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Reported Oil Spill on Skunk Train Tracks

I wanted to pass on a report from Mendocino County Environmental Health of an oil spill this morning on the Skunk Train tracks along Pudding Creek.  Will Nalty from the County reached out to make us aware that they received the report but have been denied access to the property to investigate the potentially hazardous spill by the Skunk Train, which is claiming Federal pre-emption.  Mr. Nalty wanted the City to know, in case we get reports of the spill, we have the status of the investigation.  I let him know the challenges we have the Train’s pre-emption claims and some of the other state agencies who may be interested. 

Tabatha Miller
City Manager
City of Fort Bragg
(707) 961-2829


  1. Marmon December 1, 2021

    I heard that somebody accidently knocked over a quart of oil, cause for major concern, especially when you’re unhappy with the little stinker’s purchase of the mill site property.

    Bring in the Clowns


    • Irv Sutley December 1, 2021

      James, don’t you have enough problems to focus on over and around the 95422 ZIP code turf & surf like algae blooms and meth labs? I recognize your Mendo roots but Lakeites need you more IMHO

      • Marmon December 1, 2021

        Alan “the kid” Flora has the 95422 covered. The man is amazing.


  2. Mystery Commenter December 1, 2021

    How many more days, Tabatha?

  3. Marmon December 1, 2021

    My family hauled logs, lumber and chips in and out of the mill site for decades. Fort Bragg will never be anything but a company town and it’s about time some company is finally taking control of fort bragg’s future again.


  4. Mendocino Railway December 2, 2021

    On Wednesday afternoon a person claiming to be part of a “Mendocino Crisis Response Team” arrived at Mendocino Railway’s station and parking lot claiming to have been informed of an oil spill. This person did not follow the normal practice of introducing themselves and instead wandered around the railroad yard and parking lot, finally taking a photo of locomotive oil drips between the rails on track six in the railroad yard. The visit was very unusual since this is something routinely managed on any railroad and part of our approved Hazardous Materials Business Plan. Shortly thereafter, there was an overreaction by the City Manager Tabatha Miller who shared a social media announcement of an “oil spill along Pudding Creek”. Pudding Creek is 2,840’ from where the one-man “Crisis Response Team” discovered oil drippings on railroad tracks. It would be more locationally accurate to say the railroad yard oil drippings were at City Hall that is three times closer than the inaccurately reported Pudding Creek.

    • Marmon December 2, 2021

      Have you considered filing for a restraining order, you’re going to need one.


    • Suck Train December 2, 2021

      You stink. Keep your unsolicited trash out of my town and my mailbox!

      • Marmon December 2, 2021

        Dude, this could be one of best things that could happen to Fort Bragg. The City was never going to get anything done with their politics. Fort Bragg should look at someone like Alan Flora as City Manager, a real go getter. Tabatha proved to be useless.


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