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MCT: Sunday, January 26, 2020

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RAIN WILL SLOWLY DIMINISH Sunday morning, leaving dry conditions during the afternoon. Additional rain is expected between late tonight and Tuesday morning, and again potentially late Wednesday, especially for Del Norte and Humboldt counties. Warming and drying conditions are expected over the second half of the week. (NWS)

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by Malcolm Macdonald

The Board of Directors of the Mendocino Healthcare District held a “Study Session regarding the Future of OB Services on the Mendocino Coast” on Thursday, January 23. Whether new Board President Jessica Grinberg sprinkled happy dust or it was simply the way the meeting had been organized, for the first time in recollection this particular hospital board presented the appearance of collegiality rather than discord.

The organization of the meeting served as a contrast to the Town Hall get together on obstetrics (OB)/Labor & Delivery held in Fort Bragg on January 3. Much of that devolved into something like gotcha comments from one side or the other of an issue that deserves more careful consideration.

President Grinberg allowed slightly more than 20 minutes of public comment on the topic, at one point encouraging audience members to get their say in because the rest of the meeting would not permit community input. Some of those comments fell into the “same old, same old,” predictable category. However, a statement read in tag team fashion by Myra Beals and Linda Jupiter did touch on salient points if/when the Labor&Delivery [L&D] Department at Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) is closed. The bullet points of Beals and Jupiter's remarks: “Have the ability to do an emergency C-section at MCDH when transport is too dangerous and the C-section is medically necessary… Acquire and outfit an additional ambulance that can accommodate laboring women and post partum complications… Make financial arrangements for a midwife or OB trained nurse or Family Health Practitioner… to ride along…”

Their statement went on to call for, “[A]ny equipment that will help prenatal care that is currently done in L&D that could be done in a clinic setting to both MCC [Mendocino Coast Clinics] and NCFHC [North Coast Family Health Center]… Provide extra staffing in the ER based on suspected birth numbers for the upcoming month.”

That request seems to presuppose a sudden closure of L&D at MCDH and the future dependence of coastal mothers on the L&D department at Adventist Health's Ukiah hospital. As did another part of the statement: “Pay for and provide transport to and from Ukiah for prenatal care after 28 weeks for anyone who has financial need or [is at] greater risk. Be prepared to accommodate the families as well. Provide childcare for single mothers… either in Ukiah (while mom is delivering) or at home if that is the mother's choice…”

Beals and Jupiter also called for a system that would provide for immediate transfer of records for a woman presenting in the [coastal] ER in labor. Their final comment concerned the funds the coast hospital district gets from the Measure C parcel tax. They asked that the remainder of this year's parcel tax money be spent on the items they listed. Other speakers from the community cited the support of the parcel tax from voters who believed that at least part of those funds would be used to sustain the local Labor & Delivery Department.

The items above represent only a partial list from the statement presented by Ms. Beals and Ms. Jupiter.

MCDH Chief of Staff, Dr. William Miller, presented some detail as well as a summary of 23 conditions a task force of local doctors deem necessary to ready the local hospital for a L&D system that will become one of “stabilization and transport” if L&D is closed.

Some of these points answered the requests of Beals and Jupiter. Readers should keep in mind that said task force came up with the 23 conditions, or challenges, within one week's time. In that period they have created solutions to many of the challenges. Their report was not released to the public as they are still at least days away from finalizing it for submittal to the Hospital’s board of directors.

Chief Nursing Officer Lynn Finley gave a report to the board about training of nurses along the same lines as the doctors' task force. Her counterpart at Howard Memorial Hospital (HMH) in Willits was among seven speakers from the inland Adventist Health facilities in Willits and Ukiah. They answered several detailed questions from MCDH Board member Amy McColley, who herself is an OB-trained nurse. The Adventist answers came back with at least as much specificity as the queries.

Then there was Lucresha Renteria, executive director of Mendocino Coast Clinics (MCC). She wants the coast hospital to wait a year before closing L&D. MCC employs the only long term coastal OB/GYN, so that creates an obvious financial backdrop for the delay.

MCC makes a tidy profit from prenatal care. On the other hand, MCDH bares the economic burden of keeping L&D open despite only 50 or so births at the facility in the last year. That burden in dollars represents a $2.1 million loss annually, according to figures recently released by MCDH Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Wayne Allen.

Ms. Renteria claims it would take a year to transition to the stabilize-and-transport methods Dr. Miller and MCDH's chief nurse implied could be accomplished in a few months. I brought this question up with an Adventist Health official a couple months back. That official estimated a successful transition period at four months.

