openings there are 6 jobs offered in the Cannabis Program:


Chief Planner

Office Services Supervisor

Planner I/II

Planning Technician I

Senior Planner

What the heck are they planning and why do they need so many of them?

A recent back and forth text with Supervisor Ted Williams:

Me: Is there a proposal to combine the two offices — the auditor/controller and the tax collector? I keep reading about it.

Ted: Auditor and tax collector were combined to match the structure of Sonoma County.

Me: Seems strange to me…

Ted: I believe the county is on a financial collision course. Roads alone needs $698M over 10 years and we have $5.8M/year. The pension system has perhaps 1/3 pensioners in error, errors that developed when the program was under one of the elected offices. Ignorance was bliss.

Me: I don’t envy your job.

Ted: We have 2x county workers as compared to Sonoma county per capita. Fighting status quo is difficult, but somehow we need to massage what we have into a modern organization. Most of the public servants are hard working. It’s structural, almost like a 1950s style paper based office. Ideas welcome.

Me: I wonder if it would be possible to have some sort of internship program with some of the smart kids from the community and high schools that could maybe help bring things up to the modern age.

Ted: In the discussion about auditor, I discovered exactly one person in an organization of 1200 is able to do payroll and works under the auditor (!)

Me: Frightening!

End of text.

I thought the idea of an internship might get some, or at least one young person interested in participating in county government. It’s definitely time for some new blood and new ways of thinking.

Please don’t use my name, only because I don’t want anyone contacting me. I’ve got enough to deal with right now.


Name Withheld


* * *



PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission want to make rooftop solar unaffordable by charging new solar users fees averaging $684 per year and slashing the solar credit by 80%. They also want to reduce the number of years that existing solar users can stay on their current net metering program from 20 years to 15 years. The utilities are doing this to perpetuate a self-serving, monopolistic and outdated for-profit model. 

At the CPUC hearing, there were approximately 125 commenters. Many are owners and employees of solar installation companies. They pleaded with the CPUC to reject this proposal, as it will destroy their business and the jobs of approximately 70,000 Californians. 

It appears that the CPUC will approve this proposal, and new rates will go into effect as soon as March. Gov. Gavin Newsom has not picked a side in this battle. Yet he has the ability and responsibility to keep California’s clean, renewable energy policy on track and working in the public interest. Please express your opposition to the governor before the CPUC votes on Jan. 27. 

Joel Chaban



There’s a battle going on. The public utilities including PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), want to make rooftop solar unaffordable by charging new solar users a penalty fee averaging $57 per month (i.e. $684 per year) and slash the solar credit by 80%. They also want to reduce the number of years that existing solar users can stay on their current net metering program before being slammed with these charges — from 20 years down to 15 years. The utilities are doing this to perpetuate a self-serving, monopolistic, and outdated for-profit model.

I attended the CPUC hearing to comment on this climate change travesty and heard from the approximately 125+ other commenters. Many were owners and employees of solar installation companies pleading with the CPUC to reject this proposal as it will destroy the business and jobs of approximately 70,000 Californians.

It appears that the CPUC will approve this proposal, and, if so, these new rates will go into effect sometime in March or April 2022. One person who has not picked a side in this battle is Governor Gavin Newsom. He has the ability and responsibility to keep California’s clean, renewable energy policy on track and working in the public interest. Please comment and express your opposition to this proposal by calling the Governor’s office at 916-445-2841 and leaving a message before January 27th as that’s when the CPUC will vote on this shameful, appalling, and inane proposal.

* * *



A recent article regarding California’s law banning the sale of gas-powered lawn equipment after 2024 failed to mention this equipment can be used for another 10 years. Banning the sale of this equipment, but allowing its use until 2034 only means that users will cross the border or go underground to buy equipment. 

I signed a petition to ban the use of this equipment in Santa Rosa. In my neighborhood, gas-powered leaf blowers are in constant use every day. I’m retired and home all day caring for my wife who has dementia. Loud noise seems to disturb her. 

