Letters (Oct. 18, 2017)

by AVA News Service, October 18, 2017

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In 1939, Alfred Hitchcock filmed his classic “Shadow of a Doubt,” the story of the Merry Widow Murderer starring Joseph Cotten and Theresa Wright. The action took place right here in Santa Rosa. The opening scene is an aerial shot of Courthouse Square, showing the sleepy little agricultural town while the narrator intones “Santa Rosa” in a wistful voice.

Anyone who remembers that shot from 78 years ago might currently be pondering what our next 78 days might look like, a dim prospect at best. Yet we must seek the resolve to carry on. Before the last embers are doused, those who survive will count our blessings, dark though that vision might seem, as we also honor the pain of our brothers and sisters.

The human response in times of crisis is often to find ways to see with new eyes, a way to cope and a way to ascribe meaning to suffering. Tragedy can act to strip away our defenses, exposing anew how we only move forward with one another and not against.

Hitchcock showed great fondness for our slice of heaven; may we build a new version out of these still-warm ashes.

Mike Turgeon

Santa Rosa

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As a teenager, 65 years ago, I often heard my grandmother say, “Just once before I die, I hope I can see all four of my boys sober at the same time.” It never happened. Now that I’m the age she was then, near the top of my bucket list is finding a single day without a Press Democrat article about wine, pot, beer or the deadly ramifications thereof. I don’t hold out much hope.

Maybe I’m naive, or maybe it’s an epigenetic relay from Grandma, but I wonder what in this beautiful, prosperous and hospitable era and place is so hard to handle that it requires so much of our population to get buzzed to make it through a day, and then I wonder why the kids get into drugs. The international reputation we have acquired isn’t what I imagined for my home for the past 66 years, this almost perfect place on earth.

Necia Liles


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There is the suggestion that fires start with windblown trees breaking power lines. Our recent fire followed the path of the 1964 fire. When areas are rebuilt, it seems prudent to put all power lines underground.

Sonoma County supervisors and the governor should consider improving our infrastructure. PG&E, being a private company, may look at shareholder profits and say burying power is too expensive, but there are advantages to citizens.

Underground power lines also would help when the “big one” comes as motion of the wires would be minimized. These tragedies are the result of antiquated, low-cost building practices that are high-cost to residents.

Tony Bryhan

Santa Rosa

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Jerry Kim Jong Un Brown is at it again. He just signed a bill to shorten sentences for criminals who have committed violent crimes with a gun. And a bill to be a sancetury state. He vetoed a bill to clean around the PG&E lines and poles saying it wasn’t necessary. I wonder how he feels now with more than 40 dead and unimaginable damage?

The liberal Democrats are pushing to have all guns banned from the American people. That’s what they eventually want. Well, they can have my gun, willingly. But they’re going to get it barrel first with bullets flying out of it.

As far as the NFL goes, those people who don’t stand for the national anthem are a bunch of rotten anti-Americans SOBs. I would love to see them run out of the  US altogther.

Jerry Kim Jong Un Brown is just as rotten as they are and anyone who doesn’t like it can kiss my you know what.

God Bless Donald Trump.

Jerry Philbrick


PS. I think the inmates fighting the fires are great. They’ve been doing that for years and they do a good job. They put out 100%. Good guys. But letting felons who committed a crime with a gun out early and then have these ridiculous gun laws for the rest of us is BS. Even some congresspeople have said it’s hypocrisy. Everywhere I go they hate Jerry Brown.

PPS. I would like to see the National Guard crush that Antifa bunch into the ground like vermin.

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  1. Pat Kittle Reply

    October 19, 2017 at 11:42 am

    (Re)building smaller (in some cases MUCH smaller) with better fire protection would be smart.

    Big houses that burn aren’t big anymore.

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