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Off the Record (July 14, 2021)


It will be at the Casper Community center, July 18th, 12pm. 

"Please come to honor our friend and community leader, Paul McCarthy (Mendocino Sports Plus). Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on, consider dressing in the colors of the Mendocino High School Cardinals (Red, Black and White) and give yourself extra time for parking and walking. The event will be outside in the rear of the center. We will come together with music and memories for our beloved Paul."


Fort Bragg Name Change Community Questionnaire

In 2020, in response to requests to change the name of the town, the City of Fort Bragg formed a Citizens’ Commission to evaluate options and recommend a way forward. The Commission has been meeting regularly and has created a forum for public input through this questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to offer residents a way to share their thoughts with the Commission. The answers collected will not be used to make statistical conclusions and will be archived. 

We welcome all input from residents within the 95437 zip code. To have your input considered, please respond by July 31st. If you prefer to hand-write your response look for a paper copy in your July utility bill, print this form, or pick one up at City Hall. Paper forms can be dropped off at City Hall (416 N. Franklin Street).

Survey Questions:

[1] Do you live in the 95437 ZIP code?

[2] What do you think about changing Fort Bragg's name? 

[3] What do you think about keeping the name Fort Bragg but rededicating it to a different historic figure with the same last name? 

[4] When asked about why they want to keep the name Fort Bragg, people mention (check all that you agree with)

  • The town's history
  • The cultural identity of intergenerational residents
  • The brand name recognition
  • The divisive debate
  • Other:

[5] When asked why they want to change the name, people mention (check all that you agree with)

  • The racist legacy of Braxton Bragg
  • A desire to honor Indigenous history
  • The possibility of a name that reflects the town's values
  • An opportunity for a dynamic rebranding

[6] When asked about potential concerns, people mention (check all that you agree with)

  • The cost of a name change
  • The burden to businesses
  • The difficulty of rebranding
  • Negative media attention

[7] If you are a business owner, what effects on your business do you expect if Fort Bragg changes its name?

[8] Is there anything else you want to tell the Citizens' Commission?

UH, YES. What are Fort Bragg values?

PETER COYOTE: “The San Francisco I knew and loved has been face-lifted, sleeked, chromed, polished, colonized, homogenized, and marginalized as a cultural innovative force the transformation was accomplished in a smooth, seamless manner by money and addiction to power… San Francisco is too expensive, too monoculturally wealthy. Tech wealth and privilege have transformed it into a cushy enclave for the heartless.” 

PETE, I’VE LIVED in The City off and on for fifty years, all over The City beginning in the late fifties in an SRO at 8th and Brannan, south of the slot as the old, old timers called South of Market. There were lots of SRO's south of the slot up through the Sixties, all of them inhabited mostly by old men and, later, all kinds of people without the money for anything better. I think I paid something like $75 a month for a room overlooking the street. A shell-shocked, silent veteran of World War Two was in charge. He issued clean bedding once a week. The grungy bathroom was down the ill-lit hall. The building went back to early in the century, probably erected right after the great earthquake and fire because it came with aesthetic enhancements like high ceilings and redwood trim, as even buildings for the poor used to have aesthetic enhancements when it still mattered to everyone what things looked like. Four sagging stories in my memory, the old fleabag had  settled, leaning west enough that the tilt was evident in the askew halls. Tenants would tilt one shoulder in greeting when we met on the streets, the Brotherhood of the Tilt. I often walked north to eat at a place on Jackson Street in Chinatown for under a dollar — two pork chops, cabbage, gravy on a bed of rice. My neurasthenic girlfriend at the time broke into tears the first time she visited my room on Brannan. “This is the most depressing place I've ever seen,” she wailed. Anticipating her second visit, I made the room even more depressing with a tiny plastic Christmas tree, some of my unwashed laundry arrayed like I was drying it, and a vase containing dead roses. She got the joke. I’d say The City declined when drugs took hold and large areas of the downtown were conceded to criminals, and then the “homeless,” the catch-all euphemism for drug addicts, the insane, the drunk, and the utterly defeated, all of whom were indoors south of the slot when I was young. America having lost its way, it's unlikely San Francisco, or America, will ever right themselves. It's over. We've seen the best of it.

