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Gina Bean Turns Herself In, Then Posts Bail.

UPDATE (Tuesday afternoon):

Gina Bean has been released on bail of $50,000. She turned herself in to the County Jail Monday afternoon. Ms. Bean has been charged with the hit and run death of Caleb Hunnicutt in Mendocino last July.

CHP Press Release re: Hunnicutt hit and run incident:

On July 18, 2019, a hit-and-run traffic collision occurred on Highway 1 at Little Lake Road, resulting in fatal injuries to 21 year old Calum Pulido [Hunnicutt], from Mendocino County. The suspected driver, 41 year old Gina Rae Bean, from Mendocino County, was traveling northbound on Highway 1, when she struck Pulido as he was skateboarding westbound on Little Lake Road. Bean subsequently fled the scene in the suspect vehicle, a 2006 Toyota Tundra. As a result of a quick response and follow-up investigation by the California Highway Patrol, Bean’s Toyota was located at a local auto body shop. Upon locating the Toyota, it was determined that Bean’s boyfriend, 36 year old Ricky Santos, from Mendocino County, had attempted to repair Bean’s vehicle in an effort to destroy any evidence. 

As a result of an ongoing and thorough investigation, the California Highway Patrol submitted multiple charges to the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office on Bean, including Felony Hit-and-Run and Vehicular Manslaughter. Multiple charges were also submitted on Santos, including Conspiracy and Destroying or Concealing Evidence. On November 27, 2019, the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office issued arrest warrants for both Bean and Santos. On November 27, 2019, investigators from the California Highway Patrol located Santos and placed him under arrest. With the persistence of the California Highway Patrol investigators pursuing Bean, she turned herself in to the Mendocino County Jail on December 2, 2019. Bean then posted a $50,000 bail and was released on bail.

UPDATE (Monday afternoon):

Gina Bean, the principle suspect in the hit and run death of Calum Hunnicutt in Mendocino last July, was arrested and charged with ‘Hit & Run resulting in death or injury’ Monday afternoon.

Ms. Bean turned herself in.


The following press release was issued by the Ukiah CHP Monday @ 9:42 pm. As with all law enforcement releases, those named therein should be presumed innocent unless/until found guilty in a court of law:

"After a vigorous and thorough investigation by the California Highway Patrol, a case was submitted to the Menodinco County District Attorney's Office regarding a hit and run collision on SR-1 at Little Lake Road resulting in the death of Calum Pulido.

The case filed by the California Highway Patrol resulted in two warrants. One warrant was for Gina Bean, the suspected driver in the collision, and the other was for Ricky Santos, who was identified to be a co-conspirator in the concealment and destruction of evidence.

On Wednesday, November 27, at approximately 3:24 pm, Santos was arrested by the California Highway Patrol.

On Monday, December 2nd, at approximately 4:08 pm, Gina Bean turned herself in to the Mendocino County Jail."

(MSP NOTE-- According to the information from the Mendocino County Jail log, the suspect bailed out of the Mendocino County Jail after a little more than five hours (5:08) in custody charged with ONE felony: "HIT & RUN RESULTING IN DEATH OR INJURY." Her bail was $50,000.)

UPDATE (Saturday morning):

UPDATE (Thursday morning):


WORD OUT OF THE UKIAH COURTHOUSE has it that Gina Bean, aka Gina Del Fiorentino, 41, of Fort Bragg, has been charged after an extensive, months-long investigation for the tragic hit-and-run death of Calum Hunnicutt back in July. Ricky Santos, 35, also of Fort Bragg has been charged with assisting her to hide from investigators after the incident.

Bean, Santos

Coast residents recall that Mr. Santos was himself charged with hit and run a couple years ago when he ran over a horse and rider during the Fort Bragg Christmas parade [see: MCT: Santos Released and MCT: Split Decision].

An official announcement is expected soon.


  1. Open minded October 6, 2021

    Someone who knows on October 6, 2021 at 2:27 PM said:
    I know!!! She didn’t realize that she hit anyone?!?! If you knew her you wouldn’t even question that!! She was not intoxicated she was going to work! She has a huge heart and a beautiful soul but I guess all of you f$&@ing followers that can’t think for yourself will never know that because you jump to judge people without knowing anything except what your small minds will allow you to.. What happened that night could have happened to any one of us! There is a reason they are called accidents you know.. and there are so many errs in the media coverage that the age of Calum is different in three separate articles and they identify him as Caleb in one press release!?! if they can’t get something that’s as easy to confirm as a persons name or age right, why would you believe anything else they report as facts? Maybe we should all take a step back, look at the bigger picture here, and realize that Gina is a human being and a mother and a daughter.. She is just as much a victim of this whole thing as Calum! Maybe even more so.. The only thing she is guilty of is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like I said before, that could have been any one of us that night… Wake up people! Give her back her life so she can raise her kids in peace! Calum would want that I am confident in that! He wouldn’t want the community to be so awful to her.. Before you decide to judge or make your own conclusions on this, pray, meditate, or however it is that you talk to the man upstairs, free your mind of what you think you know, and allow him to show you the truth about Gina and the tragic death of Calum… I think you would be glad you did and you would leave Gina in peace in the end.. She’s an angel not a monster leave her alone before you destroy her!!!

  2. Tony Proietti February 9, 2022

    Hey Gina it’s Tbone get back to me chik I want to help GIA ok Tony proietti 1-760-460-3161call/text me ?

  3. George Dorner February 10, 2022

    Hey, Open(?)minded,

    Are you claiming that we all would have left a dying kid in the roadway while we ran for home? Or are you claiming that special privilege for your “angel” of a friend?

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