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Blockade at Jackson Demo State Forest

Happening now at the Camp 1 entrance:

Protestors are blocking gates to prevent the logging of their public lands. The Red Tail timber harvest plan is in and around the largest campground in the 50,000 acre state owned forest.

CAL FIRE Jackson Demonstration State Forest manages our land as a commercial timber operation while ignoring and refuting the science that says they shouldn’t.

This timber harvest plan sits on the Noyo River, a river that is habitat for endangered fish species and is already 303 (d) listed because of its excess sediment and temperature caused by logging. Despite this, JDSF has logged well over a thousand acres in this watershed over the past 2 years with hundreds of acres ongoing, and hundreds of acres proposed for later this year.

This mismanagement of our public resources cannot continue! Protest and make your voices heard!

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  1. Mitch Clogg January 10, 2022

    When I worked for the State of California, we called it Jackson Demolition State Forest. “Demonstration” is such BS!

  2. Marmon January 10, 2022

    Where are the cops? Why aren’t these people being arrested? This is a business and they’re disrupting a business. This is no different that the Coop mask protest, where is the outrage?


    • Harvey Reading January 10, 2022

      F-ck bidness, especially the “bidness” of murdering trees. The murderers should be locked away for life, and the forest preserved.

  3. George Hollister January 10, 2022

    “Protestors are blocking gates to prevent the logging of their public lands. ”

    So JDSF is now “theirs”? Doesn’t JDSF belonged to the people of the state of California, managed by CalFire, and governed by the laws established by the California State Legislature?

    • Tim McClure January 10, 2022

      FYI Mr. Hollister there are 40 million citizens in the Great State of California and it is time for them to have a say in how all the forestlands are to be managed. I’m willing to wager that if they were consulted they would be dead set against the forest practices that are taking place on both much of the public and “ private “ lands. Furthermore I find it completely absurd that corporate timber interests have control over such vast amounts of the forestlands.

      • George Hollister January 11, 2022

        A willingness to wager? Are the disrupters basing their actions on self certainty, and a willingness to wager? In a republic there are laws, If not we have what we saw on January 6th in Washington a year ago, and what we see with disrupters today on JDSF. So are we governed by anyone who can go on FaceBook, or setup a web site, and declare they have a monopoly on the truth, the wisdom, and the facts? I hope not. This is called anarchy.

        • Harvey Reading January 11, 2022

          The lunatic-fringe think tank crowd couldn’t have stated it better, George. You are the horrifying past come back to life. Take your “republic” (where the wealthy–but not particularly intelligent–few call the shots) and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  4. Douglas Coulter January 12, 2022

    “For ruler like to lay down laws
    And rebels like to break them
    And poor priests like to walk in chains
    And god likes to forsake them”
    October Song by Incredible String Band 1968

  5. Marmon January 12, 2022

    Was pleased to see that a logger named Rick placed three of the disruptors under citizen’s arrest yesterday.


  6. Naomi Wagner January 21, 2022

    Guys, can can you say civil disobedience? Getting arrested (thank you, loggers for doing what Calfire was too chicken to do even tho you messed it up) for saving trees is standing up for rhe rights of the environment and Indigenous people, who had occupied the Jackson lands since forever before our settlers took it from them by force and violence. So plz don’t start getting on your high horses about the Rule of Law in the Great Republic. Timber’ has had a very profitable free run in Jackson since 1947. Before that, they drove out the Tribes and trashed the place. Now it’s time to give back.

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