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Off the Record (November 25, 2020)

FRANCE has enacted a national law mandating that markets to give unsold food to the people who need it, and boyo boyo do we need that law here.

BERNIE'S proposed income tax would only lightly tap the wealthy, and wouldn't even kick in until your income hit the $400,000 annual mark, and how many Mendo people make even one quarter of that amount? Offhand, the only person who comes close might be Charley Mannon of the Savings Bank, and he owns it. (Which is why I've never been able to borrow even a used car loan outta the Ukiah usurer, and me with my perfect credit rating. I think. I seldom buy anything, and my vehicle, The Silver Bullet, was paid off years ago. Bought it at the Honda place in Ukiah in '97, 315,000 miles ago. I hope its collapse occurs on the day of my exit so I can go out yelling, “I did it! I beat the system!”

THE NEXT TIME you hear someone honk-honking about socialism, the democratic type, gently point out that Denmark is rated by Forbes as the very best country in the world to do free enterprise, and Denmark provides the full monte of social programs, from single payer to livable old age pensions, Tax rates? Only slightly higher than here in Liberty Land, where every citizen enjoys an equal right to a cardboard home beneath a freeway off-ramp.

WHAT hasn't been said about Trump that isn't redundant? If he'd taken covid seriously he'd probably have been re-elected, but his refusal to concede to the forces of Maybe Slightly Less Worse has a lot of shot callers very worried. Michael Cembalest of J.P. Morgan, the world's most destructive bank, has warned of a “nightmare scenario for markets“ if Trump were successful in his longshot attempts to overturn the results of the election. In a note to investors on Wednesday, the chairman of market and investment strategy for J.P. Morgan Asset Management, warned of “the remote risk of an American Horror Story” involving “electoral illegitimacy” that would send stock markets into turmoil. “A modest decline in the rule of law...could result in a de-rating of US equities,” he wrote, and that would be all she wrote for the already reeling American economy.

AMAZON is eating the planet. The ravenous corporation announced today that they've launched an online pharmacy for delivering prescription medications throughout the United States, increasing competition with drug retailers such as Walgreen’s, CVS and Walmart. Called Amazon Pharmacy, the new store lets customers price-compare as they buy drugs on the company's website or app. Shoppers can toggle at checkout between their co-pay and a non-insurance option, heavily discounted for members of its loyalty club Prime. Prime subscribers get up to 80 percent off generic and up to 40 percent off brand drugs when they pay without insurance, as well as two-day delivery.

AND NO SOONER had I absorbed the news of Amazon's latest conquest, I got a robo-call from a chipper-voiced young woman who said, “Hi, my name is Laura. I see that your company is not listed as available on Alexa…” Alexa! Play AVA! 

PANIC BUYING has broken out across the United States. Toilet paper, disinfectants and groceries are disappearing from the shelves of city and suburban mega markets in anticipation of another round of strict coronavirus lockdowns as plague cases surge. It is the second time this year that an hysterical minority of consumers panic-purchased. The first hoarding rush was in March. But experts say the run is likely to be less severe this time as stores and shoppers are more prepared. Subodha Kumar, a supply chain expert at Temple University, told The Daily Beast: “People have already hoarded a lot of this stuff in their basements.” A new flurry of lockdown measures came as 40 states reported record daily increases in COVID-19 cases this month, while 20 states have registered all-time highs in daily coronavirus-related deaths and 26 reported new peaks in hospitalizations, according to the Reuters tally. The U.S. as a whole has averaged more than 148,000 new cases a day, and 1,120 daily deaths, over the past week. Coronavirus is blamed for more than 246,000 deaths and over 11 million confirmed infections in the U.S. Thanksgiving was on the minds of leaders nationwide as they enacted tougher restrictions amid fears that the holiday will lead to more infections. 

AN ON-LINE COMMENT: “All of you who are panic buying make sure you stock up on condoms so you don't breed any more bleeping idiots.”

