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Sheriff’s Log, 10-21-09

10/1 9:52am Marijuana was discovered not far from the Yorkville Post Office.

10/1 7:56pm An unidentified man was talking to him­self on Ornbaun Road.

10/8 8:51am Marijuana was under cultivation within 1000 feet of a bus stop in downtown Boonville.

10/9 3:59pm A drunk driver sped through Yorkville.

10/10 3:08pm A Burglary was reported on the Y-Ranch, Yorkville.

10/10 5:46pm An unidentified 52-year old Boonville resident was cited and released for driving on a sus­pended license.

10/11 8:37pm An unidentified 57-year old Philo man was arrested in Albion for selling marijuana.

10/12 9:32am A Philo resident complained that his neighbors were continued to use his property to play paintball and were distressing his cattle.

10/13 10:17pm A customer at the Boonville Hotel reported that a 32-year old white male, 295 pounds, 6-3, 32 years old, in Boonville for heavy equipment training, was missing.

10/15 10:19am A Philo-Greenwood Road resident said he'd cared for an abandoned dog for three days.

10/15 4:18pm A Rancho Navarro resident complained that a trespasser wouldn't stop trespassing.

10/16 7:15 An unwanted subject refused to leave an address in downtown Philo.

10/16 10:01am The repeat trespasser was again tres­passing at Rancho Navarro.

10/16 10:06am A 22-year old white male on an ATV was accused of assault with a deadly weapon in Ran­cho Navarro meaning, apparently, he tried to run over someone with it.

10/16 10:00pm A Mountain View Road resident was interrupted as he called 911 regarding a problem dis­missed by dispatch as "unknown problem.

10/17 2:09am Moron music boomed throughout downtown Boonville until the morons playing it were suppressed by deputies Walker and Squires.

10/17 11:19pm A 23-year old male driver was cited for driving an unregistered 1990 Honda Accord.

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