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MCT: Thursday, August 8, 2019

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A COOLING TREND is expected over inland areas from today through Saturday. Scattered thunderstorms, some potentially strong, will be possible across primarily Trinity County Friday afternoon and evening. Additional isolated showers and thunderstorms will be possible in other areas overnight Friday through Saturday. A warming and drying trend is expected next week. (National Weather Service)

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Because of your contributions to our Education Program in 2019, we were able to bring a total of 45 classes to the Lighthouse, with a total of 1,266 visitors from schools and organizations free of charge.

Thank you to Victoria Noelle Photography for this amazing photo!

We are already excitedly looking forward to the 2020 season, and the upcoming possibility of year-round programs at Point Cabrillo in the future, with the construction of our Historic Barn.

Join us in staying true to the mission of Point Cabrillo Lightkeepers Association:

To manage, protect, restore, interpret, and provide public access to the historic Point Cabrillo Light Station State Historic Park.

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Hooray for Heirlooms!

Heirloom, Early Girl and Cherry Tomatoes, Corno di Toro, Gypsy & Bell Mild/Sweet Peppers, Eggplant, Padron, Anaheim, Poblano & Jalapeno Peppers, Romano Beans, Walla Walla Onions, Cucumbers, Zucchini & Patty Pan Squash, Basil, Kale, Arugula, Strawberries, Sunflowers & Zinnias

3301 Holmes Ranch Rd, Philo


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Gordon Johnson Sworn in to Rio Dell City Council

Former Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem Gordon Johnson was sworn in to the Rio Dell City Council on the evening of Tuesday, August 6, 2019 following unanimous appointment by the City Council. Johnson will fill the seat until the November 2020 election following the resignation of Councilmember Bryan Richter who resigned due to personal family matters.

Johnson was joined by two other applicants for the position, including Amanda Carter and Alonzo Bradford.

Both Carter and Bradford pulled their nominations prior to the Council vote in deference to Johnson.

“I want to welcome Gordon back to the Council,” stated Rio Dell Mayor Debra Garnes. “He comes back at a time of tremendous change in the City – positive changes that he was a part of getting started. It’s important to have a steady, knowledgeable person like him right now.” Johnson is a registered civil engineer who has focused on building up the city through infrastructure and economic development.

“I want to thank both Amanda Carter and Alonzo Bradford for being willing to step up and I look forward to their continued involvement in the City.” Mayor Garnes concluded. Both Carter and Bradford plan on participating with the City’s newly formed Nuisance Committee moving forward.

(Rio Dell Press Release)

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THANKS TO OUTRAGE over the 79-year-old woman's sentence, she won't be spending any time behind bars.

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Mendocino county housing plan update – tonight in Fort Bragg.

The County of Mendocino is starting the process of updating its Housing Element and is hosting two Community Workshops to discuss the update to the 2019-2027 Housing Element. The Housing Element is intended to address changing county wide community housing needs. As such, this requires regular updating of this document by the local government entity. Additionally, the Housing Element contains an overview of the housing needs in the *unincorporated *area of Mendocino County. The Element includes an analysis of both the constraints that may impact housing development as well as the resources available to facilitate the Element’s intended goals and policies. Here is the link to the most recent Housing Element, which was completed in 2014:

Here is a link to how the County arrived at this final housing allocation through the Regional Housing Needs Analysis process:

Placeworks will be preparing the Housing Element Update with input from County residents and other interested individuals and, along with County Planning staff, will provide details to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors at a regular meeting in December of this year. It is hoped that the County can have the updating process completed by this same month. A coastal workshos has been scheduled for Coastal residents to provide input, ideas and comments on the proposed goals and policies in the Housing Element.

Tonight’s meeting - August 7, 2019 starting at 6:00 p.m. *

Fort Bragg: Fort Bragg Veteran’s Hall

360 Harrison Street, Fort Bragg

Kathy Wylie, M.S. Ed.

* * *


Archer, Bruns, Caster

CHRISTINA ARCHER, Willits. Taking vehicle without owner’s consent, receiving stolen property.

ERIC BRUNS, Lucerne/Ukiah. Disorderly conduct-alcohol.

EVAN CASTER, Fort Bragg. Shoplifting, paraphernalia, failure to appear, probation revocation.