To support her argument for a year-long delay, Ms. Renteria cited the MCDH ad hoc OB committee formed more than three years ago. That committee issued a report about two and a half years back. Ms. Renteria properly noted that this report did not mention planning for such a transition to a stabilization and transport method. She pointed out that she and others in the minority on that OB committee wrote dissenting reports, which presumably cited just such a need. Therefore, it is a bit duplicitous to say on the one hand that you were aware two and a half years ago about the need to prepare for life after L&D on the coast and, while executive director of a clinic that employs an OB/GYN, not being ready for such a transition when the potential for L&D closure has drawn ever more imminent then to cry out for a year long further delay from the facility that is losing over $2 million per year in keeping L&D open. Come now, Ms. Renteria, such a specious argument may fool some people, but certainly not everyone.

What is more confusing, perhaps confounding, about Renteria's delay tactic is that she has been working with MCDH Board President Grinberg to establish the beginnings of a Women's Healthcare Center on the coast. Such a facility, presumably in the vicinity of MCDH and MCC, could provide pre- and post-natal care along with any number of other services. Under present regulations, having mainly to do with emergency C-section situations that require “decision to incision” within 30 minutes, it might be a stretch for the women's healthcare facility to become a full fledged birthing center as well.

Nevertheless, such a venue could become something of a shining example of what the remaining healthcare district can yet accomplish, post affiliation. Retired physician Buz Graham is helping to formulate a grant proposal to the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation.

In Ms. Renteria's defense, she did bring up an important matter. That is the need for Adventist case managers to familiarize themselves with all current expectant mothers on the coast who may need to utilize L&D in Ukiah. When this point was made it appeared that the remaining Adventist healthcare givers were taking copious notes from the front rows of the audience seats.

The January 23 study session was an information only affair. Any final board of directors vote on the closure of L&D at MCDH remains a pending matter.

* * *


Missing Mendocino County Man; Last Seen Third Week Of December 2019

“Missing! Caleb Fisher was last seen on Spy Rock near Laytonville around the 3rd week of December. He was heading home to be with his family for the holidays, no one has seen or heard from him! If you have seen or know of Caleb's whereabouts please contact his mother via messenger Marilyn J. Fisher. He has lived in Round Valley for most of the past 3 yrs, also lived in Ukiah. If you live in these areas or anywhere in Mendocino county please keep your eyes out for him! Thanks and Blessings”

* * *

AV HOUSING ASSOCIATION seeks part-time administrative manager; part-time property manager.

AV Housing Association promotes affordable housing for local residents. Founded in 1987, we own two properties housing up to 45 low-income residents. We’re exploring ways to serve housing needs in the Valley. AVHA managers play crucial roles in creating and maintaining housing opportunities and sustain our mission. Position is flexible in scope and hours. Depending on the candidate’s interests, availability and skills, the job could be a combination of admin, property management, and/or facilities manager. Or we could hire separately for each position. Starts March 1, 2020. Please specify which position(s) you are interested in when applying. Flexible hours. Salary dependent on position and skills, starting at $20/hour. Bilingual English/Spanish is a plus.

To apply, submit resume with cover letter to AVHA, PO Box 341, Philo, CA 95466 or email: Applications due by Feb. 15, 2020.

For more info:

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SLIDE REMOVAL on the Boonville end of Highway 253 from Anderson Creek Bridge to Singley Cattlepass continues. One-way traffic control will be in effect from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Motorists should anticipate 10-minute delays. (Caltrans)

* * *


Meet Leo—one of the handsomest Shepherds at the shelter right now (and there are lots of them!) Leo is a strong willed dog with tremendous potential. He knows sit, and will undoubtedly learn more quickly—German Shepherd Dogs are very smart. Leo needs an experienced GSD guardian who will help him develop into a well behaved and much loved, member of the family. Leo needs basic obedience training and perhaps even a "job" like nose work or agility. Leo is a year old and weighs 72 pounds. He’s neutered and ready to go home with you ASAP!

The Ukiah Animal Shelter is located at 298 Plant Road in Ukiah, and adoption hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visit our website for information about our canine and feline guests and all of our services, programs and events:

For more information about adoptions please call 707-467-6453.

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Mendocino breezed to their eighth straight victory over Anderson Valley Friday night in Boonville 69-37.

Liam Pothast started off the scoring with a layup 8 seconds into the game and the Cardinals never looked back.

Mendocino’s Isiah Williams tied Anderson Valley’s Audie Hanes for “game-high” scoring honors (they both had 16 points) while Cardinals Francis Martinez had 13 points, Kona Parker 12 & Liam Pothast 11.

Also getting a lot of playing time was Devon Hawkins (6 points), Julian DeLuca (2 “treys” for 6 points) and Cole Freeling who dominated the boards while scoring 5 points - we really hoped he would hit that fourth period “trey.”

Next up for Mendocino will be Point Arena Tuesday. MSP heard from Mitch McCarty up in Covelo who informed us the boys varsity beat Point Arena Friday night 58-53.

Box Score Mendo vs AV

  • Mendocino 20 12 24 13 = 69
  • Anderson Valley 10 10 04 13 = 37

* * *


Hello AV,

I'm Looking for a quiet, small house or cabin to rent. I'm a volunteer Paramedic here in AV, been around since 2000.