I JUST READ a story about Governor Newsom's meal at the French Laundry, where the tab averages $325, including jive juice, I suppose, but with several million people dependent on food banks for their daily bread, and millions more teetering on the brink of financial disaster, who else but an insensate Democrat…? Gotta wonder how many young American Robspierres are out there taking notes…

A FRIEND who keeps up with the Decadents clarifies: “The French Laundry received the rare 3 Michelin star designation, which puts it at the top of the fine dining heap all over the world. I believe the chef, Thomas Keller, is the only chef in America to get the 3 stars. For some time it has been considered one of the best restaurants in the world, and distinctly one of the best in America…. and in the past you might wait a year to get a reservation. And that charge does NOT include wine!! These kinds of restaurants usually have very unique and ultra creative food. But it’s the cachet you are paying for. I’m sure they have taken whatever covid precautions necessary in order to stay open with outside dining. I suspect some political donors invited Newsom. Can’t believe he would have been so dumb as to go there right now. Very poor judgement. At least he apologized. Oh, and btw….that particular place was owned by the Schmitts right before Thomas Keller came in. It was known then as a superb place to dine, but they did not have the supreme status it holds now. Another connection to Anderson Valley.”

COUPLA SNITCH NOTES: (1) California Medical Association (CMA) officials were among the guests seated next to Governor Newsom at Jason Kinney's opulent and mask-less 50th birthday dinner at the French Laundry restaurant. Kinney's described in press accounts of the infamous meal as “a top California political operative and advisor to Newsom.” CMA's CEO Dustin Corcoran and top CMA lobbyist Janus Norman both joined the dinner at the French Laundry. 

PIETER ZATCO, aka “Midge,” has been hired by Twitter to make Twitter hack-proof. Isn't “Midge” the infamous hacker who said he could shut down the whole world in thirty minutes? I'm assuming he meant the cyber-sectors of the world, but still that's a lotta world given that the world's infrastructure runs on these mysterious ethers. 

“THE SILENCE” is Don DeLillo's latest. It's a fast read at around a hundred pages and is based on a sudden takedown of cyber-world. The U.S. goes dark. Name the disaster and it's on as everything from millions stuck in stalled elevators to coast-to-coast car crashes as stop lights go out. A couple flying home crash-lands, a guy watching a football game stares at the screen where the game has disappeared, a young guy goes deep with staccato explanations for what's happened — algorithmic governances; gravitational waves; syper-symmetries. DeLillo says his novelistic What If exercise was inspired by the empty city streets of the first covid shutdown. BTW, if you've never read “Libra,” DeLillo's re-imagining of the Kennedy assassination, if it was an assassination, it probably happened as DeLillo brilliantly describes it. (I recommend “Libra” with some trepidation that the combined forces of the Grassy Knoll Gang and the Building 7 Cadre will now inundate the Boonville weekly with The Truth About What Really Happened.)

WE'VE OFTEN NOTED, that for a small population of people, Mendocino County is more often in the national and even international news than seems mathematically likely. The unseemly notoriety descended on us in the 1970s when psycho-killers and infamous chomos, taking advantage of the Do Your Own Thing-ism promoted by the counterculture, did their various things until finally suppressed in a blizzard of headlines. Jonestown was the capper of the period, word of which stunned the world on November 18th, 1978 featuring as it did, the amphetamine-driven psychotic, Jim Jones, once one of inland Mendocino County's leading citizens and foreman of our grand jury on year (’73?) Jones capitalized himself in Mendo via a series of government-funded care homes, and moved on to San Francisco where he quickly seduced Big Lib — the city's Democratic Party — even faster than he'd seduced us rubes. Here in Mendo, people we all knew had disappeared — a produce guy at Safeway, a UPS driver, a gaggle of social workers. Jones would have loved the Cancel Culture, and would have had his entire congregation in Fort Bragg to get the town's name changed. Nobody played the race card better than that guy, and played it right up to the day he cancelled his whole church.

MEDIA NOTE: The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office has partnered with KUKI-FM 103.3 - True County ( to do a weekly live radio segment called “Mendocino County In Focus” with long time radio personality Roe Edmonds. These 5 to 15 minute long segments with Sheriff's Captain Greg Van Patten highlight such things as public safety announcements, incident/event updates and Sheriff's Office services. The segments are scheduled for Fridays at the 8:00 AM hour. If you have any suggestions for topics to be discussed during a segment then please let us know in the comments section.”