Garibay, Harrison, Kester, Koski

JAVIER GARIBAY, Lancaster/Ukiah. Disorderly conduct-alcohol, Probation revocation.

JUSTIN HARRISON, Willits. Domestic abuse, failure to appear, probation revocation.

ADAM KESTER, Willits. Burglary, stolen property, probation revocation.

AARON KOSKI SR., Fort Bragg. Assault, battery, killing-maiming or abusing animals, use of offensive words in public where likely to provoke violation reaction, public nuisance, probation revocation. (Frequent flyer.)

McCormack, Mora, Naruddin, Valentine

DEREK MCCORMACK, Covelo. Arson of inhabited structure/property.

PABLO MORA, Ukiah. Parole violation. (Frequent flyer.)

JABARI NARUDDIN, Willits. Interfering with business.

RONALD VALENTINE JR., Ukiah. Disorderly conduct-alcohol. (Frequent flyer.)

* * *



The regrettable saga of the mural at George Washington High School in San Francisco is emblematic of a much larger issue. It is another troubling example of imperious fringe-left overreach that is fueled by a seemingly inexhaustible supply of moral rectitude and certitude.

As someone who spent 30 years in public education, I have endured far too many education bureaucrats and school board members who deemed themselves uniquely qualified to determine what students should learn and how they should learn it.

Why, then, should students be encouraged — or allowed — to evaluate and process the multiple layers of meaning in a work of art when the self-anointed members of the cultural elite already have determined it to be offensive to those students — and to the rest of us, for that matter?

To be truly human, one must endeavor to accept ambiguity, uncertainty and diversity in all its forms. But those who fancy themselves more enlightened than the rest of us reject those tenets. If it offends one, so their thinking goes, it must be an offense to all. This mindset is an impediment to true education, not an enhancement.

Mark Wardlaw

Santa Rosa

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As a teen back in the 80’s, it took considerable effort to obtain magazines that featured photos of pretty, smiling, topless women; now, any young child has unlimited access to the most hardcore and depraved porn one click away. Arcades offered rather simple videogames for a quarter, pinball and air hockey, and you’d meet your friends there. It wasn’t the solipsistic, obsessive addiction to violence that we see now, where not just teens, but grown men, after working all day in front of a screen go home and spend countless hours alone in dark rooms immersed in virtual reality mass murder. It seems ages ago that one didn’t carry a powerful computer in his pocket at all times, to constantly look at the screen and curate a digital doppelganger living a life much more meaningful than the real thing. One spent more time outside, interacting with others and with Nature, family and friends meant something more than “likes”. Heck, “street cred” meant something, at least in my punk rock circle, can you take one for the team? Are you real, or a phony? Can you navigate the real world as a man without going crying to your mommy, a teacher or the police? Those things were important. They have been replaced with instagramming badass $200 “urban” sneakers and being offended if anyone anywhere says anything that makes you feel “unsafe”. Each mass shooting in my beloved USA is followed by talking heads wondering “where do all these monsters come from?” They come from within. This Brave New World we have accepted incubates them, and they hatch periodically in bloodbaths that leave us numbed. There’s only one word to describe our world: meaningless. We are consumers tethered to devices that follow us, entertain us, and sell us more devices. Amid environmental and social collapse caused in large part by technology, the only answer our thinking classes come up with is more technology, robots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality. I pity the young, starting with my own children. They have grown up in the panopticon, sold all the lies of a perverse society, starting with the biggest lie of all: that technology has made our lives better, when it is obvious that it has made it considerably worse. As Groucho Marx memorably said, “are you gonna believe me, or your own eyes?” And most people’s eyes cannot see the real world anymore for what it is, a dystopia of consumerism, isolation and irrelevance. You are nothing, you mean nothing, go back to your screen, nothing you do or say has the least importance. Bloody outbursts dot this terminal ennui, and the system starts beating the drum again: gun control, gun control. Sure, by all means, but look at the facts: gun-controlled Chicago has the highest rate of gun violence; mass murder doesn’t require guns, as our Muslim brothers eloquently prove every time they pummel dozens to death with stolen trucks or blow them up with homemade bombs; London is seeing an explosion of jihadi violence based around knife and acid attacks; gun bans never affect criminals, who have networks to obtain what they want, unlike law abiding citizens; most people in Switzerland and Israel have to train with the army every year, and keep assault weapons at home, yet these episodes don’t happen; our Constitution guarantees the right to be armed, including militia-type weapons; 60 years ago, about the same percentage of Americans were armed, yet mass shootings were rare as strong values and meaningful lives prevailed. Nope, it’s not the guns. It’s the meaninglessness. It’s the disappearance of social and moral rules and common decency, the Balkanization of America into class, race and gender Bantustans without any uniting common culture. Above all, it’s the technology. The right move would be to severely curb it, ban the iphone, enforce nationwide tech-free days, give young people the experience of a day working hard in fields and workshops and away from the fucking evil screens.

