Off the Record (July 19, 2017)

by AVA News Service, July 19, 2017

A TRUCK & TRAILER FIRE Sunday afternoon on the Willits Grade quickly became so large CalFire awarded it its own name. The “Grade Fire.” It burned in a northeasterly direction towards Redwood Valley and had grown to 900 acres by the time local media and CalFire had gone to bed Sunday night (9pm), and was still only 10% contained. By noon Monday, the fire, according to CalFire, was not full contained but on the wane. Another fire broke out Monday afternoon on Cow Mountain east of Ukiah. It had just kicked off when we went to press but was being fought by an array of entities, from borate bombers to inmate crews. The Grade Fire was beaten back from populated areas of Redwood Valley. Cow Mountain is not inhabited.

THE NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION of Sheriff Allman’s Mental Health Facilities measure is set to be approved for the November ballot by the Supervisors on Tuesday, July 18.

THE 2017 version is similar to the 2016 version, calling for a five-year, half-cent sales tax increase.

THE PRIMARY changes appear designed to mollify Supervisor Dan Hamburg and his small group of followers who worried last year that the 2016 version might have committed the County to more staffing than the County could afford when a local facility is built.

HAMBURG'S concerns ignored the fact that the Supervisors (including him) control general fund expenditures; the 2016 version didn’t commit the Supervisors to anything. The other four supervisors understood that if the measure had passed they’d staff it with existing Mental Health resources supplemented by the large savings that would result from significantly reduced out-of-county placement costs, and that the facility would not have been built with more beds than could be affordably staffed.

TO ADDRESS the Hamburg worries, the new version will specify that the half-cent sales tax increase will sunset after five years, but a 1/8-cent tax increase (25% of the half-cent increment) will continue and will be applied to facility staffing.

THE NEW 2017 measure also calls for a different kind of advisory board to oversee the sales tax expenditures; they're expected to include more involvement from the County’s helping agencies.

OTHER REVISIONS would combine last year’s two measures into one by including tax collection and distribution language that somehow got split off in 2016, which confused some voters.

SEVERAL SUPPORTERS of the revised measure have already expressed concern that getting a two-thirds majority is typically a higher bar in an off-year election, but they hope that with the revisions and Hamburg’s belated support, they can still get it passed. Last time around, the in-county psych unit failed by a mere 287 votes out of 36,500 or so votes cast (less than one-tenth of one percent of the total vote).

SPEAKING OF THE SHERIFF, he’s got another hard sell at Tuesday’s Supe’s meeting. (Our deadline is Monday, 5pm, but we’ll have an account of how Allman’s $73,000 pitch to buy specially designed “prisoner” tablets for County Jail inmates is received by our ordinarily profligate Supervisors. Will they go for “Approval of Agreement with Legacy Inmate Communications in the Amount of $73,643.18 to Provide Infrastructure for Secure Internet Connection and Lease of Eighty (80) Edovo Tablets for Inmate Education at the Mendocino County Jail for the Term of June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018 Recommended Action: Approve Agreement with Legacy Inmate Communications in the amount of$73,643.18 to provide infrastructure for secure internet connection and lease of eighty (80) Edovo tablets for inmate education at the Mendocino County Jail for the term of June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018; authorize the Sheriff or his designee to sign any amendments that do not increase the amount of the Agreement; and authorize Chair to sign same.

WE WERE AMONG the eight persons watching the Supes live last Tuesday when, during public comment of the pending mental health initiative, a fellow named Stephen Howard stepped forward to say he wanted police officers to be more polite. Howard said he was bipolar and that rude cops might set him off. He said he'd previously lived in Florida where the homeless were treated with respect. Having watched local cops deal with the deranged I've found their tact unimpeachable and their forbearance darn near saintly. Not to disrespect Mr. Howard, but Bruce McEwen's account of a recent court appearance by Howard, suggests that he hides behind his mental illness, if that's what ails him, to menace people, that his unhappy encounters with law enforcement are his own fault.