STILL AND ALL, I agree with Gary Kamiya: “The exorbitant cost of housing, the influx of tech workers, traffic, crime, dirty streets, and an ever-worsening homeless crisis… At any moment, as you move across this city’s convoluted terrain, behind a storefront or a neon sign, a strange hill or piece of unfamiliar water will suddenly rise up in the distance, as mysterious and enticing and otherworldly as one of those unknown landscapes in the background of a Renaissance painting. At every step, San Francisco offers you the universe, for free.” 

LEW CHICHESTER OF COVELO WRITES: “Regarding trash, the writer who is aware that Idaho had dumpsters on the side of the road and very low fees, a movie I’ve seen with dumpsters scattered about in a residential area and available for residents to dispose of household garbage for free, and a visit to Hawaii as a tourist and remarking that every time I needed to dispose of some packaging there was a dumpster, right there! What would it take to at least do a coherent feasibility study in Mendocino County to get a grip on the trash all over the place? It is really bad here, getting worse. John Haschak and the [Round Valley] Tribe have applied through the County of Mendocino for a big ($1 million) grant to clean up the abandoned cars and a few unauthorized dumps on the Rez, but this needs to be done all over the place. Something like what is mentioned in Idaho or Hawaii would help a lot. Free dumpsters, everywhere. What would that really cost? The present alternative is not working very well.”

I THINK the county should subsidize dump fees, making them low enough that low income people would be more likely to properly offload their detritus. You would think a tourist economy like ours would do an Idaho and/or Hawaii. You would also think that an environmentally sensitive population like ours would also demand low cost or free trash disposal. But as Mendocino County raffles off what used to be government functions, I don't see subsidized trash disposal as high priority with the supervisors. Only a stone atheist would toss a bag of garbage into a stream, which I've seen here in the Anderson Valley and all over Mendocino County, but the godless seem in the majority anymore.

SAVVY COMMENT on Kym Kemp's chat line today that nicely puts the Green Rush in historical context: “Clone suppliers must be making a killing this year. Some of these places have been re-planted several times this season. The folks making the most aren’t the growers.

Clone producers

Water haulers

Soil providers

Hardware stores


They are killing it.

Growers not so much.

In the gold rush days the merchants became wealthy while the miners died a slow death.

Green rush honestly is just as deadly for many.”

AMEN, and with prices in the basement because of greenhouse over-production, for a lot of growers here in the Triangle, 2021 is shaping up as a very bad year, for the hoop house boys especially, the Johnny Come Latelys of the Triangle's pot business. 

A RELIABLE SOURCE says Red Beard has recently been seen on video burglarizing another house in the Cameron Road area of Elk, this one near Cameron's junction with the Greenwood Road where, as it happens, well-known local figures Mea Bloyd and her mom, Amy, live. (Mea's the unfailingly helpful clerk at Jack's Valley Store.) In his latest raid on the refrigerators and pantries of Upper Elk, Red Beard is seen on video trundling off with a wheelbarrow full of food and booze before he disappears into the wild, heavily forested vastness between Greenwood Ridge and the Navarro River, where pot pioneer Pebs Trippett's peaceful neighborhood rests on the south bank of the Navarro. It seems pretty clear that Beard has been roughing it out there since January and is now on his way to becoming a local myth as he is alleged to have been seen from Gualala to Westport.

CURIOUS about how the emergency services people got that stranded guy off Frog Woman Rock the other day where he was stuck in a sobbing, panicked heap, I called the Hopland Fire Station where firefighter and EMT Ron Roysum told me, “Helicopter. Took him off from above because it was the quickest, easiest way to get him down. Otherwise, it would have been a couple of hours ordeal getting access.” The youngish man wasn't trying to go straight up the face of the rock but climbed up more to the south where he found himself unable to go up or down the way he came. Mr. Roysum agreed that the climber was “old enough to know better.” Roysum said rescue personnel does trainings at that site but climber rescues are rare.

AS ANOTHER of the Boonville weekly's many public services, and because a male-type person who looked to be in his thirties who'd never seen the following poem thought it "like right on" we bring you Bill Yeats' prescient poem first published in 1919:


by William Butler Yeats

Turning and turning in the widening gyre   
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst   
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.   
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out   
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert   
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,   
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,   
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it   
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.   
The darkness drops again; but now I know   
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,   
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,   
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

TRUMP certainly qualifies as a rough beast, but then, from here, the whole political show looks like a bestiary, with Democrats more like hyenas than the hybrid lion with the head pitilessly staring.