* * *

'A GREAT EQUALIZER': Warren Unveils Plan for $200 Billion Investment in Public Broadband Access and Healthcare for Rural America

"No matter where you live in America you should have the opportunity to thrive."

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To the Editor:

We come to public discussions of highly emotional topics by different routes. Mine was dealing with a neighbor who operates a distribution and resale business on the opposite side of a country road, and has fenced and built corrals and shelters on his roadside easement. My neighbor has transferred customer parking to my easement, and careless customers making “U” turns are constantly damaging my fence.

In researching my inconvenience, I found that easements on both sides of county roads in rural counties don’t have even limited standards for what can be done on them — no restrictions. Trees can be planted with impunity.

What complicates the issue of roadside easement is that PG&E has its easement on one side of each road on top of the County easement. Unlike County easements, PG&E has restrictions for entangling and interfering vegetation. People are suing PG&E for fires started by poorly managed vegetation and resulting damaged electrical equipment for what is assumed to be their total responsibility for vegetation control or abatement.

My feeling is that all California Counties, as the ultimate arbiter of property ownership and definer of title, in their failure to exercise their coercive or controlling powers to institute even minimal standards on easements, are at least 50 percent liable for damaged electrical equipment and resulting fires.

There is currently afoot a legislative solution to this complex, multi-level accountability problem that aims to shield electric utilities from devastating, punitive judgements. I wholeheartedly support a balanced solution to this problem. This resolution is, honestly, shield legislation for the rural counties to avoid their bankruptcy, not just protection for PG&E solvency. Other than counties with rich urban centers, maybe most Counties need such shielding?

Lastly, all California Counties need to be encouraged to draft and legislate minimal standards for roadside easement that forbid the planting or growth of trees and other vegetation. Such would protect the ingress/egress of emergency service/firefighting personnel and equipment, not to mention insure unhampered evacuations.

Please continue to promote solutions that insure equity and reason.

David W. Dippel

Redwood Valley

* * *

CAR CRASH SURVIVOR Shows How Seatbelts Saved His Life For A Road Safety Campaign

* * *

CARLISLE'S biography is an example of the latest fashion in life writing. The genre has a number of rules: personalise things, not least by bringing yourself into the narrative; don't cram in too many complex ideas; pay particular attention to your subject's sex life; invent things that almost certainly didn't happen so as to lend the story more color; don't criticize your subject unless it's absolutely unavoidable; and use his or her first name to make the whole thing more cozy. Assume, in other words, the lowest possible boredom threshold in the reader. These days a Life of Descarte might begin: "Glancing wearily up from his desk, Rene watched a solitary sunbeam dance over the pile of tattered manuscripts strewn across the floor. 'How can I know that anything actually exists?' he mused, rising from his chair and slipping into a more comfortable jacket.'"

— Terry Eagleton reviewing a biography of Kierkegaard

* * *


Our last Upper Eel River Salmon Parkway field trip is August 17. Need to break out of a rut? Come on the field trip and let me put you in a mask and snorkel to spy on very cool native and non-native fish.

Patrick Higgins, Managing Director

Eel River Recovery Project

P.O. Box 214

Loleta, CA 95551

C 707 223-7200

H/O 707 839-4987

* * *

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DUAL TRAGEDY IN UKIAH. Mrs. J.B. Hunt kills her husband and commits suicide.

Mendocino Dispatched-Democrat, Friday, August 1, 1902 —

Last Friday afternoon after the Dispatch for last week had been mailed and distributed, a horrible tragedy took place at the Grand Hotel in Ukiah. The facts are as follows: On Tuesday night’s train Mrs. J.D. Hunt arrived at the hotel from Oakland and was assigned to room 15. She was a small weak looking woman appearing to be an invalid. Wednesday, Thursday and up to noon Friday she remained for the most part quietly in her room having meals sent up to her.

