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The Pyramid


  1. Joe November 22, 2019

    People need to understand that what we see at the top is largely crony capitalism and this is more like fascism. Capitalism is simply a free market system to set prices and move capital to it’s best use. If you go to the farmers market and by onions the farmer gets to allocate more money to planting or buy a tractor etc. Capitalism is not a social system and obviously we need other ways, laws, to prevent excesses by the robber baron types in the world, moreover we need to put some money into the kitty for the common needs of society. There is a balance between freedoms and sacrifice towards social needs . The biggest problem in the world now is the private central banks, (Top of the pyramid- NWO types), who control virtually everything. Totally giving up our God given rights to socialism never works as ultimately it turns to total corruption of the system as illustrated in any purely socialist country that has ever existed. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

  2. bob November 22, 2019

    Joe, god is make believe

    • Joe November 22, 2019

      If you say so it must be true.

  3. Joe November 22, 2019

    Get ready for the holidays folks;

    Now we’ve turned the corner into that enchanted season known as “the holidays” and a multi-dimensional showdown after three years of perfidious nonsense looms over the turkeys and silver bells and holy pageantry like a freak winter hurricane out in the dark ocean barreling landward.

    I am sincerely wondering how the public will process the storm of indictments coming down at the cabal of government employees who devised the RussiaGate persecution at the same time the Senate prepares to go to a trial that will humiliate and possibly annihilate the Democratic Party. No political faction in history has begged so persuasively to be put to death, or deserved it more.

  4. Mitch Clogg November 22, 2019

    It’s not strange when jackasses fall for Trump. There are always jackasses. What’s more interesting to me is when a well-appointed mind goes all Trumpy, as yours does, Joe. I don’t blame you for your malediction on the Democratic Party. They are cowards and thieves, just like the Republicans. I’m an unhappy member of the “D” party, but they have blundered into a situation where the president and his entire party have become traitorous, so they have a shot at doing something useful. They could blow it, but Trump & Co. make it so hard for their critics to err, even the Dems might win this one.

    I realize this is perfectly out of step with you, Joe. At least I bloody well hope so!

    • Joe November 22, 2019

      Thanks for the ad hominem attack. The article was written by James Kunsler who, incidentally, isn’t a fan of Trump either. I agree with your general assessment of the political situation but maybe instead of being an unhappy democrat you need to try something else.

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