WHAT THIS COUNTY needs is a smart daily talk show. In these seething times all we get from local audio is a lot of bum-nuzzling and self-promos from various county administrators. Used to be we had Ed Kowas in Fort Bragg and a couple of people in Ukiah who talked about whatever callers wanted to talk about. 

MICHAEL NOLAN REMEMBERS: “Nightlife -- September 9, 1965. 2:30 AM. As the night manager of the Chicago Playboy club I was closing up. It had been a wonderful, hectic evening -- very crowded and exciting. The hottest jazz band of the era has just appeared in the hottest nightclub of the era -- but now that the crowd is gone, the employees have left, the house lights are off, the doors locked and I was making my last rounds to be sure that no one was still inside. And here comes a big colored guy walking down the hall toward me. I'm surprised to see him but even more surprised to see a travel chess board under his arm. I blurt out, “So you play chess?” He said, “Yes. Do you?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Do you want to play?” We set up the board on a desk in the receptionist area and played a long and hard fought game. When I got home Anne said, “It's really late. Where have you been?” I said, “Playing chess with Dizzy Gillespie.” She said, “Oh sure.”

ANY CRISIS SETTING, including all the people who by rank are entitled to be there, is practically never the one where actual decisions are made. I began learning this truth as long ago as my first paid job in 1956, at the Adlai Stevenson for President headquarters in New York City. I observed what a physicist might call the law of the infinitely receding back rooms. This holds that as decisions are secretly made in a small room someplace, there will be ever more pressure from people desperate to gain admittance. When, because of this pressure, the size of the meeting has been expanded, the original little group will recede to a further back room for its quiet secret meetings, while continuing the larger one for show. But, word of the new back room will get out -- there will always be one person too vain not to let it be known that he is part of the innermost group. Then the process will be repeated and repeated. These days, the handful of people responsible for any decision in Washington tend to keep trying to remove themselves to ever more inaccessible rooms. ... [And] in receding to privacy, public people can cut themselves off from specialists who might help them avoid monumental mistakes. Yet they are irresistibly drawn to the private huddle [because] after you have been inside the innermost club, speaking to others in the language of highly classified information, you can't help becoming scornful of those not in the know. Since the outsiders inhabit an ignorant, lesser universe, they can't possibly be helpful. From the moment that thought takes hold, it is only a matter of time before someone is on a plane taking a cake to the Ayatollah Khomeini. — Meg Greenfield, 1991; from “Washington”

SHERIFF KENDALL ON THE CURFEW “….. I’d like to let all the residents of Mendocino County know that the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office will not be enforcing compliance of any health or emergency orders related to curfews.

What does this mean? It means we won’t be being making compliance checks of businesses, homes or making contact with individuals who are out between the hours of 10:00 pm to 5:00 am specifically due to these new curfew mandates.

Will we be responding to regular calls for service? Yes, of course….”

FROM THE FORT BRAGG ADVOCATE of Nov. 10, 1943: “Very little work has been accomplished on the Noyo Harbor project the past week due to the fact that the ocean is cooperating very nicely with the fishermen and they have been able to fish every day. Some very nice catches of shark have been brought in with Joe Perry high boat up until Tuesday. His delivery the other day was 24 shark or $1,360. The second-high boat was Vilho Johnson. Both of these boats fish with nets and are the largest operators.”

AMERICA'S most boring fiction writer finally says something interesting but totally, breathtakingly wrong. Take it away Joyce Carol Oates: “For many pro-T***p Americans, the pandemic is like the Holocaust to many Germans: they knew what was happening but adjusted to living with it in indifference or, in some cases, profiting from it… Only if affected personally do people seem to care.”

AS OUR ship of state takes on dangerous volumes of water but sails on, rudderless, through hundred-foot waves, while the captain is away playing golf, and millions of Americanos are on the wing and on the road for group Thanksgivings that the CDC expressly advised against because they'll kill grams and gramps, while their less mobile and certainly more desperate countrymen line up at food banks, and a bunch of Catholic bishops worry that their nominal co-parishioner, Joe Biden, with his pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion stances, is confusing their flocks about exactly what the heck the doctrine stands for.