On Friday morning a man who afterward proved to be her husband drove into town from Comptche, put up his team and registered at the Grand, being assigned to room 38. No particular notice was paid to him. He went to a barber shop and was shaved and brushed out.

About two o'clock in Mr. Seal who occupied room 14 and who was lying on the bed in his room reading was suddenly startled by reports of a pistol in the adjoining room 15. First came three reports in rapid succession, then a short interval and two more shots. As soon as Mr. Seal recovered somewhat from his panic, he rushed out into the hall where he met two or three men who had come upstairs from the street. The door to room 15 was found to be locked and there was no response to knocks. One of the men was then boosted up to look through the transom. He discovered a man in a chair near the window apparently dead. Mr. R.T. Gray then looked more carefully through the transom and saw a woman lying on the floor dying with her clothing on fire about the breast. The door was forced and a pistol was seen on the floor near the woman's hand. Mr. Gray said to the woman: "Did you do this?" She opened her eyes and moved her lips but could not speak. She died in a few minutes.

Coroner Taylor was at once summoned and examination commenced. Doctors W.N. Moore and S.L. Rea assisted. The man had evidently been sitting by the window by his bedside smoking a cigar. His wife who was dressed in deshabille was probably lying on the bed. It seems likely that she had the pistol concealed under the pillow. There had been no loud quarreling or talking for Mr. Seal heard none. Mrs. Hunt shot her husband three times in the head either of which shots would have been fatal. She then jumped from the bed to a point near the door and shot herself twice in the region of her heart. A letter written by Mrs. Hunt and directed to the Coroner was found wrapped in a handkerchief and pinned to her stocking with a safety pin.

The letter read:

Coroner: I expect my husband J.D. Hunt to meet me here and unless he agrees to do different from what he is talking I shall try and put an end to his doing forever. I have been sick for nearly a year caused entirely by his unkindness in many ways to myself and our boy. I cannot recover now, haven’t a ray of hope in any way and I know that I cannot live, and I cannot leave him alive to treat the boy as he has in the past. I have sent the boy east and he intends to go after him which he shall not do if I can stop him. If I can't one way I will another.

In part of this letter I requested that our bodies be cremated, but now that we are to meet in Ukiah we might as well be buried here as we have lot and it will be less trouble. You better notify J.E. Hunt, a nephew, at 1118 Broadway, Oakland, and he can decide the question. Mr. Hunt is a Mason. I wonder if they would have any say in the matter.

Yours Truly, Nellie F. Hunt.

The bodies were removed to the morgue and telegrams were sent to friends of the deceased. The deceased Mr. Hunt was a partner of George W. French in a logging contract with the Mendocino Mill Company. Mr. French and wife drove in from Comptche reaching here about noon Saturday. Mr. French told a Dispatch reporter that Ms. Hunt had been an invalid for several years but that so far as was known there was no family trouble. The son spoken of was 17 years old and had gone to Duluth Minnesota about six weeks ago after graduating from school. The deceased parents had a nice home at 930 Myrtke Street in Oakland. He understood that Mrs. Hunt had been taking Christian Science treatment for several years. She was evidently suffering from a diseased mind.

Mr. Hunt was a member of Alcatraz Lodge No. 244, F. & A.M., Oakland. On Saturday Dr. Charles K. Sanborn, the worshipful Master of the lodge came up and made arrangements for disposition of the bodies. They were shipped to Oakland Sunday to be cremated. Masonic services were held here Sunday before noon over the body of Mr. Hunt.

Last letter to his wife.

As throwing some light upon the relations between J.B. Hunt and his wife, the victims of last Friday's tragedy, we publish below a letter from Mr. Hunt to his wife written the day before the awful deed which launched them both into eternity. The letter reached the Ukiah post office last Friday evening a few hours after the tragedy but the Coroner was not notified of its existence until Tuesday of this week when the postmaster asked the coroner if he had not better send it to the dead letter office.

