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TrumpWeek: It Was What it Was

I Do This So You Don't Have To... But it was Quite a Week:

Trump recommends an oleander concoction promoted by Ben Carson and the MyPillow guy/Trump donor to fight Covid; so many actual doctors point out that it's poisonous that Carson has to backtrack and say its use would be “premature.”

Trump ordered to pay about $45k in legal fees for Stormy Daniels, pornstar he hired and 'grabbed by the p---y,” while married, lying to his wife and the nation about it

Trump Jr. spreads a tweet calling Kamala Harris “whorendous,” see item above.

Trump ordered by court to release his taxes, as he promised to do during his first campaign but has been fighting like mad ever since.

Trump's former main advisor Steve Bannon arrested for conning 'build the wall' rubes into paying for a private effort; about 300 feet gets build, while scads of money go into Bannon's pockets for all sorts of luxury living. Trump tries to distance himself from Bannon but, oops, photos of him praising the Bannon project surface, as do reports he steered funding towards Bannon even after they parted ways; Bannon, former editor of Breitbart, once referred to his own readers as idiotic ignorant “Hobbits” so he is at least consistent in ripping off the Wall fans.

Bannon now 7th, at least, of Trump's inner circle to be arrested, with previous six all convicted, some pardoned by Trump even after they admitted their crimes and pled guilty; this is Trump's version of “Draining the Swamp,” with MAGA now said to denote “My Ass Got Arrested.”

 Former closest Trump advisor/fixer Michael Cohen, one of Trump's closest convicts, gets ready to release his book about Trump, which, oops, says the sleazy reports of Trump's “golden shower” and other behavior are true, that Cohen served as secret liaison to Putin and liar to Melania, and that Trump is a “cheat, liar, bully, racist, predator, and con man,” who called him first thing in the morning and last each night; Trump sues to stop book being published, w/o success, as Cohen says “It's only mobsters who can reveal the truth about organized crime.”

New bipartisan 1000-page report details Russian contacts and assistance with Trump's election in much more detail than Mueller report; as if on cue, leading anti-Putin Russian dissenter collapses, believed to be poisoned like a long list of fellow anti-Putin figures; Trump silent, but old letters surface he sent to Putin, praising him like a drooling fanboy.

List of 70 former Republican US security officials of both parties denounce Trump as threat to America, up from a list of 50 a few years back, calling him 'unfit for office.”

Court reaffirms that Trump family is forever barred from having a so-called philanthropic foundation, due to their history of fraud and other illegal actions, having paid millions in fines; just for historical precedent, other Trump Jr. previously held responsible for diverting donated funds for kid's cancer to Trump family fun, and Trump “University” found to be a scam and forced to disband as well.

Trump family members shown to be taking large unreported salaries from Trump campaign donations, skirting legal and reporting constraints by tricky technical dodges.

Trump keeps yelling some form of 'law and order,” and that he will 'save the suburbs,” knowing that his support there is plummeting, but also, see item above.

Trump yet again misses previously-announced deadline for his 'fantastic' new health plan to replace Obamacare; said plan has never been seen by even his own party; despite the Covid pandemic, he still promises to get rid of the ACA, which gave over 20 million Americans health coverage and protections.

New American Public Health Association report calls Trump response to Covid a “radical failure.”

Trump opens Alaska to oil exploration and drilling, despite previous GOP support for keeping Alaska unspoiled and that oil prices are at a deep low and such exploration is stalled for that reason.

Vast ice shelves/glaciers in Canada, Greenland, and Italy collapse, with scientists noting this is as predicted for an accelerated 'tipping point' type of sea level rise disaster coming on; silence from the Trumpian 'global warming is a hoax' crowd.

Big fires break out in California again; Trump blames state, saying emergency funding should be withheld as “you gotta clean your floors.”

Trump deregulates Covid testing industry, allowing virtually anybody to market tests, but keep saying US only has lots of cases because we do lots of testing.

Trump admin pushing hard for 'fast and furious' release of Covid vaccine, despite many experts' concerns that, as in Russia, it would not be sufficiently tested for safety or efficacy and mostly be something he could tout during his campaign.

Trump further fights court order to submit to DNA test in rape case where there is a sample on the dress of the woman who says he raped her, despite that it would prove him innocent if he was in fact innocent.