Ideally somewhere up in hills, or set back from Hwy 128 so you can't hear the highway. Nothing in town please. I'm a licensed electrician and General contractor, happy to do a work trade or rent/work combo, or just pay rent. I have many local references.

Please call, text, email or message me.

Many thanks!

Miguel Ridolfi


PS. Also looking for recommendations.

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RAY PROHASKA (1901 - 1981) - 20th Century Limited, New York To Chicago Overnight - New York Central System (1941).

* * *

HEARING RETIRED SHERIFF TOM ALLMAN identify himself to the Board of Supervisors as “private citizen” last week, got us thinking about the Third District Supervisor’s position. Allman lives in the Third District and knows it and its voters as well as anybody. Allman is easily the most popular politician in Mendocino County. He has clear objectives that he’d like to see advanced: reliable ambulance services, effective mental health services, non-redundant fully-functioning emergency communications system, and so on. Allman seems to have good relations with County department heads. We recall that the popular retired Willits Police Chief, Jerry Gonzalez, successfully transitioned from top cop in Willits to Willits City Councilman and major where, from all accounts, he was also successful. It’s too early for Allman to make anything official if he's thinking about going for it. But as far as we can tell, if Allman entered the Third District race he’d be an immediate odds-on favorite to win. Unlike Satchel Paige who famously said, “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you,” Haschak better look back, and he better pick up his pace because he could be outta there after one term.

* * *


As expected, nothing substantive came out of last Wednesday’s Measure B Oversight Committee meeting. (Some things never change.) The committee leadership talked about the additional cost of equipping the new Sheriff’s training facility in Redwood Valley, but didn’t decide anything. They talked about their own sub-committees. They talked about their budget. They talked about talking about the Kemper Report. They talked about their own meeting schedule. They talked and talked and then they went home, kinda like the impeachment hearings.

One interesting point was clarified regarding the bum’s rush (after years of delay) being focused on a pending Crisis Residential Treatment facility on the Orchard Avenue parcel next door to the existing Redwood Community Services operation in Ukiah. In answer to a question from former Sheriff Tom Allman, Mental Health Director Jenine Miller replied that whatever additional funds will be required over the $500k state grant that is tied to that parcel will have to come from the Measure B Committee and the Supervisors. In other words, by accepting this comparatively small state grant, the state is forcing Mendo and Measure B to spend whatever that facility ends up costing (nobody knows how big or how much) — and before any other facilities are even considered — without all the plans and studies and budgets and processes the Committee seems to proud of and which they’ve been endlessly discussing. Why all these discussions and delays if the state is going to force Mendo’s hand and take a big chunk out of the money before they even start talking the cost of the Psychiatric Health Facility and its staffing — the main point of Measure B in the first place?

A note about the lack of seriousness on the part of some members of the Measure B Committee.

At last Wednesday’s Committee meeting, Committee member Ross Liberty (appointed by former Supervisor Dan Hamburg who has now moved to Oregon) commented on the pending legal analysis of the possibility of spending Measure B money to remodel some of the Adventist Health facilities, saying that he thought former County Counsel Kit Elliott had already opined on the subjectm i.e., that the Committee should exercise due diligence) that such spending was legal but maybe not a great idea. Liberty then added, “That’s my recollection, albeit not always great recollection.”

The subject of the County Counsel’s pending legal analysis was on the Committee’s agenda days in advance and there are minutes kept of the meetings. Yet Liberty apparently can’t be bothered to look up his own committee’s minutes to make whatever point he was trying to make, preferring instead to muddy the water with a “not always great recollection.”

One more note to Measure B Committee members: We are not impressed by their habit of tossing out terms like “modalities” and “covenant restrictions” and “cross-functional teams” — (I'm not making this up!) — as if they’re experts in mental health blah-blah.

We would be impressed if the Committee dealt with some of the important subjects that they have previously supported and discussed but continue to ignore such as Ukiah Police Chief Justin Wyatt's proposed Crisis Van and the nearly non-functional Mobile Outreach Program which could help mental patients in the here and now. But such practical matters continue to be ignored, in favor of irrelevant discussions like how much the kitchen at the training facility will cost. (Since the County’s police departments are the County’s de facto mental health program how about tuning in their suggestions?)

(Mark Scaramella)

* * *

* * *


ED NOTE: To get the Measure B Committee off the dime, former Sheriff Allman, who got the Measure passed in the first place, should appear at the next meeting, lock the door behind him and, unholstering his taser, announce, "No one leaves until this sucker is done. Anyone who uses a word like "modality" or phrases like “cross functional teams” or "covenant restriction" gets zapped. Yes, even you girls!"

YOU SEE THAT STORY about China building a 1,000-bed coronavirus hospital from scratch in one week? So, here's my idea for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, appropriated, stripped of its assets and destroyed by Democrats lead by former Congressman Bosco with Supervisor McCowen personally assisting in the raffling off of the Ukiah station: Hire the Chinese to build high speed rail from Sausalito to Eureka along the right of way destroyed by the Bosco Gang. Give the Chinese one year to get 'er done and, presto-magico, we've got a Real SMART train like we had in 1910. (Come to think of it, the Chinese did the tunnel work on that one, too.)