A READER WRITES: “Isn’t it strange, how we accept these parodies of “the best amongst us” to rule us? The fake tans, fake boobs, the old people trying to look good for TV? Everyone’s talking about Rudy’s hair dye melting away… what do you make of Pelosi’s breasts? Do you want your grandmother looking like that? Old women with wisdom to share look like old women, they are the respected elders, as are the men, old men that look old, act old, are all invested into their communities, don’t give a shit how they look, care about their decisions being right, their eloquence sharp, their leadership accepted not because they look like a telenovela’s idea of an “older love interest” but because they know what they’re doing. Final thought: if we gave up our TV’s, would that result in elder statesmen that speak through reason and ideas and not botox and platitudes?”

Like many Americans, I've been watching a lot of TV lately, probably more than is good for my mental health, and as a result I've seen many, many commercials for products and places I've never had much reason to think of before.

One such place is Applebee's Restaurants. I've seen these bland excrescences nestled alongside freeway interchanges during my occasional journeys to the American outback, and for all I know, there are probably Applebee's branches here in New York City, though I've never specifically noticed one. 

In any event, though, I've never set foot in one, let alone had the opportunity to sample their menu. But judging from the baby boomer music they feature in their adverts and the unctuous bonhomie of the announcers, I'm guessing that I'm part of their target demographic. I'm inclined to assume, based on these ads, that Applebee's is one of the last places on earth, short of a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan or a Sandals beach resort, that I would ever want to find myself, but I thought it only fair to put this question to those of you in Middle America who might be more familiar with this type of dining and socializing (“Applebee's - it's date night in the neighborhood!”). Am I being unfair or judgmental? Or should I continue in my judgment that dining on broken glass sauteed in dog vomit would be a more desirable option?

— Larry Livermore, formerly of Spy Rock, these days a retired millionaire music producer

THE LATEST IN THE BORGES/GURR SUIT for the raid on their permitted gro on the Boonville-Ukiah Road a few years ago reveals that the County individuals involved — Supervisors McCowen, Brown, and (then-supervisor Georgeanne) Croskey and another county employee named Sue Anzilotti are being sued as private individuals: 

From the amended complaint:

“The Plaintiffs also note that County Counsel has appeared on behalf of Defendants John McCowen, Carre Brown and Georgeanne Croskey in their official capacities, but not as individuals. Accordingly said defendants cannot raise immunities that might otherwise be available. Bateson v Geisse, 857 F.2d 1300, 1304-05 (9th Cir. 1988). The County Defendants do not contest the adequacy of the conspiracy allegations relating to certain County officials and a third party, Sue Anzilotti.


  1. Arrested & Overlayed
  2. Marijuana Mendo — A Cautionary Tale
  3. The Gurr-Borges Plot Thickens

JAMES MARMON COMMENTS: “The 3 supervisors in that case should hire their own attorney just like co-defendant Sue Anzilotti had to. She hired the very expensive Real Estate attorney Brian Carter. There is no reason the County should be defending them for their conspiring as individuals to bankrupt Borges and Gurr and run them off their property. County Counsel is just hoping they can find some immunity for those 3 that just doesn’t exist. The County should be worried about its own culpability mentioned in the lawsuit for allowing John McCowen, while acting in his official capacity, to influence County Counsel into doing his bidding. All these people who are being sued in their individual capacity all have money and will hopefully have to pay up out of their own pockets. The Borges/Gurr property wasn’t even in their districts, it was in Hamburg’s district, and he lived just up the hill from them. He’s not being sued, has anyone ever wondered why?

Where is he by the way, in a witness protection program somewhere?”

COVID-19 vaccine program head boss, Dr. Moncef Slaoui, said Sunday that the first batch of Americans to be vaccinated could get their immunizations the second week in December. “Our plan is to be able to ship vaccines to the immunization sites within 24 hours from the approval, so I expect maybe on day two after approval on the 11th or the 12th of December,” the doctor said on CNN’s 'State of the Union' show with Jake Tapper.

