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AV FFA Wins At Redwood Empire Fair


Six members of the AV Future Farmers of America represented the chapter well both in and out of the show ring. The six boys showed meat pens of poultry and market meat goats. The results:

Carlos Espinoza: Grand Champion Chicken Meat Pen, 1st in Novice Poultry Showmanship, Old English Game Bird hen placed 1st.

Jonathan Ocampo: FFA Reserve Champion Chicken Meat Pen, 2nd Advanced Poultry Showmanship, Old English Game Bird cock placed first and 2 hens placed 3rd and 4th.

Elio Gonzales: FFA Champion Meat Goat, 2nd in Advanced Meat Goat Showmanship.

Salvador Eligio: 2nd in the FFA medium weight Meat Goat Class and 2nd in Novice Meat Goat Showmanship.

Salvador Gutierrez: 4th in heavy weight Meat Goat Class, and 4th in Advanced Meat Goat Showmanship.

Noe Benavides: 3rd in the medium weight goat class and 5th in Novice Meat Goat Showmanship.

When the FFA members finished showing they cared for their animals and participated in other activities. One of those was working the pig boards for the pig show. They use boards to help exhibitors move their pigs and separate fighting pigs. The guys said it was fun. Salvador Gutierrez and Carlos Espinosa won insulated lunch box coolers and livestock buckets for winning in the Farm Olympics.

Saturday was the Junior Livestock Auction. Many people were wondering how the auction would go in this economy. Buyers showed up and supported the exhibitors. Carlos Espinosa's Poultry Meat Pen went to Thurston Auto Plaza for $600, Elio Gonzales's 88-pound goat went to Stromer Feiler for $5.50/pound, Jonathan Ocampo's Poultry Meat Pen went to Taco Bell of Ukiah for $350, Salvador Eligio's 78-pound goat went to Safeway of Fort Bragg for $6.50/lb, and Long Valley Market in Laytonville bought Noe Benavides's 79-pound goat for $5/lb and Salvador Gutierrez's 91-pound goat for $5.50/lb.

Besides doing well in the show and sale ring, what makes me most proud is how the guys represented themselves and the AV FFA. One quick story. Noe sold his goat and was heading back to camp. He passed a young 4-H member we had met earlier. The boy and his mother were trying to get a very stubborn goat to the auction ring. His mother was distressed and the boy was tearful. The goat would not walk. The mother asked Noe for help. Noe picked up that 85+-pound goat and carried it a VERY VERY long way. The boy's mother said Noe had beads of sweat running down his face. When they reached the sale ring it was the boy's turn. Noe carried the goat right into the ring. The boy would have been skipped and not sold if Noe had not helped. The goat sold for $10/lb. Pretty neat.

Thanks for your continued support.

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