Here is the letter:

Comptche, California, July 24, 1902 — Dear Nelly: I just came here for the mail and found your letter and telegram. I've got to go back to camp and go to Mendocino tomorrow for repairs of our steam donkey. I will be there Saturday night or Sunday without fail. Don't undertake a trip in here as the road is awful. This is a good place to stay so wait until I come. With love, Jerry.

* * *

* * *

HOW LONG DO WE HAVE LEFT, and how bad will it get?

David Wallace-Wells opens his book, “The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future,” with a short, sharp reality check: “It’s worse, much worse, than you think.” All the news is bad. Marshalling research from across the sprawling field of climate studies, Wallace-Wells paints a picture of disastrous change on an almost incomprehensible scale. Transformations that will have consequences for thousands of years to come are already being expressed in sudden crises that spring up overnight. The changes are at once planetary and minute, affecting everything from the earth’s variable ability to reflect light from the sun to the microbes inside your body. Everything, it seems, is dissolving.

The book’s focus is on the most direct effects of global warming – hotter temperatures, rising seas, extreme weather and so on – as well as what these effects mean for humanity. Wallace-Wells leaves out much of our disastrous impact on the natural world. He doesn’t dwell on biodiversity loss, for instance, or the details of the mass extinction that we are by all accounts now living through, though he reminds us that of the five previous mass extinctions, only the most recent was caused by an asteroid. What was responsible for the other four? ‘Climate change produced by greenhouse gas.’ The deadliest occurred 250 million years ago, at the end of the Permian period, when 96 per cent of life on earth was wiped out. High levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere led to around 5°C of warming, which in turn triggered the release of methane – a much more powerful greenhouse gas – and possibly highly toxic and ozone-destroying hydrogen sulphide, produced by the anaerobic green sulphur bacteria that began to thrive in the warm oceans. We are currently adding carbon to the atmosphere at a rate ‘considerably faster’ than it took to cause this near-total erasure of complex life. ‘By most estimates,’ Wallace-Wells writes, ‘at least ten times faster.’ We may not be at anything like end-Permian levels yet, but the parallels are clear. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts that if emissions continue to rise at the current rate, the earth could experience as much as 4.5°C of warming by 2100. Permafrost in the Arctic is already melting, with the potential to release large quantities of methane, while the hydrogen sulphide that is thought to have ‘capped the end-Permian extinction, once all the feedback loops had been triggered’, is currently ‘bubbling out of the sea’ along a thousand-mile stretch of the Namibian coast, where green sulphur bacteria have caused a vast oceanic dead zone, devoid of oxygen and life.

It’s by no means the only one. There are now more than four hundred such dead zones in the world’s oceans, totalling an area the size of Europe. Most cluster around cities and river mouths, where the combination of warming waters, sewage pollution and fertiliser run-off causes blooms of algae whose decay leaches oxygen from the water. Others are caused by upwellings of the green sulphur bacteria, which has survived from a primordial planetary era before oxygen, waiting in the deep ocean for a chance to turn the seas back into a toxic microbial stew. Warmer seas and the subsequent changes to ocean currents mean their chance may be coming. The Baltic Sea now contains a layer of anoxic water all year round; the Gulf of Mexico dead zone is nine thousand square miles in size; it’s possible that the recently discovered dead zone in the Arabian Sea is large enough to consume the entire Gulf of Oman. Dead zones are examined briefly by Wallace-Wells in a chapter called ‘Dying Oceans’; only briefly, because he also has to consider ocean acidification, ocean warming, coral bleaching and the attendant die-offs of ocean life, as well as the slowing and potential failure of the Gulf Stream and other currents whose movements are intimately tied to regional climate. Should this last come to pass, the results would be ‘inconceivably catastrophic’. The Gulf Stream has already slowed by 15 per cent, something which hasn’t happened for at least a thousand years. A paper from 2018 suggests that the vast ocean circulation current is moving at its slowest rate for 1500 years. According to most global warming scenarios, this wasn’t supposed to happen for another hundred years.