MARK SCARAMELLA ADDS: The problem, if there is one, might have more to do with the intended recipients of the vaccine than with its deliverers. According to a Harris Poll released last month over 40% of Americans said they would not take a vaccine right away, even more among Black Americans, especially from the Trump administration. Also, early indications are that the pharma companies that developed the vaccine will charge between $4 and $20 per shot, and some vaccinations require two shots. If you have a large family, that cost could run up to over $100. Moderna already has deals in other countries to sell shots for $32 to $37 per dose. How much individuals will have to pay remains unclear. Apparently, most health insurance plans will cover the cost because it’s a “preventive health service” But because the “HEROES” Act is still held up in DC uninsured people could be charged for it unless it gets approved first. The extent to which the cost is a disincentive has not been surveyed. However, we found an interview with a Medicare/Medicaid official who insisted that Americans without insurance “will be covered,” whatever that means. And all that assumes that the unprecedented high-speed roll-out is problem-free. (Oh, and did we forget about the rest of the world?) 

“WE ARE IN A HUGE SURGE”: Mendocino County Public Health Officer Addresses a rise in covid cases, curfews, and a new round of closures….”

MENDOCINO COUNTY has not suffered a “huge surge” in covid cases, and most of the cases we have have come out of the Ukiah Valley. Parts of the country, especially those areas where large numbers of dodo's think covid isn't dangerous, have suffered large rises in cases.

LAURA COOKSEY puts it all in sensible proportion: 

“This alarmist rhetoric is one cause of many people writing off the whole thing. The out-take quote about 250,000 lives being “2.5 times more than American lives lost back to WWII” is ridiculous. 250,000 is not far above the average monthly fatality rate (from all causes, prior to Covid-19) in the US, which was something like 222,000. So in nine months we’ve added a month’s worth of deaths… Which of course, now won’t happen next year or in the next ten, so the future numbers will balance out and the average will recover. Exaggerations do nothing to forward a cause in the long run, because people get burned out on the bullshit. I realize that they’re talking about war deaths, but why compare those? Death from humans lobbing flesh-ripping ammunition or dropping incinerating bombs on entire villages for no personal reason is an entirely different matter (and, in my mind, unquestionably more tragic and worthy of hand-wringing) from succumbing, usually when past the average age of death, to one virus rather than another– which is just life. It involves death at the end… or didn’t people get the memo?”

NO KISSING! NO EATING WITH YOUR MASK ON! NO CHANTING! No trombone or tuba playing! (Oboes and bassoons though ok?)

AMONG THE BOLD RECOMMENDATIONS County Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren made during Friday’s covid press conference about the recent “huge surge” in covid cases were the following (as transcribed by Matt LeFever on his informative website): “Wave instead of shaking hands or hugging or kissing. If you’re eating or drinking, remove your mask at that time. Avoid shouting or singing loudly, chanting or playing wind instruments.” (Mark Scaramella)

GEOGRAPHY; “Little Lake Valley is where Willits is located, and the name preceded the establishment of the city of Willits. Mendocino Little Lake Road is the old horse and wagon road from Mendocino to Little Lake Valley. It still connects to Highway 20 about six miles east of the coast, although the upper portions of Little Lake Road past the turnoff to the Mendocino Woodlands camps is mostly a single lane, very narrow dirt road. What we usually call Road 409 is historically Caspar Little Lake Road, and it joins together with Mendocino Little Lake Road at its eastern end. Little Lake Road is designated County Rd. 408. I live on Little River Airport Road which is historically the Little River Comptche Road. Another historic horse and wagon road is the Sherwood Road from Fort Bragg to Sherwood Valley, north of Willits. Although it's a county road it is closed in the winter, and not a good road even in summer. Same goes for the Usal Road up the coast north of Cottoneva Creek although only the part north of Usal Creek is closed seasonally. (Nick Wilson)


On the shuttle bus

to the airport terminal,

they are discussing

Mitt Romney's candidacy

.      “As long as he is fiscally responsible

.      and doesn't hurt us financially,

.      none of the rest really matters.”

.      There are nods of agreement.

i think of a hand on the nuclear trigger;

the hand of a man

who does not believe in evolution,

who does not have the vision

of one planet, one people,

circling the sun


none of the rest

really matters.