REAL GENTS, these guys: Mike Pompeo accused NPR's Mary Louise Kelly of breaking an “off the record agreement” after she revealed he swore at her and said, “Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?” The boorish Secretary of State denied none of the content of what Kelly said, which included Pompeo's demand that she point at Ukraine on a blank map. Which she did, undoubtedly placing her knowledge of world geography many rungs higher than most media could manage, not to mention Trump's. Pompeo's statement said “Ukraine is NOT Bangladesh,” implying that Kelly, a veteran foreign correspondent, did not know — although raising the possibility that he doesn't. Pompeo claimed she was trying to smear the un-smearable Donald Trump.

ENJOYED a lunch at the revived Thatcher Hotel in Hopland Thursday, marveling at the beauty of the restoration work, which obviously cost some serious money.

There was a time prior to its irremediable decrepitude that Ukiah's Palace Hotel was still salvageable, but the cocaine cowboys who might have brought it off of course flamed out, literally, in a couple of lucrative arson fires. If Ukiah had a plan it might look for one to its little sister at Hopland a few miles south on Highway 101 where, even on a wintry day visitors kept the restaurants and wine shops busy. While we ate our tasty mystery sandwiches — some kinda cheese jobs — tourists wandered in for a look, as did I while waiting for my friend to appear. The bar, which used to be crowded from noon on in days gone by, and drew people from all over the County, has been sleekly re-done but is still not fully open. The adjacent library has also been restored. A library? Yes, a library, and a sure sign the Thatcher dates back to much less frenetic times when the Northwestern Pacific Railroad off-loaded visitors at its back door. This library is also unique in that it has been curated, meaning a book person was hired to select the books, meaning no Reader's Digest Condensed Novels or Dean Koontz epics. Real books! Think of it!

From my cursory inspection of the shelves I'd say whoever did the selecting knows his stuff, including some new books and local histories. Odd, though, that about half the 2,000 or so volumes were placed with their spines to the wall so I couldn't read their titles. Maybe the library remains, like the bar, a work in progress. The Thatcher's dark gray exterior is reminiscent of the Addams Family, but whoever and whatever awaits inside, the Thatcher is worth a look and a simple, reasonably priced lunch. (Didn't get upstairs for a look at the rooms, but I understand they're also to the standard of the most exacting bourgie.)

* * *


On Sunday, January 19, 2020 at approximately 4:04 AM, Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a security alarm activation at the Napa Auto Parts store at 76240 Covelo Road in Covelo. Upon the Deputies arrival, it was determined that the front window of the business had been broken. The business owner arrived and it was discovered that an unknown suspect had entered the business and stolen a Honda EU2200 Generator. Deputies collected evidence related to the burglary/vandalism which included interviewing witnesses in the area. Deputies received information that a white male adult was seen carrying a generator towards the rear of Keith's Market, then entering a vehicle and leaving the area. Further information was developed which identified the white male adult as being Daniel Edward Batten, 23, of Lawton, Oklahoma.


Deputies also developed information on the current location of the stolen generator. Deputies responded to a residence in the downtown Covelo area, where they were able to recover the stolen generator, and later return it to the business owner. On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Deputies contacted Batten walking in a field near the Hidden Oaks Convenience Store in Covelo. Batten was ultimately placed under arrest for Burglary and Felony Vandalism. Batten was subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $15,000 bail.

* * *


FORT BRAGG, Sat., January 25. -- A coastal Mendocino County jury returned from its deliberations Friday afternoon, January 24th, with guilty verdicts against the trial defendant. Defendant Mayra Alejandra Ahumada, age 28, of Fort Bragg, was found guilty of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and guilty of driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol .08 or greater, both as misdemeanors.


The evidence presented at trial was that the defendant was stopped on April 14, 2019 for swerving. During the stop, it was determined she was under the influence of alcohol. The defendant's blood alcohol content was tested and pegged at .11/.12. The investigating law enforcement personnel were from the Fort Bragg Police Department and the California Department of Justice forensic crime laboratory. The prosecutor who presented the People's case to the jury was Deputy District Attorney Melissa Weems.

(DA Presser)

* * *

* * *



We will be hosting a local event for the entire month of April, starting on April Fool’s Day, to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the purchase of the Palace Hotel. During the hours of 7am-7pm, all citizens are invited to come and buy a celebratory souvenir, a 100% authentic brick taken directly from the Hotel. Certificates of Authenticity will be available for an additional $2, signed bricks by local politicians can be purchased for $5, and for only $10, you will get a picture of yourself standing next to the local politicians who enabled this monstrosity of a building to lay in disrepair for so long. There will be many different clowns to see and a dog and pony show at 2PM. Hot dogs, and popcorn will be available for $2.

