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Law Enforcement Search Keegan Home

The police caravan that pulled up in front of Dr. Peter Keegan's house early Tuesday morning, arrived there with a search warrant. The DA said he won't comment on pending investigations, but we've learned that the warrant was served by investigators working for both the DA and the Sheriff's Department, state-affiliated police personnel, and a forensics specialist.

With Doctor Keegan looking on, the team went right to work on the Keegan premises at 120 Whitmore Lane, South Ukiah, on the assumption that the November death of Mrs. Keegan was not the accident that her husband said it was. Tuesday's search of the Keegan home is clearly part of an ongoing investigation into the unlikely death of Mrs. Keegan, a death that persons close to the popular Ukiah woman are convinced was unnatural. They think Mrs. Keegan was murdered. DA Eyster must share those suspicions based on Tuesday's task force appearance at the home the Keegans shared for many years.

Dr. Keegan had told detectives from the Mendocino County Sheriff that Mrs. Keegan was drunk, and perhaps under the influence of prescription drugs, when she fell and fatally struck her head in her bathroom.

A close friend in Santa Rosa, with whom Mrs. Keegan had enjoyed a single glass of wine over dinner the night of her death, says that Mrs. Keegan was sober when she left Santa Rosa for her Ukiah home earlier in the evening for the drive back to Ukiah. Soon after his wife's death, Doctor Keegan hired the formidable Ukiah criminal defense attorney, Keith Faulder, to represent him.

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