— Peter Lit

ALL ABOUT MONEY, three on-line comments

(A) The numbers keep adding zeroes. Not too long ago a trillion was huge, but the public accepted it. Now the public is getting used to one hundred trillion and the public is accepting it. Already the word quadrillion is being bandied about so people will get used to it and accept a quadrillion dollar budget/deficit. Unfortunately, at some point the public won’t get used to the huge numbers, and that’s when the system breaks down. That’s assuming life is going on pretty much the same as usual. But if hyperinflation sets in, we’ll go quickly to quintillions and sextillions. The average person will not have the ability to fathom the numbers and the government won’t be able to keep printing more dollars. I can’t fathom paying a billion dollars for a tank of gas, can you? By that time, all money will only be a number on your bank statement on-line. Welcome to the ZSA – the Zimbabwean States of America.

(B) No big deal. It will be another variation of the great reset. Just push a button and all those ones and zeros disappear. You don’t owe me and I don’t owe you. Starting over again.

(C) I vividly remember the crises in the old country… the currency kept adding numbers, then a new currency would replace it, minus the zeroes, a “new peso”… the new peso would start adding zeroes soon enough. Hyperinflation is fun. You get any money, you run and spend it right away in spaghetti and malbec and steak, because you know tomorrow your new pesos will buy less of those vital necessities. The difference between Argentina’s currency and the US dollar? Nobody, not even Argies, save in pesos. Everybody in the world saves in dollars. So they’ll absorb any crazy number of dollars created on screens because they trust them more than their rubles or reais or, yes, Zimbabwean dollars. That’s why I think predictions of imminent financial demise, while right in the long term and the theory, don’t take into account the world’s thirst for US dollars.

“Then I saw the dead god. He was sitting in his chair, by the window, in a room I had not entered before and, for the first moment, I thought that he was alive. Then I saw the skin on the back of his hand—it was like dry leather. The room was shut, hot and dry—no doubt that had kept him as he was. At first I was afraid to approach him—then the fear left me. He was sitting looking

out over the city—he was dressed in the clothes of the gods. His age was neither young nor old—I could not tell his age. But there was wisdom in his face and great sadness. You could see that he would have not run away. He had sat at his window, watching his city die—then he himself had died. — “By the Waters of Babylon” — Stephen Vincent Benet 


[1] Militia? Again, all the clowns with cerakoted AR’s and molon labe patches are going to do squat.

They’re going to LARP around in molle gear, wave snake flags, and ready their bug-out bags.

We are a country of LARPing posers. Pretenders.

Reduced to slapping one another in free-zones, marches, and protests. And these civil militiamen, at least those at the tip of the spear, they all have fat military and/or government pensions and/or retirements that they will not risk.

They don’t need to take your guns.

Not when they can yank-off your security blanket. 

They won’t risk it.

Clown nation under gawd.

[2] RE: BOS MEETING. I like how “Big Nurse” (Angelo) dismissed Public Health’s under-staffing and potential burnout of nurses by stating “all departments are feeling COVID fatigue”. Basically telling them to “suck it up girls”. She also said that they would be hiring (probably contracting) more nurses to help administer the vaccine’s once they arrive. Then we hear that the hospitals are having staffing problems as well. The County by order was to prepare 200 hospital beds for a Covid surge, but Coren informed us that the hospitals don’t have the staffing right now for 200 sick people.

Public Health was one of the first department’s she took her ax to when she first arrived as Director of Health and Human Services. (James Marmon, Ukiah)

[3] A percentage will get badly sick, a percentage will have long term effects, a percentage will die. As the virus spreads further, those percentages can rise to a very large number, whilst remaining a tiny percentage. It’s also not yet known how long any immunity (whether from a vaccine or from having contracted the virus) will last. It may not be more than a factor of 10 worse than the flu but that doesn’t mean it is inconsequential. This second/third wave in many regions and countries is overwhelming health services and that can also have consequence that multiply the direct effects. 

[4] How about we set aside two or three days a week when not one person who acts stupidly goes outside their homes and lets the rest of us do our shopping and other chores without being endangered by the unwise?

How about we take all the unwise and let them hang out together in big closed rooms, tightly crowded so that they all get a good dose and then have them go back and close themselves off for a couple of weeks. Then the ones who are still living can come back out without spreading the virus to the rest of us.

Geeze, you people just don't understand taking responsibility for your behavior do you. Your philosophy is if you break it someone else should pay for it. Bunch of damned freeloaders who don't give a crap about anyone who is not them. Mini-Donalds.

