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Bin Thinking


  1. Bruce McEwen October 8, 2019

    Ordinarily, I would have dismissed it as a gauche redundancy, the kind of faux pas, the slip of the tongue you later regret, make handy excuses for, or, if not, apologize for, especially in a murder trail, where no double-entendres are exempt from objections; and so when the Deputy DA asked the witness if it wasn’t true that the victim of the homicide also had tattoos — besides the gang-affiliated ones — of female women on his forearms, one wondered if she’d correct herself; but after a moment in which she could have done so, I realized it was an aspect in development in the language we had all better adapt to as swifly as ever we may if we hope to keep abreast of evolution, duh.

  2. Bruce McEwen October 8, 2019

    “You will be sorely missed when you are gone, but probably not for the reasons your vanity tempts you to imagine.”

    — Grandpa McEwen

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