THE FRONT PAGER on last week’s Willits Weekly by Mathew Caine snatched me up and carried me off down Memory Lane from the first paragraph: “A new food paradigm has opened at 42 South Main Street (Willits). The small restaurant is called Caribbean Vybz and lives up to its name, with authentic tastes of the Virgin Islands, where the owner and her family are originally from…. “

LONG AGO, if you were young and subversive in the Bay Area, Connie’s Restaurant in San Francisco was the place. Connie was also a native of the Virgin Islands, and Connie was a communist. She was a wonderfully generous, sympathetic person who went out of her way to feed and even employ radicals as waiters and dishwashers, among them my cousin Jim who was soon packed off to federal prison for refusing to register for the draft. My youngest brother also did a stint at Lompoc for the same “crime.” I ate at Connie’s whenever I could, but mostly I stuck to a hole-in-the-wall place on Jackson in Chinatown where for 87 cents you could get a pork chop on a mound of rice, cabbage and gravy. Connie’s, as I remember her and her place was on Fillmore Street down around Post, but by ’67 she was established on Haight Street. Good luck to Vybz. I’d pay just to listen to those Caribbean accents, and I know the vibes will be, as they always were at Connie’s, and as the pioneer stoners put it, “a groove.”

SAMANTHA ZUTLER'S contract as Fort Bragg City Attorney has not been renewed. Always seemed odd that a San Francisco attorney was tapped to represent FB, especially an attorney of Ms. Zutler's specialty in civil rights suits. She was on the team that conducted an internal affairs investigation into the infamous officer-involved shooting of Oscar Grant at the Fruitvale BART station a few years ago, and how she got from there to Fort Bragg is not known. Pure speculation, but probably on the buddy plan. Pretty nice gig for a legal eagle. Drive up every few weeks to spend a few days on FB's tab, teach the Council how to say "No Comment" like they mean it, toss out a few errant opinions and drive back to Frisco. Seems like an in-County lawyer could handle the job for much less money.

I IMMEDIATELY REGRETTED asking, Where are they now? No sooner had I popped the question about whatever happened to Otter and Morning Glory Zell, pivotal Mendo Hippies circa 1972, when a lengthy puff piece pops up on the Brit tabloid, The Daily Mail, replete with photos including the goat they passed off as a unicorn by super gluing a horn in the middle of the tortured animal’s head, claiming they had a secret recipe for creating unicorns.

As I recall, the Zells were widely regarded, even by other wacks as a little too wacked. The Zells were very close to mass murderer Leonard Lake, whom they met at Greenfield Ranch northwest of Ukiah, circa ‘’71-72. Greenfield was a local hippie hotbed back in the day, but as of July 2017 it's as sedate as any other suburb, albeit a 'burb with large parcels and panoramic views of Mendocino County's golden hills. Lake was expelled from the old Greenfield Ranch as being too weird even by weirdo standards. Having been told to move along by the Greenfield "collective," Lake settled in Philo from where he went on to establish himself as a world class maniac. The psychotic killer was, however, community-minded. He belonged to the Anderson Valley Fire Department where he may still be regarded as among the best recording secretaries in the department's history. As a contemporary put it, "Yeah, he turned out to be totally nuts, but he had the best darn handwriting you'll ever see."

DOUBT they’d ever admit it, but Jim Shields’ series on the county's de facto non-enforcement of the pot ordinance spurred the Supes into action. In the morning session this week, Sheriff Allman reassured folks he's not out of the eradication game (see below), and in the afternoon the Supes (primarily McCowen and Brown) went after the mega-growers, Brown calling them "bandits" and McCowen deploying Shields’ exact phrasing in "proliferation of greenhouses" to point out how pot-related matters are out of control. Our leadership then decided to re-open discussion of the ordinance at next week's meeting to tighten up some of the ambiguous provisions, adding others, and also consider creating a local pot czar to run the licensing program, since Ag and P&B are proving not up to the task. Of course, if the Supes create the position, Emperor or Empress Pot won’t have an easy time of it.

NOW YOU SEE IT, now you don’t. An item on the Supes consent calendar boosted the pay of the outside legal team the Supes hired to conduct negotiations with their own employees. Rather than the previously agreed upon $165,000 the outside attorneys will take in $225,000. As we know, Mendocino County also employs a whole office of lawyers called the County Counsel. One or another of them ought to be able to handle simple pay negotiations with County employees, who are not exactly a gang of armed Bolsheviks.

BOARD CHAIR McCOWEN asked if any of his fellow Board members would like any consent items pulled for discussion. None did, although I daresay if their money were in play there would have been screams of, “Pull it! Pull it!”

