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Posts published in “Day: July 22, 2020

MCT: Thursday, July 23, 2020

Warm Interior;
Yorkville Death;
Arson Investigation;
227 Cases;
Coren Hired;
Miners Sluice;
Watchlist Imminent;
PSPS Prep;
Philo Produce;
Wildlife Services;
Caspar Mill;
Williams Problem;
Marrufo Dogged;
Longvale Gone;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday's Catch;
Three Heroines;
Wrong Way;
Prison Conditions;
Enter Donald;
Crazy Uncle;
Utterly Transactional;
CAMP Campaign;
Fire Cloud;
Troubled Times;
Hurricane Douglas;
Awful Things;
Found Object

Goodbye, Mendocino

There is this concept called magical thinking and what it means is when you think something you then believe it is true, illustrated most abjectly by the current magical-thinker-in-chief

Letters (July 22, 2020)

At a time when we are seeing record high temperatures, record low rainfall, worsening dead zones off our coastline and killer toxic algae in our rivers, a proposal is afoot to expand cannabis cultivation


I've known a lot of nuts in my life. What's the polite term? "Mentally ill"? "Emotionally disturbed"? "Has issues"? Nah, nuts. That's the catch-all word for…

A Mendocino Crisis Van?

Before the next Measure B committee meeting on July 22, let’s make one more attempt to get the moribund Committee to follow through on one…

Post-Deadline Child Abuse News

Ever wonder why you don’t hear about child abuse until the kid’s dead? After looking into a child-abuse tip that came into the AVA I…

Hippietime Navarro: The Iteville Clams

No one among my early seventies local history educators ever mentioned town-wide sports in Navarro. In my generation the Navarro Clams slow pitch softball team…

A Jog Down Memory Lane

1978 was the year I got my teaching credential from Sonoma State University, bought a little house in Willits for $15,000, and was hired that…