Die-In at Woody’s

by AVA News Service, August 3, 2017

[Sep 13]

"Die-in" rally in support of SB-562, the Healthy California Act

The barrier to Health Care as a Human Right isn’t cost, it’s politics.

On Wed Sept 13 at 12pm please come to Jim Wood's office at 200 South State St. (Ukiah valley Conference Center) to add your voice to the growing support for SB 562.

SB 562 <http://www.healthycaliforniaact.org/> would create a single-payer "Medicare for All" health care system in CA. It has already passed the CA state senate, and is now stalled in the CA Assembly.

Sept 14 is the deadline to get SB562 into committee, where evidence, hearings and testimony could heard and amendments offered.

Join the North Coast People’s Alliance, the Green Parties of Mendocino & Humboldt Counties, Health Care for All -- Humboldt, California Nurses Association, CA Nurses United, National Nurses United, and many others to voice your support of Health Care as a Human RIght, and your disappointment in Assembly person Jim Wood for refusing to support SB 562. Wear all black if you can, and bring signs if you have them!

Let him know that we demand that he do what we elected him to do. This is an issue that transcends partisan politics - let's all come together at this pivotal moment to fight for universal access to basic primary care! Wed, Sept 13

12pm-2pm Rally outside Jim Wood's office 200 South State St in Ukiah (the air conditioned Ukiah Valley Conference Center)

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