I asked my yard care person if he would stop using his gas blower. He had tried one battery-powered unit, but the battery lasted about 15-20 minutes on a charge. He told me he needs to run his blower about two to three hours per day during the fall. 

When I researched commercial-grade battery-powered blowers, I found only one that was powerful enough and had enough battery life to meet his needs. It cost over $2,000. I bought the unit and gave it to him. My hope is that he will use it for all of his clients. You are welcome. 

Chris Thwaites

Santa Rosa

* * *


Dear Editor,

One year ago, in Washington, DC, a violent assault by rioters stormed the US Capitol Building, Before it happened, then-President D. J. Trump stoked up a fiery group of his supporters, onlookers and news media. Congress was meeting to officiate the election of a new president, Joseph Biden. In his speech, Trump urged the crowd to “fight on.” Trump pledged he would “march along with his supporters,” (or words to that effect). 

I support Sandra Garza, partner of slain Capitol Policeman Brian Sicknick, who suffered two deadly strokes after being peppersprayed by assaulters. MS Garza, in an interview with PBS anchor Judy Woodruff, stated that, “Donald Trump deserves to be in prison.” Why? 

President Trump violated his oath “to defend the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign or domestic.” Officer Sicknick wasn’t the only officer to die. Four more later died by suicide. This isn’t the only reason why Trump should be charged with treason. He sat for hours watching the riot on tv. He did nothing to halt what might have resulted in the murders of Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Pence. 

Frank H. Baumgardner, III

Santa Rosa

* * *



Rooftop solar should be sold at discounted rate.

When I decided 19 years ago to add rooftop solar to my home, I thought it was odd that my contractor informed me the law said I could only install enough solar panels to cover my personal use. I was required to do a power audit first. For a couple hundred dollars more, I would have chosen to add many additional panels. My roof would have helped with the much-discussed power overloads during peak use with rates going up.

I quickly realized this was the usual legislative gift to Pacific Gas and Electric Co., as well as big telecom companies for all their “contributions” and lobbying. This illogical limitation of power production was proposed by the Public Utilities Commision’s “consumer advocate,” supposedly defending us against abuses of monopoly utilities.

I was hardly shocked, but saddened, to read in an editorial written by the Bay Area News Group editorial board and published in the Marin IJ (“Rooftop solar program robs from the poor, gives to the rich,” Dec. 23) that this same advocate in the PUC was endorsing the flawed reasoning that I was now abusing lower-income people and I must pay $900 a year for the privilege of participating in the rolling blackouts.

The editorial gave no consideration that we all are adding power PG&E couldn’t produce and helping everyone keep their power on. Since the electricity we produce is essentially given to PG&E at terms they dictate, why not sell the power our 1.2 million solar households generate to others at our reduced rate? I would think our public officials would rather see lower bills than us being punished for our “greed.” PUC complicity will slow transition to solar, a goal no one supports.

Once again, our legislators have sold us out for “contributions,” and our local government officials are silent.

Greg Knell

San Rafael

* * *



The cannabis industry continues to whine that they are burdened with regulation and taxes. Now officials are considering lowering or eliminating taxes. Our state and local governments rushed to enact pot ordinances because of the lure of easy money in the form of taxes and fees, i.e. greed. Cannabis growers were motivated by the lure of easy money in the form of cash revenue, i.e. greed.

Growers are discovering that money is not so easily earned due to taxes, licensing, inspections and reduced profits due to an oversupply. County officials are ignoring all kinds of unintended consequences, such as water and environmental degradation. Yet there is a feeling that the industry needs a boost. No one is forced to grow pot. And the poor small farmer here in Sonoma County is a myth. CannaCraft and Sparc are huge entities with the loudest voices crying for help.

There are far more significant issues that need to be addressed. Why is this getting such a fast track at the state and county level? Follow the money. It’s all about greed.