TOTALLY support Trump's futile suit against the major cyber-sites. Who appointed Zuckerberg and kindred dweebs to screen public opinion? If content offends you, scroll on by. But idiots like Glen Beck, Hannity et al? No. InfoWars? No. Maybe I'm jaded, but the few times I've seen clips of the Info War guy I truly thought he was a comedian. Pretty good one, too. The fascisti have been with us for a long time, back to the early days of radio with people like Father Coughlin. The problem the left has keeping up with the right is that we tend to screech, and we're boring. And the right own the media, always have so the left has a hard time keeping up while the right pounds the Big Lie into the fraught heads of its dim troops that MSM’s CNN and MSNBC are “the left.”

AN IDIOT'S GUIDE to critical race theory: It's only the inclusion of the bad stuff in American history we’re talking about — slavery and subsequent oppression of black people, the slaughter of Native Americans, the Chinese Exclusion Act, mass incarceration of Japanese-Americans and top down class warfare against everyone regardless of race, color or creed, offset, if possible, by the mostly rhetorical commitment of the national government to say sorry in tangible ways. Sorry is zillions of dollars short and too late as the Great Experiment winds down in a global blizzard of ecological collapse and social chaos, but teaching history whole shouldn’t scare anybody while it gives the talking heads something to pretend they care about.

GOT the following from e-mail yesterday from 'Linwood Peters,' who I and everyone else know as

Lindy Peters, the affable former mayor of Fort Bragg whom I've known for forty years. The e-mail had me going as it began, 

"Can I ask a quick favor from you?"

THINKING it could be my old friend, I replied,

"Of course."

“Linwood” wrote back:

"Thank you so much for your kind response, I need you to get a Google play gift card for a friend who is down with cancer of the Liver, it's her birthday today and I promised to get it for her, but I can't do this now because I'm currently out of town and all my effort purchasing it online proved abortive.. Can you get it from any store around you for me? I'll reimburse you upon my arrival. Please let me know if you can handle this so I can tell you the amount and how to get them to me."

I knew it couldn't be Lindy because he wouldn't capitalize liver. (Get it?)

I wrote to Lindy to ask him if he was aware scammers were operating in his name. No reply. He must have been at the ballpark.

SUPERVISOR MULHEREN: “During a recent interview I was asked what I think of the notion or rumor that the Board is bought off by corporate interests. I didn’t laugh it off because I don’t think it’s funny. For years I have sacrificed relationships, time with family and my own career to dedicate my time to serving this community. I’m appalled every time I hear this flippant comment. These girls are my reason not financial gain. My two daughters and my granddaughter. I want them to have a future in Mendocino County. I want their children’s children to live in a beautiful environment that provides economic opportunities. Will they go in to the cannabis industry, I don’t know it doesn’t matter. The cannabis economy touches every piece of our economy whether you are an electrician or the cashier at the hardware store. This notion that anyone on the Board of Supervisors is being financially compensated [by the pot industry] is absurd. We are each doing what we think is best for our community in our own way and for our own reasons. These are my reasons.”

CHECKED in with Brentt Blaser, director of the county's Office of Emergency Services, to ask him how the warning system had worked out during this week's Broiler Fire: “Things went well. The application operated as it should. Various (6) messages were sent. The message was targeted at a smaller area, field staff estimated there were 100 -200 residents in the area.”

YES, Mr. B spells Brentt with two t's. As an aside here, Mendo is well prepared for the disasters we all hope to elude this summer with capable people in all the key positions. Everywhere you look in the county, including here in the Anderson Valley, there are competent, well-trained fire and emergency service people, many of them volunteers, all this backed up by effective city police departments, and a county Sheriff's Department, ably led by Matt Kendall. Lots of things in this county and this country aren't working, but emergency services, in a time of perpetual emergencies, have never been better able to cope with whatever comes their way.

HELP WANTED. $20 an hour plus bennies for pot walloping  is a wage packet record for this position in Mendocino County — maybe anywhere: 

Dishwasher wanted! The Stanford Inn Eco-resort (Mendocino village) is now hiring:

$20/hour + health insurance & retirement plan! 25-40 hours per week.