It is our hope at this community event that enough citizens will participate that by the end of the month, all of the bricks will be sold. Once removed, this empty lot will serve as a parking lot for the downtown business owners that have suffered for so long at the hands of the greedy and inept. All money collected will go towards additional Tesla charging stations which are so desperately needed and improve our overall quality of life. The California taxes collected from the sale of the bricks will go directly into our city coffers to be solely used to fund salary increases for the politicians that did nothing for over 30 years to remove this “blight from sight,” or as I call it, the DDDDDDDDD. Decaying, Decrepit, Disgraceful, Disgusting, Dilapidated, Degrading, Depressing, Detriment Downtown.

So, if you like alliteration like I do, as well as a jolly good time for the whole family, at an event whose time is decades overdue, then come on down. There are tons of bricks available, but once they are gone, they are gone. First come, first served. No rainchecks. Sorry.

(This event is not real. It is an April Fool’s Joke, in February, and the joke appears to be on us)

Johnny Keyes


* * *

* * *


IMPORTANT notice about the CA Primary

Voters NOT registered as one of the major political parties will be given a primary ballot that DOES NOT INCLUDE the candidates for U.S. President. It is important that you request a ballot for the party of the candidate for which you would like to vote ASAP. Here’s more info and the link to complete the request here in Mendo:

Mendocino County Crossover Ballot Form

Do you want to vote for a partisan presidential candidate on March 3, 2020? You are currently not registered with one of the major political parties, so without any action you will receive a vote-by-mail ballot for the March 3 Presidential Primary Election that does not include candidates for U.S. President.

If you have questions about your registration, please check your registration here:

Three political parties allow nonpartisans to vote in their presidential primary: Democratic Party, and Libertarian Party and American Independent Party.

To vote in the Presidential Primary for the Green, Peace and Freedom, or Republican Parties, you need to be registered with that party. If you need to update your registration you can do that online at

For more information on voting for U.S. President, visit or call the Secretary of State's voter hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683).

Here’s the link to complete the request for Mendocino county:

* * *

CATCH OF THE DAY, January 25, 2020

Bacchi, Betts, Fonnest

JASON BACCHI, San Mateo/Hopland. Misdemeanor hit&run, evasion, personal information, failure to appear, probation revocation.

KEVIN BETTS, Willits. Controlled substance, paraphernalia.

DERRICK FONNEST, Willits. Probation revocation.

Green, Hugo, Killion

WILLIAM GREEN, Calpella. Disobeying court order, contempt of court, probation revocation.

MICHAEL HUGO, Ukiah. DUI causing bodily injury.

CODY KILLION, Fort Bragg. Probation revocation.

Liddle, Manuel, McCoy

JESSE LIDDLE, Protective order violation, disobeying court order.

LAMAR MANUEL Ukiah. Parole violation.

JODY MCCOY, Covelo. Felon-addict with firearm, loaded firearm in public, probation revocation.

McKevitt, Parkin, Taylor

JEFFREY MCKEVITT, Fort Bragg. Disobeying court order, failure to appear, probation revocation.

COLE PARKIN, Ukiah. Disorderly conduct-alcohol.

HILARY TAYLOR, Oakland/Ukiah. Failure to appear.

Venturi, Watts, Whipple

JOSEPH VENTURI, Ukiah. Community supervision violation.

DEBORAH WATTS, Willits. Failure to appear.

DOUGLAS WHIPPLE III, Redwood Valley. No license, probation revocation.

* * *


Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.

― Dorothy Parker

* * *


Instead of the name “Biden,” imagine the name “Trump” (Ivanka or Eric or Junior) on the Burisma board of directors, and imagine Trump senior giving orders to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating that same firm.

APPEARANCE of conflict of interest? They’d be baying for blood. Criminal doings? It would be a foregone conclusion.

Investigate? Are you kidding? The full might of the American diplomatic service and American law enforcement would be brought to bear. Threats by the dozen, subpoenas by the bushel, blizzards of FISA warrants, 24/7 surveillance, brass knuckle interrogation, water-boarding just for the practice and because it’s fun.

And then bogus life-destroying charges that compel lawyering up of the titanically expensive sort, or confessing to lesser offences even if they’re made up by the detainees themselves just to avoid financial ruin for the family. Haven’t we seen this movie before?.

And so this fool-ass charade goes on.

* * *

* * *


"He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine, he asked, 'Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?' He used the F word in that sentence, and many others," said NPR correspondent Mary Louise Kelly.

* * *



Life in the flyover zone

The recent PD article on population decline and young families’ reasons for leaving Sonoma County is telling. I’ve lived off and on in America’s flyover zone for the past 20 years. What you lose in climate you gain in community and home affordability.

For example, in 2005 I bought a solid one-bedroom house for $16,000 in 1,000-person Martin, South Dakota, just outside the Pine Ridge Reservation where I taught. The hilly, small greened golf course was $275 a year to play and empty during the week. In the first year I developed relationships with a county commissioner, county clerk, postmistress, hardware store owner and my neighbors. The only reason I didn’t get more involved in community affairs was I spent summers in Santa Rosa. I was new blood.