Rachel Zierdt


* * *



Remember this date. June 6, 2021. On that day, was the first time in the history of our little town that a private corporation, Mendocino Railway, AKA The Hart Brothers, successfully took a residential property using the Eminent Domain process. It is very probable that this foothold gave the Hart’s the confidence to attempt a larger, more consequential acquisition.

The property I am talking about is at 476 Alger St. Alger is a short street running North-South at the end of East Laurel St. just before Otis Johnson Park. Alger St. sits behind the Fort Bragg Middle School’s playing field, which in turn is behind the Senior Center. On Alger St. itself, from South to North, sits the Fort Bragg School District bus maintenance yard, The Krenov School of Fine Furniture, Pacific Textile Arts, a single family residence and a multi family residence. 476 Alger is the property at the North end of the street. It is .95 acre in size. It’s a quiet well established area with the exception of course, of the occasional student baseball, football or soccer game. Otis Johnson Park is a city owned 7 acre park that sits at the end of East Laurel St. All of the properties have one thing in common. They all overlook Pudding Creek and the back and forth tourist train that runs several times a day.

On June 6, 2021, the vacant property at 476 Alger Street was taken by the Hart Brothers in an uncontested Eminent Domain suit against the elderly owner of the property with the daughter signing the documents under a Power of Attorney. This ‘Taking’ as it is referred to in legal circles was done with no public announcement or notification of any kind. And, the City of Fort Bragg knew about it as I will demonstrate in a moment.

It is known that the property at 476 Alger St. had become a troublesome drug house and frequently visited by the Fort Bragg Police. It is also known that there was a fire at this address which resulted in the home partially burning.

It is clear from internal documents acquired from the City of Fort Bragg that at least some of the city staff knew that Mendocino Railway was acquiring the property. It was also clear to some of the city staff that Mendocino Railway was acquiring the property through Eminent Domain and some of the city staff were supportive of the process, even though the acquisition wasn’t specifically for railroad use as required in the Court ruling and California Law. It’s possible that the city staff didn’t have the necessary knowledge to understand what the Hart’s were doing, nonetheless, the City was complicit in this corporate based land grab that took a local resident’s property in a less than transparent and quite probably an illegal manner.

The Eminent Domain Judgment that was issued against the owner of 476 Alger St. on June 6, 2021 is notable as it gives the stated land use purpose as well as the acquisition price of $150,000.00. for the acre of developed and forested land with a partially burned structure. The railway’s purpose for acquiring the property via Eminent Domain as stated in the court document says, and I quote: “…that the Mendocino Railway’s acquisition of the Subject Property is necessary for maintenance and safety of its railroad operations adjacent to the Subject Property (“Project”), a public use.”.

There were several things that obviously weren’t known by the Court during this procedure:

1. Mendocino Railway had no adjacent property to the 476 Alger St. property at the time this Eminent Domain was granted to them. Mendocino Railway didn’t acquire interest in an adjacent property until they acquired the 70+ acres of Pudding Creek watershed property in the subsequent Eminent Domain “Taking” this last fall on Nov 17, 2021.

2. Mendocino Railway had no intention of using the taken property for “the maintenance and safety of its railroad operations”. This censored excerpt of an internal email between City employees on Oct. 20, 2020, discussing the situation tells the true story.

“I spoke with ******* the daughter of ********* who owns 476 Alger. ******* states that she has been working with Mike Hart on a process known as eminent domain. ***** states that Mike told her that her mother would receive some compensation for the land that would go towards her medical care. ****** also informed me of the Skunk’s intentions to develop a privately owned day camp on the property where people will pay to picnic, hike and explore the natural habitat…”.

This single email excerpt between city employees shows the Hart’s true intent with the property. This is one of maybe 50 internal documents I have acquired through the public access portal. It’s messy.

The Real Issues!!!