Trump touts stock market high, ignoring or ignorant of fact that (1) this only helps those who own stocks; and (2) the reason, say the Financial Times, is that smart money is now betting on him being gone soon and much new investment in clean energy, etc will ensue.

Trump raises a 'birther'-type complaint about Kamala Harris, saying her parents weren't born here, despite fact that (1) he's constitutionally wrong, as usual, and (2) his own mother wasn't born here and he'd be ineligible for office under his own 'theory.”

Trump urges boycott of Goodyear after they ban branded “MAGA” material; company says sorry, we don't do that for anybody, including you, but it's not about you if you can understand that for once.

Trump “pardons” legendary woman's suffragist Susan B. Anthony but her library/estate just says No thanks, not from you, sir.

Trump again yells in tweets about a vague something he calls “Obamagate,” and again nothing surfaces and even his advisors just clam up.

US deficit announced to be highest in half a century, with projections of historic levels coming w/o serious changes.

Trump attacks US Post Office for all sorts of unverified or disproven reasons, including false fears of fake votes via mail, while yes, voting via mail himself; he inadvertently admits this is for political reasons more than any other justification; head of USPS has to back off and say he won't implement the changes Trump wants until after election, due to widespread outrage and people not getting meds in mail on time.

“MAGA” masks appear, despite Trump being among the last to endorse using masks; maybe made in China but not sure.

Trump trumpets new Middle East deal but first Palestinians say no, it does nothing for them, and then Israel says no, it's a ruse for selling lots of US weaponry to other nations there.

Trump says that Dems deleted “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, quickly shown to be yet another of his lies as they said/read the “God” part repeatedly; he then goes golfing instead of to church, as always.

Joe Biden delivers 24-minute talk that, whatever one thinks of the content, puts the lie to all those who say he's senile by him sounding more measured, reasoned, and compassionate than the last 3.75 years of Trump bluster and apparent dementia.

Dem convention features a grieving young woman who says her father is dead of Covid due to him being somebody who “Trusted Trump” and took his advice re no masks, socializing etc.; plus a kid who tells how Biden comforted and coached him about how to deal with stuttering.

Kanye West, recently confirmed by his wife to be struggling with mental illness, continues to say he will run for president, with indication right-wing Trump support is behind his 'third party' campaign, hoping to draw away non-Trump voters.

Dr. Tony Fauci bobblehead sells out quickly, despite/because Trump has sidelined his most qualified medical advisor in favor of a new guy with no relevant specialty training.

Republican convention to feature the scared white couple who brandished guns at a BLM march, both of them now charged with felony weapons violations.

Trump supporters spread photos of Joe Biden touching/hugging kids, calling him a “pedo”; photos shown to be of his grandkids at the funeral of their father, his son Beau.

Trump desperately attempts to recruit more nonwhite people while simultaneously reassuring white suburbanites he wouldn't let such people move into their neighborhoods.

Wall Street Journal opines that Trump makes ever-growing numbers of decent Republicans “cringe,” but elected ones are mostly too cowardly and afraid of him, as in nations where a violent despot is in control.

Facebook and other social media platforms ramp up efforts to purge disinformation sites such as “Q” and Covid and anti-vaccination propaganda, plus those which might advocate for Trump to corrupt election and/or refuse to leave office if he loses it.

Military/veterans' groups press military leaders to pledge to remove Trump from White House forcibly if he refuses to go.

Former Reagan speechwriter/staffer and Pulitzer WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan, who has already called for Trump to resign for the good of the country, now writing about Obama's speech at the Dem convention “Obama's speech will stick in history ..This is a former president calling the current one shallow and lazy. He also suggested he's greedy and intellectually incapable. Unprecedented? Yes. Unjustified? No, alas. And I'm not seeing Trump supporters rise up in indignant defense. They know it's true, too.”

Trump first presidential candidate to be opposed by all living former presidents, of any party.

Trump says “Qanon” conspiracy nuts include some fine Americans, refusing to disavow the most insane paranoid fantasy group ever to arise in American history, a sort of trailer-trash Scientology that would be purely funny if they didn't sometimes inspire paranoid violence; “good people on both sides”?

That's all I got, sorry. I'm a news junkie, but there must be more? Did Trump do something GOOD for America, or even a few people other than the wealthy and/or the criminal? Thank you.

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  1. Rob Sidon August 27, 2020

    Wow and wow x 100!! Who would believe it!!

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