McCOWEN then asked if anyone from the public would like any items pulled?

THE REDOUBTABLE LEE HOWARD walked to the podium and asked that the pay raise Item 4ab be removed from the consent calendar as it, by definition, was not lawfully placed there.

McCOWEN honored Howard’s request, and stated the raise item would be discussed later in the meeting.

AFTER a break in the proceedings, McCowen said he had a note at his desk informing him that “staff” was pulling Item 4ab from the meeting! It had done disappeared! But betcha the totally unwarranted raise hadn’t.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY DAVID EYSTER, commenting on Rex Gressett’s recent Fort Bragg Notes column writes:

“Hey Rex … I candidly find little candor in the melodramatic story we all were told at the meeting (and your article seems to give some credence to) that former Police Chief Joe Mayberry, with “a tear in his eye,” long ago confided in others that the INS had come to town during his tenure and commandeered he and his police force against his will and better judgment. My memory remains – I was a young prosecutor back then – that Chief Mayberry instead reached out and asked for manpower help from the INS and they came to town in response to that invitation to simply support local police action. The majority of the community was supportive at the time (and less politicized than we seem to be these days). Always a straight-shooter and his own man, there simply is no reality in the assertion that Joe and his men were ordered about or otherwise commandeered by those he had invited to town. Chief Mayberry (or any chief for that matter) would have never allowed that to happen and, more importantly, it didn’t happen. Any doubt about this? Feel free to ask Joe’s son, Scott. He, along with others, can discount for you that which we heard … which it seems was only a revisionist story to fit the moment.”

DEPT. OF UNINTENTIONAL HUMOR from the Ukiah Daily Journal:

"Child welfare agencies are at the forefront of the sex trafficking problem and have the best chance of preventing it. Redwood Community Services Inc. has worked with the Mendocino County Office of Education to provide training on recognizing sex trafficking for social service providers, including the training by survivor Elle Snow."

FIRST OFF, prostitution is virtually non-existent in Mendocino County, although there are unsubstantiated rumors of local adult women selling themselves on the internet. A few years ago, a Ukiah High School student was discovered prostituting herself and was quickly suppressed by local law enforcement. But note how quick the grant grabbers are to make it seem as if the maidens of Mendocino County were just a stutter step away from the late night streets of San Francisco.

MOREOVER, if the Mendocino County Office of Education begins "training on recognizing sex trafficking for service providers," we promise you that prostitution will be prevalent here in a month. Guaranteed. BTW, and go ahead and call me old school, but one parent cited in Ms. Tressel's series on the non-existent local phenomena apparently dragged her 12-year-old daughter to the sordid presentation by a former sex slave, which seems to me a rather flagrant example of low-intensity child abuse.

THERE’S AN UPDIKE short story is about a family of squatters that appears in a corner of a wealthy suburbanite's property. I apologize for not remembering the name of the fiction but it was written just as homelessness was becoming evident in many places around the country, which would have been what? thirty years ago? Anyway, Updike's squatters gradually become more and more menacing, but the property owner, being a liberal and something of an intellectual, winds up making a tenuous peace with the intruders, reasoning all the usual reasons — I'm rich, they're not, I’ve got room for them and so on. As I recall, the squatters eventually reward their host's generosity by murdering him.

THE POINT, PLEASE? The usual one that there are different kinds of people on the street these days, as the pure numbers of all kinds of de-housed persons metastasizes. The large majority of the homeless we see in Ukiah and Fort Bragg, where their well-paid enablers subsidize their often aberrant behavior, are too screwed up to ever be capable of earning their way. But given that the socially crippled still need shelter, if for no other reason than to prevent them from destroying public space for everyone else, they've all got to be housed. What's missing is the political will to build low cost shelter for everyone who needs it.

A SMALL but growing minority of unsheltered are people like the two women described in this morning's California Report. They are both employed in Santa Rosa but have to live in their cars because they don't have enough money to rent an apartment. First month’s rent, last month’s rent, cleaning deposit and just to move in you’re talking five grand. Santa Rosa, tardily recognizing that there are respectable people among the drunks, drug addicts and neo-bums on the street, has persuaded churches and other public buildings to make their parking lots available after hours to people forced to live in their vehicles.

