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The Strange, Sad Case of Deputy Berman

Brought low by the drugs he was sworn to keep out of the Mendocino Coast, Erik Berman's case took a minor twist this morning when two callers noted that Berman's booking photo for a recent arrest had appeared, then disappeared. The callers suggested that the young deputy was being protected from further embarrassment by the Sheriff's Department, although Berman was fired by Sheriff Kendall back in March when Berman had to be resuscitated by Coast medics when his girl friend discovered him unconscious from a heroin overdose on the the bathroom floor of the couple's Fort Bragg home. Reached at his office this morning, Sheriff Kendall said that he was unaware of the now-you-see-it, now-you-don't booking photo, but soon called back to say the young man responsible for the photos thought that the photos were confined to the people who were staying awhile, not the cites-and-releases. Former deputy Berman's photo has been restored to the booking photo log.

Search Warrant & Affidavit (filed March 26, 2020)

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