Saturday in Potter Valley

by Jessica Ehlers, May 29, 2011

It was rainy but we donned our boots and drove over anyway.  We met my niece and the little man climbed up on the bed of the multicultural float with she and some friends.  Then my sister and her family arrived.  We stood in the rain, as much with candy as water.  It was a great parade.  See below for highlights.

Afterward, we headed to the kids rodeo.  It was, in fact, my first rodeo.  Hahaha.  Amidst the mud and running animals, I could see what an amazing art and dare I say culture.  I got a flash of fear that this might perhaps be another dying art, way of life.  I hope not.  And I barely know what I am talking about so I will stop there.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  It was a fun, albeit damp day full of crying babies, playing and dirty-faced kids, made-up teenagers and gleaming old folks.

Multicultural float

Buddies on the multicultural float

Color guard

Parade goers


Eyster (his hand) and Allman


It's a Scout!

The nephew's favorite part of the parade.

Pretty in Pink

Rosie the Riveter


Elephant I

Elephant II

Elephant III

Potter Valley Youth and Community Center


Click here for a video of the Mariachi band


Multicultural float

They were shooting us with water.

There is a kid on that sheep.

New hat

The chase

Logging competition

A boy, his hat and the rodeo.

A boy, his hat and the rodeo.


It was a nice day, despite the rain.

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