The real issues here are:

1. What is to become of the quiet neighborhood that has been enjoyed by residents for many, many years? With tourist traffic on the western horizon coming to invade the peace and tranquility of the heart of our town that has, up until now, remained a peaceful sanctuary from the noise and chaos that is almost a full time affair in downtown Fort Bragg, with tourists now coming here every day of the year instead of just seasonally.

2. If this probable fraud is allowed to stand, how long will it be before other properties are taken, silently and without fanfare? Do you live on the edge of our town? Are you in danger? Some residents along the Pudding Creek watershed are already reeling from the Hart brothers trespassing on their property and then threatening legal action when the residents object.

3. Most importantly, is this elder abuse in its most devious form? The Hart’s offered a solution that may cover medical bills for a while for a property that is well worth three or four times what was paid if it were offered on the open market. There is an appraisal and I’ve read it. The comps that were used were for properties that weren’t on the green belt and were about one third the size.

This is our town. Not some distant corporate fantasy of asset acquisition.

As a recent former political figure said; “…you knew that I was a snake, before you let me in…”

Monday at 5:00pm is the next City Council meeting. Maybe it would be worthwhile to start asking some serious questions as to how something like this could have happened under their noses. Was allowing this snake into our house for this single acquisition the precursor to the next successful Eminent Domain Taking that will now affect our community for many years to come?

Fort Bragg City Hall

All supporting documents used in this article are available upon request.

Bruce Broderick,

Fort Bragg

* * *


Letter to Editor about Mr. Philbrick

I am a long time (almost 30 year) resident of coast. I’ve enjoyed reading your paper for the past decade or so. Am writing to ask why there are no longer any letters by Jerry Philbrick? I enjoyed reading his outspoken views even though I disagreed with many of them. The resulting chaotic replies to him from well meaning albeit highly judgemental people was also highly entertaining. Having a solid Conservative view point available for view in your paper was a bold and dare I say Democratic move. Right now I fear you have been persuaded to suppress the publication of Mr. Philbrick’s outspoken views. Am I correct? Or was there some other reason? I highly doubt Jerry would have kept quiet by his own will.

Heather Meyer


* * *


To the Editor

I saw the Ukiah Daily Journal article about a housing crisis and had to write about what happened to me. I went to High School here in Ukiah. Graduated from the class of 1979. My mom had a house here for 38 years. I rented apartments here for over 25 years and never had any trouble finding a place to rent.

About 11 years ago, I moved to Healdsburg. My mom was having health problems and her house burned down. She was 79 years old. So I moved home to Ukiah and lived with her to help her rebuild her house and stay in the home as long as she could. She went and had back surgery and came home and was not able to walk around and stay in the home any longer. We had to put her in a care home. She was a nursing supervisor at the hospital here for 35 years and she ran the Home Health agency in Mendocino County for 15 years. They did not have any spots available here for her in a nursing home. We had to put her in Cloverdale.

My family told me I had to move out of the family home, so we could pay 9k a month to keep her in a care home. I went to 3 different property management companies and paid them $45, $35 and $25 to run a check and pre approve me so I could rent one of their units. Then they told me there were other people they had to process in front of me. In other words, get in line. If my brother in law’s dad did not give me a little one bedroom apartment he had open, I would have been homeless. He had houses and apartments he rents out and had an empty unit that he could fix up and let me have.

I had lived in the units or complexes I was trying to get into before. They have raised the rent $400 since then or more. I could not believe the prices or the situation. There are not affordable housing units here any more. Your article was spot on. People that make 35k a year can not afford these units. I could afford one, but one was not offered to me. The situation is scary. That is all I can say. Please give this to the people who run our county. They need to fix this as soon as possible.

Jeft Eloherry


* * *



For more than 100 years, PG&E diverted water from the Eel River into the Russian River by operating the Potter Valley hydroelectric project. The power plant is closing, and soon this vital water supply will stop. Lake Mendocino was built to capture the 300 cubic feet per second of water that PG&E diverted through Potter Valley to the Russian River. Without that water, Lake Mendocino would not have been built. Lake Mendocino provides a third of our water storage capacity. When the diversion stops, Lake Mendocino will become a mud hole.

