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Ten Commandments for ‘Pro-Lifers’

Thou shalt not seek to insert anti-abortion words into the Bible or any other scriptures where it is never once mentioned, nor seek to breach America’s hallowed separation of church and state, recalling that the Constitution’s first amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”

Thou shalt not further assume your God agrees with you regarding anything having to do with women’s health, especially if for whatever reason you imagine Him to be a man.

Thou shalt shut thy mouth about women’s reproductive health and choices, and not falsely assume women have abortions “casually” or “as birth control” or otherwise treat it as a not serious matter, especially if thy thyself are a man, and if so, thou shalt have the growing “baby” implanted into your own body to carry to term and afterwards fully support for at least 18 years, preferably and likely much longer.

Thou shalt deeply study embryology so as to not believe a six-week embryo has a “heartbeat,” let alone any kind of sentience, sensations of pain, or other characteristics that make it anything like a “baby”, and otherwise heed and side with established medical and other true expert opinion on matters of reproductive health rather than that of ill-informed or lying zealots.

Thou shalt recognize that almost all bans on abortion and other reproductive health services, both here and abroad, actually result in more abortions rather than less, later abortions due to barriers, great harm and even death to desperate women who seek illegal procedures, and yes it should be said, more nonwhite and poor children ye likely don’t want to support with your precious tax dollars.

Thou shalt thus shell out all your non-essential income to any woman and baby thou hast caused to be born despite the woman’s own wishes and needs, regardless of their ethnicity, immigration status, gender, etc, and will legally adopt any such baby upon request.

Thou shalt strongly support both in concept and cash the only things proven to actually reduce unwanted pregnancies, namely freely available effective contraception, scientifically solid and sensitive sex education, and substantial healthcare access and economic support for pregnant women including after birth if she so chooses.

Thou shalt not seek to empower self-righteous “vigilantes” to enforce your beliefs about abortion in exchange for cash, as really, what could wrong with that.

Thou shalt reject any political figure who professes to be “pro-life” just to troll for votes even though said candidate is grossly anti-woman and child in both policy and personal life, including likely causing unwanted pregnancies himself.

Thou shalt only profess to be “pro-life” if you can adhere in conviction and action to all the commandments above, vowing otherwise to simply mind thine own business, forever and ever, amen.

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  1. Herrnhut October 16, 2021

    Thank you Steve for your sharing about the religious people of this country.

    Jesus also shares your view on this religious people. He sees them in a different perspective from you. I know they will go to heaven one day as promised by God’s Word. But their Law end up with the curse and the sin in their presence.

    For example, the Bible states and the East coast states are much more religious and they hold the banner of ten commandments. In fact there is a ten commandment monument placed in front of many Capitol building. Kansas is one of them. They passed laws about different kind of moral sins and placed a ten commandment monument in the lawn of the Capitol Building. As a result, every one knows about this, the angels and demons, in heavens and on earth. Therefore the state has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the 50 states in many years.

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