Looking for positive, hard-working people!

Opportunities for growth. Beautiful location... year round employment -must be available weekends and holidays -fun work, great food!

Please apply in person. Questions? 

Email or call (707) 937-5615.

Stanford Inn is located on the corner of Highway 1 and Comptche Ukiah Rd., just south of Mendocino Village


Embedded in next Tuesday’s Emergency Medical Services presentation to the Supervisors for a series of EMS-related projects to be considered for funding with the $22.6 million PG&E settlement money is this testimonial from former Sheriff Tom Allman:

“A paramedic made ‘a suggestion’ that I get into the ambulance and allow her to assist me with what was the onset of a cardiac event. Let there be no mistake, this paramedic saved my life. As I was in the ambulance, the ‘big one’ happened and she was completely prepared to use her skills. I was not a good patient, mainly because of the extreme pain. I’m anxious to see her again and apologize for my inability to follow her requests, but her professionalism saw past my obnoxiousness, and she did her job. I’m very appreciative. I learned a life lesson. Within 90 minutes of the attack, a cardiologist had performed the necessary surgery and I was treated and saved.”

GENTLEMAN GEORGE HOLLISTER goes deep: “I do not know any full grown adult who is not a racist, and who does not have cultural prejudices. Those that accuse others the loudest of these traits are the worst, and live in denial. Racism and cultural prejudice is inherent to humanity, and is found in all cultures, all societies, and all governments. This has been the case throughout history.”

I THINK it's time to strictly define racism and racists as institutions and people who go out of their way to harm persons of another race, either directly or via some system like a redlining bank. The racist accusation is thrown around way too promiscuously and, as GG points out, too often by people in no moral-ethical position to judge anybody. 

THE DA'S PRESSER BEGINS, “The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced this week that Steven Patrick Ryan, 66, died in state prison while serving a state prison sentence in the 2016 shooting death of an unarmed young black man.....” 

THE UNARMED young black man, De'Shaun Davis, was not on Ryan's property and he had his hands in the air after Ryan's first shot whose wound he would have survived, but Ryan fired two more times, killing the kid who, incidentally, had moved to Ukiah with some twenty other black kids to play football for Mendocino College. The football program had collapsed leaving the football players far from home and broke.

TWO READERS asked us what Ryan died from in prison, their questions implying hope he'd died a violent death. If Ryan had been murdered the DA's office says that fact would have been reported to them. Ryan was on heavy pain meds from a back injury when he shot De'Shaun Davis so he apparently died from natural causes. 

COMMENT LINES are synonymous with misinformation, such as this comment I read this morning on Kym Kemp's freewheeling comment line: “In addition there was/is a small but very active and violent white supremacist population in the Ukiah to Upper Lake area. Several associated groups that form and re-form throughout the years. They’ve been associated/arrested for robbing a brinks truck, counterfeiting, murder, threats, etc. One of them also shot an officer outside of the Ukiah Walmart years ago — just after the LEOs in the area refused to admit they existed. A Black guy I knew with a white wife was also murdered for no reason in front of his wife and child a while ago, threats had been ongoing for months. I also had to leave the area because of death threats as I was dating a black man. I think some of them had to move on after a hate crime task force which included the FBI put some pressure on them. Also, people are now more aware of threats to other people and will act to defend others more readily. And all or most of the Pomo who live in the area really really don’t like them one bit.”

THE BLACK GUY with the white wife? No record of that atrocity occurring locally. The Brinks truck robbery occurred in July of 1984 on Highway 20 not far from the junction with 101. There were six neo-nazis later identified as the perps led by a man named Mathews inspired by the moronic novel, ‘The Turner Diaries.’ The gang was based in Washington state, not here in the Emerald Triangle. 

THE WALMART SHOOTING was covered extensively in the ava and is linked below.

That shooter, Mr. Neal Beckman, a product of Willits, was said to hate everyone without regard to race, religion or creed. His hate was pure! Cops tell me that young white guys often come home to Mendo after being ganged up in the state prison system where ethnically-based mutual aid societies are the rule but, so far as anyone seems aware, these returned white boys do not pursue the gang life on the outside, at least around here. The Boonville weekly has lots of readers in the state and federal time-out rooms who can tell us more, but race relations on the Northcoast generally seem copacetic.