Sonoma County has one of the best climates in the world. However, it is not a place I would want to start a family. The cost of living here is forcing young families with transferable skill sets to look for places in the flyover zone. To do so is an adventure. Fortunately for them, life in the flyover zone can be just as satisfying as in Sonoma County, and in some ways more so.

Jeffrey J. Olson

Santa Rosa

* * *

A LITTLE GOOD NEWS from Kathy Wylie:

Medi-Cal Benefits Eliminated A Decade Ago, Such As Foot Care & Eyeglasses, Are Back

A little good news: This month, Medi-Cal restored podiatry and several other adult health benefits eliminated more than a decade ago, including eyeglasses and speech therapy, as well as hearing exams, hearing devices and other related services. The state’s 2019-20 budget provides $17.4 million to pay for the coverage.

* * *

* * *



I often get the feeling that Jerry Philbrick is writing his letters to the AVA so that he can practice his swearing like we used to do in the eighth grade. No shit.

Ashley Jones


* * *


"And thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges."

The recording of last night's (2020-01-24) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show on KNYO-LP Fort Bragg and KMEC-LP Ukiah is available by one or two clicks, depending on whether you want to listen to it now or download it and keep it for later and, speaking of which, it's right here:

This show begins with Community Center of Mendocino Theater Project’s The Thief Lord read live at KNYO as a radio drama, for like the table reading of getting ready to do the play on stage soon, next month, I think; I'll let you know when I find out more. The reading runs about an hour-and-a-half. It's a magical detective love story of danger, Italian orphans, daring, intrigue and betrayal… and stealing things, such as the gryphon-wing-shaped crucial part of a weird antique merry-go-round that makes the old young and the young old, whether they like it or not. And afterward, there's the rest of a regular Memo of the Air show. Not too shabby, eh?

Furthermore, at you'll find a fresh batch of dozens of links to not necessarily radio-useful but nonetheless worthwhile educational items I set aside for you while gathering the show together. Such as:

—Marco McClean,,

* * *



  1. Eric Sunswheat January 26, 2020

    On Wednesday, researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a study that for the first time shows that corrosive ocean waters are causing damage to the shells of larval Dungeness crabs and hampering the development of important sensory organs on the crustaceans.

    And, as fossil fuel use continues to pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it’s happening decades earlier than researchers had predicted.

    “We didn’t think we would see this kind of dissolution until the middle of the century,” said Nina Bednarsek, senior scientist with the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project and lead author of the study. “They are much less protected than previously shown.”

    …Previous research has shown that the ocean absorbs as much as 25 percent of human-made carbon dioxide.

    As the carbon mixes into the ocean, chemical reactions in the water column produce more hydrogen ions and fewer carbonate ions, lowering pH levels and increasing acidity.

    The problem is often exacerbated in near-shore waters where upwelling brings cold, acidic waters from the depths to the surface.

    Other federal researchers have found that ocean waters off the West Coast are acidifying at twice the rate of global average.

  2. Lazarus January 26, 2020

    Found Object

    1 Peter 4:7-11 – The time is near when all things will end…

    As always,

  3. James Marmon January 26, 2020

    Getting the “mild to moderate” mentally ill into an emergency shelter would do a lot more good now than a PHF. An emergency shelter is something that can happen within days, a PHF is years away no matter where it will be located.

    The AVA’s love affair with Allman is nauseating. The best improvement that could be made among the Measure B Oversight Committee would be for him to retire there too. A PHF in Mendocino County is the last thing Mendocino County needs. As a former mental health specialist I witnessed that, outpatient treatment is more successful and cost effective. Our current mental health system is short on outpatient services as noted by both Lee Kemper and Robert Marbut, who the County paid about a $150,000 to for their expertise, but ignore.

    If the County had spent more time and money on Assisted Outpatient Treatment (Laura’s Law) we would have had much better outcomes. No one took it seriously, and it died on the vine.

    Mendocino County: Laura’s Law program has one referral to date March 14, 2016

    “Only one referral has been received for Laura’s Law, Mendocino County’s assisted outpatient treatment program for mental illness, since the pilot program began on Jan. 1, the county’s Behavioral Health Department said.

    The program was originally slated to begin July 1, 2015, but was pushed back after the county said it needed more time to implement it and bring a treatment coordinator on board.

    DJ Jaffe, mental illness advocate and executive director of the Mental Illness Policy Org., called the low amount of referrals “surprising” so far, given that the supervisors passed the resolution in 2014.

    At least 14 counties in the state have implemented some form of Laura’s Law since it became effective in 2003, most recently, in Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties.

    As of now, Miller said she didn’t know what the future would be for Mendocino County’s rendition of Laura’s Law after the one-year pilot tag expires.

    “I think because it’s a pilot program, we will look at how many clients we get along with the success of the overall program.””

