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Mendocino County Today: March 11, 2012

Abandoned Masonite Site, looking south toward Ukiah

ROSS LIBERTY of Ukiah owns and operates a successful manufacturing business making exhaust systems for recreational vehicles. Liberty announced last week that he intends to buy ten acres at the abandoned Masonite site north of Ukiah to expand his business. He currently employs about 40 people. The Masonite property is a 79-acre, post-industrial wasteland owned by an outside development company which had hoped to install a grand shopping mall on the 79 acres but ran into a wall of local opposition and financial difficulties.

MARC HANSEN MEMORIAL BENEFIT will be held on March 25th from 1-4pm at Milano Winery in Hopland. This will be a memorial service followed by music and a potluck. Any questions can be directed to

SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED? A Cornell University study finds, “incompetent people are inherently unable to judge the competence of other people, or the quality of those people’s ideas.” He's talking about US, brothers and sisters. “Very smart ideas are going to be hard for people to adopt, because most people don’t have the sophistication to recognize how good an idea is,” meaning that we're even too stupid to know how stupid we are. Well, gee, I thought God made the Republican Party to get all the dummies under one roof, but Dr. Cornell says we're all pretty much unfit to govern ourselves.

THE SIGN UP DEADLINE has come and gone. Incumbent First District Supervisor Carre Brown was unopposed for re-election in the 1st District. Fort Bragg City Councilman Dan Gjerde was the only candidate seeking the 4th District seat presently occupied by lame duck Kendall Smith, while incumbent Supervisor McCowen is opposed by Andrea Longoria, a County worker specializing in drug addictions.

FITCH RATINGS has upgraded Mendocino County's financial status from “negative to stable.” The upgrade has been achieved by pay cuts, attrition and hiring freezes. Mendo currently operates on a budget of about $214 million as property tax income declines, debts stretch out and pension costs remain ruinously high.

A YOUNG VENTRILOQUIST was touring Sweden and, one night, he was doing a show in a small fishing town. With his dummy on his knee, he started going through some of his standard dumb blonde jokes. Suddenly, a blonde woman in the fourth row stood on her chair and started shouting: “I've heard enough of your stupid blonde jokes. What makes you think you can stereotype Swedish blonde women that way? What does the color of a woman's hair have to do with her worth as a human being? It's men like you who keep women like me from being respected at work and in the community, and from reaching our full potential as people. It's people like you who make others think that all blondes are dumb! You and your kind continue to perpetuate discrimination against, not only blondes, but women in general; pathetically, all in the name of cheap humor!” The stunned ventriloquist started to apologize, but the blonde interrupted and screamed: “You stay out of this! I'm talking to that little shit on your lap.”

WE SHOULD elect as Supervisor

people who are older and wiser.

But if they’re just dumb

they can become

no more than a spiritual advisor.

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