THE WOMAN interviewed by the California Report works for Whole Foods where she's about to become a manager. Ordinarily, her income would be sufficient to afford an extortionate studio apartment somewhere in the Rose City, but it doesn't. She described the general sense of menace she felt trying to sleep while parked on residential streets, the safest spots she could find, and even there midnight mopes tried her door handles and otherwise menaced her. She's one more example of the desperate need for a federal housing program, which we once had in this country via federally-backed low interest mortgages, available to anybody with a job.

MY GOD, that sounds like socialism! We can't have that! Government isn't here to help Americans, it's purpose is to reduce taxes on billionaires and bomb Muslims. (Seriously, who is more likely to harm you? Pick one: a terrorist? Trump? The Clintons?)

GIVEN the myriad creative small house schemes that are out there, there's no real excuse for anyone, even the work-averse and the self-impaired to live on the streets.

BUT THERE THEY ARE, and there they will remain in larger and larger numbers, thanks to the two-party servitude to the oligarchy that owns all of us. Like the Updike story of the squatters gradually moving in on then killing their padrone, today's squatters do a lot of damage. Here's what they've done to BART, as described in Friday morning's Chronicle:

“…POWELL STREET STATION is the third-busiest of the system’s 46 stations and may be its most troubled. It’s the gateway to San Francisco for tourists, shoppers and day trippers, but it’s home to an increasing number of society’s dispossessed, who use it to sleep and shoot up, and to relieve themselves on its elevators and escalators, in part because its restrooms have been locked. Once a showpiece station, with a giant illuminated map, it’s now a dreary place. Dirt streaks its white-and-gray floors, and its ceiling has been missing for four years. Sections of the station concourse are boarded off with painted plywood, and its elevators and escalators are frequently broken."

WHEN the bathrooms were open, one risked one's life to enter one, and I speak here from personal experience. They were always filthy from the day the system opened, but BART is now plagued by criminals riding the lines, and the unhinged are using the stations as homeless camps.

THE SIMPLEST problems seem beyond government's ability to solve, but government is bigger all the time, and anarchy more and more prevalent.

MARK WHEETLEY, city manager at Fortuna and a former Arcata city councilman, just got his second DUI. A Lost Coast Outpost commenter says:

"It's extremely disappointing that a city MANAGER who is literally responsible for ensuring city programs are succeeding and responsibilities are being met for the community is reckless enough to incur not one, but TWO DUIs, putting the very citizens he is supposed to be protecting at danger. I do not tolerate drunk driving from ANYONE regardless of race and more than once disgusts me because it is evident no lessons were learned the first time around whatsoever and this person's behavior is not likely to change moving forward either. No respect for this man or ANY drunk drivers. It's one thing to be an alcoholic and risk your own health. It is completely different when you choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and put the community at large at risk. No excuse in this day and age especially as a repeat offender. I hope he does not get a slap on the wrist or a special pass because of who he is. Not acceptable and especially not acceptable given his former and current responsibilities to the citizens he served/serves. Piss poor example to set for your community, where DUI is considered a badge of honor, no big deal, or funny already. We need to break this culture of feeling bad for reckless drunk drivers and hold them accountable for the risk they are putting others at with their shit decisions. Maybe then we would see less tragic DUI related deaths with little consequence."


Just got home from a good evening of fishing and had several instances where people were clearly looking for trouble. Pulled the boat into the dock. Some guy was yelling at jet skiers for not having lights on at night......just a couple weeks after someone died out there. I also told them that it's definitely not safe. The two guys followed me to my truck running their mouths the whole way back. I turned and told them to back off and they finally did.

After I get the boat out of the water, two high school age girls approach and start talking to me about fishing. I engage in the conversation and 3-4 guys start walking up behind me as I'm wiping the boat down and get way to close on multiple occasions and had to tell them to leave.

As I'm driving out a middle age lady comes running up asking for help and her boyfriend was trying to hurt her. I stop and get out of the truck and it was a total setup. The guy tried getting into my truck and the lady took off running. At that point the guy freaked out and ran off also.

Protect yourselves people, I was fortunate enough to have a firearm on me and didn't feel like I was cornered or it could have been bad.

3 separate instances in about 20 minutes that were all sketchy. Don't know what's happening to this town, but it's bad!!

They were talking about closing the lake in the last couple weeks and I didn't want that to happen, but I'm all for it at this point. It's clearly not safe and needs a lot more patrol!!