[5] “A true Feminism” presumes that females are intrinsically kinder, gentler, friendlier more humane than males, and frankly I consider that to be untrue, undemonstrated. There are profoundly kind, gentle, humane males. My late husband was the epitome of such a person. In part my perception is based on my personal experience. There were my parents – both – hardly exemplary gentle, loving, kind people. And then in every one of the eight primary schools I went to (my parents moved a lot) it was never ever the lads who bullied me, (they simply ignored me) it was always the girls. Then as a working adult there were occasions/places of work where there was bullying (disguised as discussion) – by the females. I never had – and still don’t – any female friends (and cannot comprehend how one might).

And then there was Thatcher… surely she exemplified the fact that Power itself, the desire to have and hold Power, are a manifestation of socio/psychopathy. And females are as liable to these as are males.

[6] Do you suppose that half the population will sit still for struggle sessions over white privilege? Yes. Sadly, I agree with you. And it’ll only go downhill from there. Now, I’ll be the first guy ranting at my kid’s PTA meeting about Drag Queen Story Hour of teaching him that being born white makes him inherently at fault for, well, anything…but I’d guess 99 out of 100 saying “I ain’t taking that damn vaccine,” or “you want my guns, come and try to take em!” will eventually roll up their sleeve, hold out their arm, then go open the gun safe. Threaten to jail a man and take his livelihood, home, children, etc, and most everyone will comply. These people are getting brazen, but they’ve also laid the groundwork for a very long time to make sure we forgot as a population what we’ve gone through to get where we are. I’m in my early 40’s. Nearly every single one of my peers agree with almost everything the government and the media tells them. 

[7] A buddy of mine was being sued by his daughter to recover/control child support…at 16 years of age. She had moved into the home of an older female neighbor, and the older woman probably had a large say in the pending suit.

You do know that the Judge Judy program pays all of the costs of appearance, coach flight, decent motel, food and travel vouchers, PLUS an honorarium to attend…my buddy did not want to go until they offered him $2,000 for his trouble…I got $100 as his travel companion (they require two people to attend). The program also pays ALL judgments, with a $5000 limit. The show is shot in LA…not New York.

Sooo…we went. Neither of us had ever watched the show. When the cab picked us up on our day of appearance, he asked us which show we were attending (The large warehouse affair had several sound stages)…when we told him Judge Judy, he said “…Oh, she doesn’t like men….” We took this as a bad omen.

We were let into this large warehouse (maybe 20 blocks from Hollywood and Vine), thru a single man door guarded by a guy with no neck. We were ushered into a green room that had a supply of day old doughnuts. There were other unfortunates in the room…all male, all plaintiffs, as I recall. Thence to the make-up room, where we were powdered. I asked the make-up girl attending to me to make me appear vaguely “Nixon-esque”…the comment went over the Valley Girl’s head without comment. “Pearls before Swine”, I thought.

Well, Judge Judy savaged my buddy, awarded $5,000 to the daughter. The woman who she was staying with admitted on camera that she had prostituted herself for milk for her baby. I later commented to the security guards located in the small foyer where they film the final comments of the winners/losers that “I would also have brought her doughnuts with the milk…that’s the kind of guy I am…” Much hilarity. All the sets are open…the many cameras positioned not to show the open walls/warehouse setting.

My buddy was pissed…his comments were not aired. The security guards were there for a reason.

(8) I was in Walmart today and a lady basically ran past the front door lady who had to be like 75+ and when the lady tried to stop her and tell her that her kids who looked to be 5 and 7 years old, that they needed a mask she started screaming at the poor old lady “It's not a law, I know my rights” all while basically running away from this poor old woman. You could see the poor lady almost tear up and that she just didn't want to or have the energy to get into a yelling match with some idiot who didn't care about her own children's health. Sad really. She was off down the isles before I could say anything about it but multiple people were like “yo lady your kids need masks” and “do you not care about your children's health!?” We just walked around walmart calling her Karen and saying that we pray that her kids don't learn by example in this case. Sad. Walmart employees did nothing as far as I know. Parents who don't care about their children's well-being, If those kids get sick and die the parent should be charged with murder!! Masks help!! Masks work!! Wear them!! Period!! End of discussion!! If people would wear them maybe we wouldn't be seeing an increase of cases right now, but noooo!! Idiots!!

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