    I suspect they let it die because it didn’t fit in with privatization of mental health services to the Schraeders, who were more focused on children but took over the adult system anyway. Besides, they didn’t want to spend MHSA dollars on it, children’s wraparound services are more important, whether they’re needed or not.

    James Marmon MSW
    Former Mental Health Specialist
    Sacramento, Placer, and Lake Counties

      • James Marmon January 26, 2020


        by Mark Scaramella

        The November 11 Board of Supervisors discussion leading to unanimous approval of a limited pilot program of Laura’s Law in Mendocino County got off to a bumbling start after Health and Human Services honcho Stacy Cryer gave a brief description of the program. Then she handed the baton to “Acting” County Counsel Doug Losak to discuss his office’s role in the proposal.

        The confusion was immediate.

  4. James Marmon January 26, 2020


    “There was no real “warm handoff” from BHRS/MH to OMG. BHRS/MH provided little client contact information and often incomplete original paperwork, which made it very difficult for OMG and its subcontracting service providers to document Medi-Cal billable diagnoses and treatment plans.”

    =Lee Kemper

  5. Lazarus January 26, 2020

    ” if Allman entered the Third District race he’d be an immediate odds-on favorite to win.”

    “Ah yes my dear… Another student of the obvious.”
    As always,

  6. James Marmon January 26, 2020

    Just received this after asking the mother what CPS was charging her with. It looks like the agency and the Schraeders have everything under control.

    “Charges? The controlling, manipulative behaviors of the mother (me) place the children at risk of emotional physical harm, and that both the father’s (four with one and two with the other) should have known the children were at risk of harm in my care.

    No specific incident, no pattern of behavior, nothing, no expert testimony saying anything is detrimental or should cause concern for any harm, let alone any imminent risk.

    My middle daughter has been placed on psyche meds, for ADHD. Her psychiatrist states she feels her symptoms are due to separation from parents and siblings (four placed in 3 foster homes for a year)

    I’m a direct descendant of an enrolled Eskimo (I have copies of my mother’s CDIB card from BIA). Iv said from the beginning ICWA applies, I am trying to locate my mother’s tribe, the social worker has so much more pull than I do… But they won’t do anything .

    We never got served or noticed with the petition to the court or of the detention hearing. I’ve tried asking the judges(there has been more than one throughout this mess) to let me explain, but they won’t hear me.

    The kids were detained and we had to wait 21 days for a hearing and also before seeing our kids.

    They thought we forgot about them.

    My baby girl, she’s 6 now, she pulls her hair out in chunks.

    The child psychological professionals I’ve spoken with tell me this is akin to a teenager cutting themselves; the release feels comforting…

    My children are being tortured. I can not afford an attorney that will work for the actual true best interests of my family or even for the children.

    Please, please say you can help me.

    Im a good mother. I can feel in my gut that they are not ok.

    If I knew they were ok, I would not disrupt that-i love them THAT much.

    They are NOT ok.

    Please , they never offered reasonable services, they never tried to help me receive services, they ordered things that didn’t pertain to our family, and they ignored what our family needed.

    I’m begging you, to please, please help me. They are all I think about.

    They are my children. Every single one of my children suffer tremendously, as do I, we each need each other.”


    I’m sure that the Agency is moving on risk only, these days you don’t have to actually abuse your children to have them removed, being a single mother can be enough on the point system used by CPS. 75 % of children removed from their parents are removed over risk only, not actual harm.

    • James Marmon January 26, 2020


      Biased Algorithms Are Determining Whether Poor Parents Get to Keep Their Kids

      “Poor people give away a lot of information. If you’ve never lived under the poverty line, you might not be aware how much of our personal privacy we trade away for basic benefits such as food stamps, health insurance, and utility discounts. It’s not just Social Security numbers and home addresses, which are required as part of these applications; it includes health histories, household incomes, living expenses, and employment histories. Most people shrug off this exchange: What good is personal data when you have no money and terrible credit anyway — especially when you don’t really have a choice?

      But after decades of collecting this data, the government is putting it to use. This information is feeding algorithms that decide everything from whether or not you get health insurance to how much time you spend in jail. Increasingly, it is helping determine whether or not parents get to keep their kids.”

      James Marmon MSW
      Former Social Worker V
      Mendocino County Family and Children’s Services.

      • Harvey Reading January 26, 2020

        That’s why I avoid the Skinner-box crowd.

  7. Harvey Reading January 26, 2020


    Shepherd? Looks more like a chocolate Lab, or some mix? Wrong photo?

    • Lazarus January 26, 2020

      I would bet he has a significant amount of Pit. Shepherd? forget about it.
      As always,

    • Bruce Anderson January 26, 2020

      Yeah. Wrong photo. The night shift…..

  8. Harvey Reading January 26, 2020


    Problem is, democrats are just as bad. They’ve completely regressed to what they were prior to the 1930s. Won’t be long before they’ll be adding a Jim Crow plank to their platform. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Obama supporting it.

