“Oh My God–We Hit A Little Girl!”

by Zack Anderson, June 15, 2017

Following M Company from Fort Dix to Vietnam [Esquire, 1966].


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  1. Bruce McEwen Reply

    June 16, 2017 at 12:42 am

    You may find it amusing, but Mike Williams was the senior Senator from Wyoming, appointed by Judge Yogi, (I may have that backwards) who left me w/ a key to his flat in Denver, and used to sass the State Troopers at Denny’s late at night; Yogi and Senator Wms. were both young Lt.s in VietNam, and when Wms. died at a early age from agent Orange, we (me and some other former US Marines) tried to dissuade the family from using a picture of Mike Wms. exiting a whorehouse bar in Saigon in his obit in the Cheyenne Eagle, and the Caspar Star Trib!

    They wouldn’t listen to us!

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