Please share to spread the word!

A READER WRITES: "The county is sending letters threatening fines and imprisonment to locals trying to make buck on Air BnB unless they pay a bed tax. These are folks hosting BnB overnighters to help pay their county taxes for roads that are never fixed and retirement packages for SIEU union members are all at risk. On the Air BnB website neither the full name of hosts nor their addresses are listed. The county demands a list of full names and addresses. Thus, the intimidating demands must originate from a home-grown snitch or group of snitches familiar with locals who charge 90 bucks a night for a room as opposed to 300 bucks in the high end inns along the coast. At this point, suspicions focus on one or several Inn owners dropping dimes in order that the rich bed renters can continued to devour the poor PS. In areas where Air BnB has made agreements with local tax authorities, like San Francisco, Portland, Chicago and other cities, Air BnB collects the bed tax and remits it to local taxing authorities. But not in places like Hicksville Mendocino County where rather than negotiate with Air BnB, our local, dysfunctional government and somnambulant tax accessor use the old tried and true snitch them off to pay method in order to build a sense of loving community solidarity.”

AN OLDER MAN WRITES: From a man’s point of view, a 30 year old lady is definitely middle-age. The chances of getting married at 35 or 40 drop drastically. And if they do marry, it’s to a schlub. I’ve seen this with 3 ex-girlfriends, all of them pretty and slim. They hit ~32 and desperately grabbed the one guy who offered marriage. Two guys were in their mid-30s and had NEVER dated before, while the other had a failed marriage with two small children. Can you believe that? But these girls were desperate and knew, sub-consciously, that time was running out. Ladies have the 10 short years in their 20s to find their happiness: a good man, family, community. Or you can spend those years staring at Excel spreadsheets in a poisonous office, and being used as a sex object. The bitter old women over 40 without family, with estranged snowflakes, popping anti-depressants like jelly beans, are legion. Careers suck, let the man suffer through them, and take care of him as thanks. Be around those you love all day, not the hateful office people. Feminists hate the family, hate men, and hate young, happy, pretty girls. Remember that.

AN OLDER WOMAN RESPONDS: Whoever wrote this isn’t living in 2017. I am told the average age for marriage now is in the mid to late 30s. They hook up and I forget the name of the app (Meet Up?) for finding partners is rampant. I am told both men and women go out with hundreds of people over a year — one date, one hookup. Both sexes do this; the men in particular are trolling for a good lay. The whole sexual world is radically different than anything people our age can understand. Men are not just looking for young women. They are looking for sex — the perfect this, the perfect that. There’s some kind of trend toward getting married and then continuing to move through a sexual roulette after the first children are born. There's an array of apps for marrieds looking for affairs. It’s a pretty strange world out there. Both men and women are into all of this. Sex doesn’t mean much. Feminists have never hated young happy pretty girls. My God, whoever wrote this must be in their 70s. A real neanderthal.

TWO WILLITS trailer parks have been bought up by an LA investment company. The  Wagon Wheel and Valley Oaks mobile home parks are home to 65 or so people, many of them on fixed incomes. The LA vultures, hiding behind a holding company called BoaVida, have notified the 65 residents of the two parks that their rents will be raised by an average of 25% beginning in November, and those who don't keep their yards tidy could be fined or kicked out altogether if they don't comply.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, the populations of the two parks are worried. A series of community meetings have begun to discuss group resistance. The residents are not without certain state protections:

“A HOMEOWNER shall not be charged a fee for the enforcement of any of the rules and regulations of the park, except a reasonable fee may be charged by management for the maintenance, cleanup, as described in subdivision (b) of the land and premises upon which the mobile home is situated, in the event the homeowner fails to do so in according with the rules and regulations of the park after written notification to the homeowner and the failure of the homeowner to comply within 14 days. The written notice shall state the specific condition to be corrected and an estimation of the charges to be imposed by management or its agent.”


(1) I was surprised to learn that right now, in my state anyway, students are being given ‘exemptions’ for spelling in papers they write. In other words, a child who turns in a paper with misspellings galore will receive the same grade as a child who meticulously checked the spelling, as long as the kid has the proper exemption. What’s worse? – a child who doesn’t write his paper at all, and merely tells an aide want he wants the paper to say, can get a higher grade than the student who labored over her own paper. No, I am not making this up.