(Francis Gooding, London Review of Books)

* * *

* * *


To the Editor:

“If he thinks guns are not something that will be used in the next couple of years, he is crazy." — Jerry Philbrick, AVA, December 26, 2018

"You liberals better watch out because we will be coming." — Jerry Philbrick, AVA, fall-winter 2018

"Liberals should be hung from a lamppost in the middle of town and left there to rot." — Jerry Philbrick, AVA, fall-winter, 2018

I want to give a shout out to Mr. Jerry Philbrick for the success of the terror attacks by his fascist soulmates in El Paso and Dayton. No doubt there were some liberals among the dead. The rest, sadly, just collateral damage in the inevitable civil war to take back your country. Congratulations Jerry, Making America Great Again. God bless Donald Trump.

So, what are you and your fascist terror cell waiting for “Jerry”? Looks like the insurrection is on. We're going to begin to think you're just a big talking little man.

On another front, I can't comprehend why there aren't more letters of outrage from knowledgeable readers of the AVA about this right-wing crank in our midst continually threatening our community with mayhem. Is he to be treated like a pet or something? Is he your friend?

The most recent example: last week a letter writer actually apologized to “Jerry.” I'm confident that he doesn't support “Jerry's” ravings. But, isn't that too cute by half? Do educated lib-lefties think he’s just a poet or something like the American fascist sympathizer Ezra Pound? Let me say, this guy is no Ezra Pound.

“Jerry” is right about one thing though: the knowledgeable people better wake up. This guy, in the AVA, the most spirited public form we have locally, has been threatening the rest of us with a terror campaign like El Paso and Dayton for how long now?

The general verbal complacency about “Jerry” in our public discourse is a simulacrum of the complacency about the fascistic Putin puppet in the White House. Where are the letters telling “Jerry” to shove off? God damn Donald Trump.

John Arnoldt, Armed Liberal,

Fort Bragg

PS. There's a new book at the Fort Bragg library every complacent lib-lefty should read titled "The Road to Unfreedom" by Timothy Snyder. Fully footnoted and citing sources, it chronicles the recent aggressions, through mendacity and cyber war, of the worldwide fascist reaction. It isn't just the lowest level running dogs like “Jerry,” but it's backed by a cabal of oligarchs, firstly Russian, and would-be oligarchs like the Trumps and Mercers and sundry rich Europeans. We ignore this in are public forums at our peril.

PPS. I'm pleased to see that my previous three letters (especially my letter of January 9, 2019) back in the fall-winter scared the little man (probably the part about the FBI file) into not threatening us directly like he does in the above quotes. Nevertheless, God forbid, afterwards we don't get to say there was no warning.

* * *

* * *



Each day is begun with a walk from Garberville to Redway, ostensibly to check the Green New America/Climate Justice NOW!/Earth First! Media Ctr. post office box for donations. In actuality, it's a 4 miler in which the ego persona is dropped, and the Brahmakara vrittis take over. This is an advanced practice to be taken into the 24 hours, which results in the condition of Jivan Mukta (free spirit). And then, one goes where one needs to go and does what one needs to do. This is the alternative to identifying with the body-mind complex and suffering constantly, only relieved by death. I am still at Andy Caffrey's place in California's Humboldt county, and am available on the planet earth for spiritually based direct action. I can leave after August 12th, when basic appointments with Southern Humboldt social services to get CalFresh and possibly MediCal are finished. As I have been saying, as the situation insofar as political America gets more confused and the antarctic ice sheets continue to melt away, I am seeking others for spiritually based direct action, to perform rituals to counteract the bogus energy inside of the Washington, D.C. beltway, for gatherings at the United Nations compound in New York City, and ultimately focusing on the destruction of the demonic, to return this world to righteousness. It's that simple.

Craig Louis Stehr


or Facebook me. Call Andy Caffrey and offer encouragement for his cross country climate justice road tour in September at (707) 923-2114, and by all means make a contribution at


  1. Harvey Reading August 8, 2019


    Just more conservative whining and wishful thinking.

  2. Harvey Reading August 8, 2019

    HOW LONG DO WE HAVE LEFT, and how bad will it get?

    A well-deserved ending for a species that was a superstitious loser from its beginning. Our only major accomplishment is that we did it to ourselves, in spite of our so-called intelligence…which was always trumped by our greed.

  3. Harvey Reading August 8, 2019


    Way to go. I quit reading his garbage some time back.

  4. Eric Sunswheat August 8, 2019

    UNDOUBTEDLY TRUMP WILL FLIP, admit climate disruption a national emergency, declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, and postpone Presidential elections, as chaos reigns.

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