THE BRINKS GANG, btw, was rounded up after everyone but their leader, Mathews, went out and bought fancy boats and other ostentatious goods that got their neighbors wondering where they suddenly got all the money. Mathews, disciplined to

THE DAY of the robbery, one of the bandits, probably Mathews, jumped up on the hood of the Brinks truck from the back of the gang's slowed pick-up and sprayed the bullet-proof windshield of the truck with automatic gun fire. Behind the glass were the two black Brinks guys who were otherwise unharmed. 


[1] America really should give up trying to celebrate National holidays in the context of a dumbed down population that has zero historical knowledge. It’s too embarrassing. Just a bunch of weird-looking, fat people smoking Weed, drinking beer, and eating weiners who have no idea what they’re doing….

[2] It had been well over a decade that I chucked my TV for good. A few weeks ago I had to spend a night at my mother in law’s home. She and her husband have 5 TV’s total. 

Usually, my sleepy time comes after a couple beers or glasses of wine, reading a book or maybe cracking the laptop open to check out the wit and wisdom of JHK, Greer, and their commenters. But, being fanatic Christians, my hosts will have no drinking in their home. OK, their rules, fine. I don’t even drink every night. I looked for books – mine had been packed and were waiting at my new farm. Same with my computer. I looked around. No books in that house, except 2 Glen Becks (unopened, by the looks of them), and a Holy Bible. Quite common in America these days, no books in the house, eh?

To make matters worse, by wife had left town already, as she had our dogs with her (and she knows better than to spend a night at her mum’s!). I had to stay an extra day to finish some things. So after a bland, microwaved meal (baked potatoes in the microwave? Wrapped in plastic material? WTF?), I tried conversation. It somehow veered towards religion, their main passion along shopping. They started going all out against Catholicism. I’m not very religious, but hey, that’s what I am and they know it. So OK, no more conversation. They retired into their room to watch TV, and since there’s an apparatus in the guest room too, I figured I’d numb myself with it after well over a decade not staring at one except at dentists’ waiting rooms and such.

Friend, what a dreadful mess. Well over 400 channels – nothing to watch, really. I watched local news for a while, and saw this: some bubba type, and his wife, formerly anti vaxx, now urging everyone to get the shots. “We barely survived”. The morbidly obese couple went on and on, with nary a mention of their obvious pre-existing ill health as evidenced by the fact that they could barely perambulate due to their excess blubber – still young, too! The TV presenters had that look parents give to their rowdy children after one of their tantrums, when the unruly offspring is ashamed and swears never ever will do it again, mum! “The cost of their hospital stay, before insurance? Over $3 million. The cost of the vaccine? Free.” “What a great point, Lindsay… what a great point… in other news, former president Trump is expected to land in prison soon. The reason? Years of tax fraud. Coming up right after the break”

Disgusting, loathsome, puerile, banal, made-for-retards. I could come up with more descriptions, but I don’t want to even think about it. 

I turned the damn thing off and read the Holy Bible for a while.

[3] Like in Chicago, Minneapolis and Portland, its armed street gangs that hold the power in Haiti now. Last month almost 15,000 Haitians were displaced by street gangs i.e. their houses were burned down by opposing gangs vying for territory.

In 2010 after the hurricane Clinton’s foundation promised at least 1300 new houses would be built with the $12 billion that was raised for the purpose. So far, 6 houses have been built. Granted, it’s hard commence construction when all the supplies, tools and hardware is looted and robbed, and the do gooders down from the states to saw wood and swing hammers get car jacked, mugged, raped and shot. UN troops, provided by the Congo, showed up to restore order, but they ended up raping local women and spreading Cholera. It was a bad scene now made worse by the president being assassinated.

The Haitian govt claims to have killed or arrested the gang of assassins, who appear to be Haitian ex pats over from America. However, I think this could be a case of ’rounding up the usual suspects’, shooting them, and calling it a day. CASE CLOSED. But now real trouble is brewing, the kind that leads to genocide.

Ed note: Recommended reading on Haiti begins with Graham Greene's “The Comedians.”