We are in a terrible drought. The future does not look bright. Water cutbacks are mandated, while more water-dependent development is approved. Meanwhile, we’re about to lose a third of our future supply. Does any of this make sense?

I have no property near Lake Pillsbury. There is no hidden ax to grind in my woodshed. I simply think it’s a shame that we are about to lose a third of our water supply, and nothing but talking is being done to assure that the Eel River water we have had for 100 years continues to flow into Lake Mendocino and down the Russian River.

John Torrens


* * *



I used to smoke cigarettes. At age 37, I was buying life insurance and a blood test detected nicotine, resulting in a 40% premium increase. I was shocked and called my insurance agent. I said, “Carl, what gives, why a 40% bump?” Carl said, “That’s the smoker’s penalty. Smokers die sooner than nonsmokers.” 

“They can’t charge me extra for smoking,” I said. “That’s like mandating my behavior. That’s not fair, and it’s my choice.” 

Carl replied, “Sure, it’s your constitutional right to smoke, but it isn’t your right to have people that don’t smoke help pay for your insurance for the diseases that befall you because you fail to heed the warnings about smoking.” 

I quit smoking, which dropped my insurance rate. I had come to agree that it wasn’t right for other people to subsidize my poor health choices. 

Lately I’ve wondered why we are subsidizing the poor health choices of the unvaccinated. They certainly have the constitutional right to their choices, but they should also carry the full financial burden of those choices. What do you think? 

John Ash


* * *



The other day I had a long talk with my immunologist daughter and was pleasantly surprised to learn how much she knew about Covid and how well she was able to sift through the mounds of BS that surrounds us all today. As soon as she found out that they were mixing together MERS, SARS and Covid to see what would happen she knew the odds of Covid 19 coming from nature were almost zero-and she knew this long before Jon Stewart made talking about a lab leak socially acceptable.

Interestingly enough she says the medical research community was rather alarmed to find out that our Dr. Fauci had given the Chinese government over $8 million to do lab work there, apparently that was not at all business as usual and raised questions as to why it wasn’t done here-were legality and secrecy factors in that? So it would seem. BTW, Fauci lied not only that he funded it but the amount too, if you want to be mad at Trump you can pin Fauci doing an end-run on Obama’s ban on gain-of-function research on trump as it happened on his watch.

She is also skeptical about the need for boosters in healthy, younger individuals, they have already proven to be ineffective against Omicron and in her view the testing done involved far too few people for too short a time to be legit. She felt the risks only made sense for the elderly or unhealthy to get boosters, this is why the FDA’s top two people in charge of vaccine approvals resigned over them giving emergency use authorization for the boosters. My daughter emphasized how much of a big deal it was to grant EUA for medicines, you have to be in a very bad place to justify it and NOBODY today can say with certainty any of the vaccines are safe because it’s far too early to tell-unlike with the vaccines we grew up with that went through years of testing so at least we usually understood the risks.

On top of that, whether or not you need a booster depends on your antibody levels, which will vary a lot based on if you were vaccinated, how long ago you were vaccinated and whether or not you have had Covid and when that was-then you have to factor in your general health and age too. The bottom line here is that you could very well have gotten both shots last summer but someone who wasn’t vaccinated and got Covid in the Fall quite likely has greater current antibody levels than you do-which is another reason I try hard not to put all unvaccinated people in the same boat because they could have higher antibody counts and better protection than you currently have.