(2) The State Of The Green Rush: It’s over, everybody. Sorry to break reality to you. Look in the land sale pages and see many properties for sale with 3 acre permits about to be granted. Then look at Salinas Valley and see much bigger scenes going in. Then look at Oregon. Do some simple math and logic. It is over for you. Why would you bother spending your last $$$ to jump through hoops for permits you can never use or sell because your scene is far from competitive? Don’t fall for the regulators and supervisors and those parasitic consultants and lawyers and other bullshit artists trying to separate you from your money. They don’t care about you. And you will need every dollar you have to create a new income or at least to withstand this coming economic depression that is ….pretty much already here! Have you paid off your mortgage yet? That would be a good place to start! Protect what you have because in approving this sham “legalization” we only allowed all the deep pockets to take over and run the little guy under. Congratulations on your “freedom”!!

(3) Being a rather simple man myself, I like to sum it all up in the idea that today, in our ruling system, just as in every cesspool, the scum rises to the top. In times gone by, the qualities required to rise to leadership were more often than not accompanied by enough decency and saving graces to afford this nation a relatively decent body of leadership. In its current form, our system that installs leaders with absolutely NO minimum job requirements, strictly on the results of a popularity contest with votes tallied from a distracted, uncaring, self-centered population can only lead to bad things. Far too many of the people in this country are no longer capable of being involved in governing themselves, either inside the arena or outside of it, simply voting. A nation that is addicted to happy, happy, happy can never choose any course of action that will lead to discomfort and discomfort will certainly result sooner or later. It is the Discomfort Bubble and its arrival is already way, way overdue.

(4) The class of people now derided as “deplorable” weren’t always seen as such. They had the progressive wing of the Democrats speaking up for them and a robust union movement defending their interests. There used to exist a rough societal consensus as to a fair distribution of income and wealth. Non-White Americans, for all the depredations and indignities inflicted on them, were making progress.

And then, over the years and by degrees, this consensus was torn down. American Oligarchs, with justifications gladly provided by the Intellectual Class and with the administrative exertions of bi-coastal clerisies, threw great swathes of American workers overboard.

Both the progressive wing of the Intellectual Class and its conservative counter-part justified this gigantic betrayal by characterizing the Deplorables as obese racists and tattooed morons. These people never deserved the incomes they got in the middle decades of the 20th century, their living habits and educational and attitudinal deficiencies indicative of their general unworthiness. By this thinking, an economic re-set was long overdue.

To the extent that there’s a bit of guilt over this, the Intellectual Class also put out the notion that the backward classes merely “feel” left behind. Or that maybe they WERE “left behind” maybe because of a skills mismatch or maybe because of automation. But this left-behinded-ness was portrayed as an unintended consequence despite all the best intentions otherwise, i.e., too bad, so sad.

But NEVER do you hear that there was deliberate calculation over the years to achieve the very result of the demolition of worker incomes and wealth for the sake of elite well being.

(5) I was driving to an appointment last week and by chance had tuned in the local 24 hour all-“classical” station down here in Hicksville. As fate would have it the station was fading in and out as a 20th century style piano piece was playing. I was hooked and at the edge of my seat waiting to hear the composer and title. Fortunately it ended while I was on a rise and was informed: George Walker, Piano Sonata No. 1, 1953. Google George Walker, composer, pianist. The cat plays his ass off, and writes like a MF’er. Born of immigrants from Jamaica in 1922.

(6) Once the tranny fad has run its course, I predict people will start having tails surgically attached, and claim they feel “canine.”

They will have a flag and parades…and if you don’t march and salute, you will be charged with bigotry and ethnic intimidation.

This is not a joke, its coming sooner than you think.

(7) Americans have lost the ability to deal with or interpret reality, largely because of the proliferation of media. By media I don’t just mean news media, I mean entertainment, photos, videos, etc. It means Americans live suspended in time, if you will. This explains why Americans don’t perceive the aging and deterioration of the country, or the aging of their own bodies, etc. Or if they do, they believe there’s a fix. Americans live in a perpetual adolescence, a perpetual youth. This can be charming but also dangerous since they are incapable of growing up and dealing with reality. Imagine the fury this creates in the rest of the world, and then you can start to imagine the hatred. They correctly understand that they are being ruled over by adolescents, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

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