[4] Yesterday I went with my wife over to an outlet shopping mecca. Normally, I wouldn’t go but I was acting on a “best burger ever” recommendation that I’d get if I went for the ride. It was a lousy weather day and so all of the lake tourists that had nothing else to do went outlet shopping too. 

There not being anything in any of the stores that interested me, I just sidewalk people watched. Nothing was new or different than what I had seen many times before but there was just something about it that stuck with me. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was specifically, though. I think maybe it was just how normal it all was. People shopping as entertainment. The cracks in the system may be widening but normalcy bias will keep the old system moving forward on momentum longer than perhaps it might have had we stopped to think about what we were doing. 

The fries & ice cream were good, but the burger was lousy. Didn’t even finish it. 

[5] If Fort Bragg is to be wiped off the map because of racist roots of the General, let's not stop there.

Mendocino … was named by a Spanish explorer for/in honor of Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of New Spain which was basically Panama north to include what is now the southwestern US. The Spanish were conquerors of this region, why honor them? 

Noyo … was originally the name of what is now called Pudding Creek. What is now Noyo River was bigger so the white folk decided that must be Noyo. I have no idea what Native Americans called (what is now) the Noyo River. 

There is more I'm sure. 

Anyone read 1984 lately? 

[6] This young woman I saw in the store the other day had a farm animal nose ring and was tattooed from head to toe. She also had bizarre bluish hair and fake eyebrows and this huge shelf of fake eyelashes. Yeah I know every generation laughs at the ones behind them, style-wise. We had mullets and puffy shoulder pads and other cheesy stuff, but we didn’t maim our bodies. 

I think that’s the difference. Sad to see it, IMHO.

COMMENTS from the Emerald Triangle:

(1) Why whine about corporate takeover of the regulated weed market if you’re an outlaw grower who never wanted to play by the rules? You never wanted to be part of the system. You created an industry free of regulations and taxes and government and consultant involvement. You set up your own markets and distribution channels. All of it was on the down-low, but it was profitable and relatively risk free. Big buds and lotsa cash with a few months of hard labor and ample vacation and outdoors time. Sounds idyllic. Now the system is running roughshod over the industry. But why should you care? You never wanted to be part of the system. You created your own economy. So why all the complaining? Oh, wait. Cuz it’s affecting your prices. That’s why. The cat’s been out of the bag for years. Maybe 20 years from now we’ll have congressional hearings about how the joints people inhaled may have had some unanticipated side effects. Smoke screens everywhere!

(2) It affects people we love as they were forced to become legal. Prices are set by us illicit growers who are dominating this industry. Corporate is screwing my friends over who work all year long (if you were a real grower you would know this plant requires a lot of care.) to be told after they give the distributor the product what the price will be which is a bunch of bullshit!!! As a matter of fact us illicit growers get the cash then we send the product. Don’t know who the fuck would ever give a product to someone and wait a few weeks to a month to get paid. Now for the paid part is another bunch of bullshit on the legal side, lol, $500 a pound is what my friend got. I am not seeing dispensaries selling weed for 30 an ounce or even 60 or even 100. Guess it’s better to force legal growers to sell their stuff for pennies to make sure it doesn’t end up in the traditional market. In reality what is happening is the illicit market is growing due to corporate setting the price too low when long time customers are paying 3 to 4 times more. It’s a war and the legals are literally gettin their asses kicked on main Street U.S.A in every state, especially California.

(3) Waiting to get paid is part of a normal business. It’s called net terms billing. Usually you extend those terms to entities you trust, with stipulations of penalties for delayed or non-payment. On the flip side, it’s also why businesses are so hesitant to work with the weed bros. Cuz most don’t pay or pay on their own terms. Anyways, all this business talk don’t mean much in the weed industry since you can’t even set up a banking system for it. Long ways to go. In the meantime, they’re blowing it up in Oklahoma!

(4) Normal business, lol. Guess setting prices and receiving that agreed upon price before receiving product is abnormal. Weird world, no wonder legalization is failing if that is Normal. PS. If I need a plumber, the estimates are about $10k. Would love to find a business who I can pay a month after the job is done. Oh, then decide well maybe I should only pay $3500. I don’t think a business like that will be in business for long. Or is that the master plan?

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