One thing we could both agree on is that the scientific community was done a great deal of harm by the way the vaccines were sold to people, which was that they would be in the 90-94% range of effectiveness. The problem with those stats is that people were not told that was the peak level of their effectiveness and there would be a rapid decline after that, twelve weeks later they were around half that level and at 6 months they were pretty useless. So what we had were “leaky” vaccines barely able to consistently work at the 90% rate at their best, and unable to provide any lasting protection-quite unlike the pathogen-based vaccines we got as kids and this is why we need to acknowledge this is a new ballgame. BTW, there is plenty of evidence the drug companies fudged the tests so the actual effectiveness is likely somewhat lower than official results.

None of this had to happen, that American funded research was done in China for a reason and it’s been shocking to see the lefty media go AWOL on the issue. When people try to raise the alarm they are immediately attacked as being trumpers or Luddites or worse, just look at the article the Grayzone posted on disruptions to women’s menstrual cycles linked to vaccines and the reaction to it. Now, months later the CDC is FINALLY doing a study because the problems were too big to ignore any longer and they have very serious potential consequences, but talking about it was a good way to get banned on Youtube, twitter or facebook-and forget googling it too. Censorship is not how you promote good science, and with covid we have already seen it backfire more than once.

What I find is astounding is that so little attention was paid to the fact that thanks to FOIA requests and lawsuits by people like The Intercept we now know that in 2018 Eco Health Alliance had engineered a new coronavirus that grew 10,000 times faster than its natural cousins and they discreetly admitted that in their 4 year report submitted in early 2018 to Dr. Fauci. What the report showed was Eco health Alliance had gone past the 10x increase in growth threshold that should have caused a notice to be issued and a review before any further work could be done according to their contract with Dr. Fauci at NIAID, but they didn’t notify anyone and Fauci either didn’t read the report or care what was in it.

We also know that in the same year of 2018 Eco Health Alliance submitted a proposal to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), to take their souped-up viruses and play with them on DARPA’s dime, which raises an obvious question: why would you propose to make super-dangerous viruses for DARPA if the intent was not to develop bioweapons? Was it because they knew DARPA was the only government agency who could give such a high-risk project the secrecy it would need to avoid public awareness? If it was legit vaccine science why not go to the various government agencies related to health for funding? Thank God DARPA turned them down as Newsweek reported last November, they had huge problems with the ethics, legalities and safety of the proposal-and that says a lot coming from people who work all day finding new ways to destroy the planet!

Then we have the WSJ reporting that Fauci led efforts to smear/cancel anyone who either talked about a lab leak or vaccine safety and effectiveness, or anyone talking about any treatment that wasn’t a vaccine-this is how “science” is supposed to work? I told you many months ago long before I knew Fauci funded what turned into a potential DARPA project that many of these people at the top of the science ladder had no humanity in them, this whole sorry event has proven my concerns to be 100% correct. One day they are working on “life-saving vaccines” and the next on bioweapons that could kill all human life on earth-what sane person could do that?

If Fauci really cared about our health why is he not leading the charge to end over $1.5 billion in annual federal sugar production subsidies when he knows that 80% of the covid deaths were among the obese? We spend 25% of all our health care dollars on diabetes treatments every year that are mostly avoidable and obesity kills millions, but instead of pointing that out Fauci just keeps pushing the myth that only vaccines, masks and mandates will solve the covid problem when we are seeing countries with near full vaccination rates continue to struggle due to leaky, short-lived vaccines that can never eliminate covid.

People need to reflect on what this pandemic has cost us, not just the lives lost but the disruption to billions of people’s lives. The billionaires want to prolong it because they have never seen such good times, the working class has been bled dry as our economy has been forever changed to further enrich the elites. My other daughter is a public school teacher, and she says that kids who had good self-study skills are not doing too bad academically (mental health impacts are another issue), but that huge segment of kids who don’t are two years behind and we all know they will never catch-up thanks to the foolish and unscientific decision to cancel in-person learning. We knew in the first two months kids were not getting sick and dying of Covid like adults were, and six months in we knew they weren’t very good at spreading the disease either, but still today you have schools closed all across the nation because of an illness that kills less children than the flu.