    • Randy Burke January 26, 2020

      Now that’s funny. Got me to chuckle, especially the part about Obama, Thanks

  9. Claire Frank January 26, 2020

    LABOR (as in of biblical proportions), not DISNEY LAND

    IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR MOST VULNERABLE? You are most insensitive, or don’t know how it feels to be a woman when Mother Nature calls her, saying: get ready-get-set-go! My husband didn’t have gas in the car, and my second child was almost born in the parking lot of the hospital. I was lifted from the ground into a wheelchair, and wheeled directly into the Delivery Room!
    Under the best of circumstances this is probably the most URGENT, and PAINFUL moment in a woman’s (and child’s) life! She is helpless, and dependent upon you, to help her! Time is an abstract for 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 hours of gut wrenching spasms called PAIN! She would have otherwise figured out how to deliver on her own! The pain is so severe, and excruciating, as to buckle her knees, and make her scream in AGONY! And she is not in control! A little lamaze puff here, and there, but that doesn’t help the hundreds of spasms/contractions that begin slowly, and increase in strength to climax sending her into the land of OBLIVION, with pain so strong it blinds her to the world she knows, and there is no word, sound, or view that will make it better.
    My nephew was born at home, and my brother says he had difficulty breathing — did this cause his severe Autism? My first child was born on her OBGYN’s bday, and was not available.
    Are you *#_&:!!3sffvddc kidding me?
    There are great solutions like hiring the docs, and giving Ms. Rentería the time she needs to complete her project. Otherwise, you are asking for the impossible.

  10. James Marmon January 26, 2020


    Where’s the money Camille
    (Angelo refuses to order an Independent Financial Audit as recommended by Kemper)

    Where’s the Tiny House Project Camille?
    (Promised in 2016)

    Where’s the Assisted Outpatient Treatment (Laura’s Law) Camille?
    (Promised in 2016)

    Where’s the CSU/CRT facility on Orchard Steet Camille?
    (Promised in 2017)
    I remember Camille Schraeder standing face to face with the BoS telling them that the Grant was a “for sure deal.” It’s on video.

    Mendocino County to apply for $4.8 million grant for mental health crisis facility

    “The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors voted Nov. 14 to authorize the Department of Planning and Building Services to submit an application to the state Department of Housing and Community Development for a $4.83 million grant in support of a shovel-ready project started by the Redwood Community Services nonprofit to build a mental health crisis center in Ukiah.

    According to information provided in the meeting agenda, RCS is developing the new facility, which will include a crisis center, a crisis stabilization unit, and a 10-bed adult crisis residential treatment facility.”

    “It is not clear whether the recent passage of Measure B will lead to additional locations for mental health centers, but Sheriff Tom Allman told the Fort Bragg Advocate staff in an early summer 2017 interview that an 11-member commission outlined in the measure would be the key to making sure funds are spent wisely.

    A number of Mendocino County residents have expressed concern over how the funds will be distributed and there is no mention in the text of Measure B specifying where proposed locked facilities would be located.

    Thompson said the project would provide services that are greatly needed in the community.

    “We believe the state will approve this funding,” she said. “We probably won’t know until a six-month window, but we do believe we have a good chance of getting this grant and supporting RCS in this venture.””

    James Marmon MSW

  11. Craig Stehr January 26, 2020

    ~Consensus Reached~
    The consensus at the January 25, 2020 Plumeria Hostel Alternative Saturday BBQ in Honolulu is this: DO NOT BE ATTACHED TO ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

    • Harvey Reading January 26, 2020

      Oh, yeah? They don’t know Diamond!

    • Eric Sunswheat January 26, 2020

      What, BBQ! Sounds like a roast.

    • Brian Wood January 26, 2020

      Believing consensus means anything at all is an attachment. Does this mean I’m getting it? Wait, maybe wanting to get it is an attachment too… but I guess looking for meaning in anything is an attachment, especially when it’s banal, like the idea that one should seek non-attachment. Not that easing up on some attachments is a bad… wait… I think wanting to dis-respect directives to be unattached might be one too. It’s too hard. I tried. But of course I shouldn’t have.

  12. James Marmon January 26, 2020

    Kobe Bryant was killed in a Helicopter crash today in L.A.

  13. Liam January 26, 2020


    —Dear Basketball—

    This OSCAR and EMMY Award-winning short film brings Kobe Bryant’s retirement poem to life as animation. Directed and animated by OSCAR-winning Disney legend Glen Keane, and scored by iconic, OSCAR-winning composer John Williams.

    Dear Basketball – Believe Entertainment Group

    • Liam January 26, 2020

      2 hours ago

      Our hearts and prayers go out to Vanessa and her family. Kobe and Gianna were the most beautiful picture of a father’s love for his daughter. We were so honored to work with Kobe and even from time to time be surrounded by his wonderful family while making “Dear Basketball”.

      Glen Keane

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