That’s not “science”, that’s hysteria promoted by people who have benefitted from the pandemic, they want this to last forever and the truth is it will, even if everyone was vaccinated today Covid would still be here according to The WHO and head of Biden’s Covid response team. The war against our neighbors has to end, save your hatred for the people who spawned this disaster, those who covered it up and those who benefitted from it. 

We need the freedom to talk about these things, the other day you spread two big pieces of covid misinformation and you shouldn’t be banned, shunned or canceled for doing that as it’s become nightmarishly difficult to get the story straight on anything these days. My own technique involves using at least 3 sources on every important story, one from the left, one from the right and one from an independent source-who’s got the time for that? You reported that someone had died of Omicron in Texas, as of January 7th it has not been confirmed that anyone has died in America of Omicron (go look at what the Harris County Texas public health department REALLY said), and the entire MSM misreported it. The other event you misreported involved that Fox News dweeb who said you should “ambush” Dr. Fauci, he was talking about confronting him to answer questions about funding research at the WIV. He said to do it politely, which is not the same thing as instructing people to shoot someone-see why the fact-checking is no longer optional and context still matters? 

Covid has changed this country forever and mostly in not-good ways, those of us with some common sense, independent thought processes and compassion left need to try to pick up the pieces and get us headed in the right direction again, and that will take some doing. It won’t happen if we keep playing the game the MSM has created which keeps us at each other’s throats as both our pockets are being picked, we need to stop listening to the same people who created this mess for guidance and hold them accountable for a change. Maybe that will happen when the GOP takes control (if) of congress, if they do probably the only good that will come of it is that Fauci and the rest of the bioweapon peddling liars and madmen might be shown to be the pricks that they are, though I never underestimate the GOP’s ability to screw things up so we’ll have to wait and see.

Be well and be smart,

Phil Murphy

Grant’s Pass, Oregon (formerly Lake County)

ED NOTE: Ed reply: You’ve lost your way, Phil. I’m publishing this purely for old time’s sake.

* * *


To The Editor:

David Giusti brags that he “put the D in detective” in the December 29, 2021 edition of the AVA in explaining his reasoning for mail fraud against District Attorney Eyster.

No, Mr. Giusti, you put that D in Dumbass! You’re unnatural obsession with Mr. Eyster is obvious. You have some deep-seated issues. Mr. Eyster has a life in which he works 8-12 hours per day, a family and other responsibilities. I doubt you’re even an afterthought to him. This is a man who pays taxes and contributes to our society. You on the other hand spend your time by choice homeless and drunk. You exist by pushing a shopping cart full of dirty clothes around Ukiah. I’m not judging you. I’m just sayin’!

When you are not writing about your obsession with Mr. Eyster you’re writing wacky ass letters in which you talk nice about that scumbag Aaron Bassler and bad about ex-Sheriff Allman. Sheriff Allman, by the way, was and will forever be one of the most popular sheriffs in Mendocino County history.

Your best “Dumbass” letter to date was the one you wrote in which you condemn Mr. Eyster for the violence in Ukiah. You wrote that the Ukiah streets are so violent that you advise your daughters not to come here. This is where you officially receive the Dumbass award of all time. You are currently in jail for attempted murder, accused of beating half to death a senior citizen of your ilk.

You, your filthy shopping cart, and your propensity for violence are part of what makes Ukiah a disgusting place to live and visit. Your letter was beyond ironic and prove that you are worthy of the Dumbass Award of 2021.

In closing, I would ask you to leave the memory of Polly Klaas alone. You claim to know the “real story” behind her murder. Out of respect for her and her family, please shut up!

One more thing: no one gives a crap what the Fort Bragg High School baseball team scores were in the 1920s and 30s.

So please Mr. Giusti, wear your Dumbass Award of 2021 proudly, you’ve earned it!

Alan ‘Sunny’ Crow

Mendocino County Jail


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