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Posts published in “Day: December 25, 2019

MCT: Thursday, December 26, 2019

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Letters (December 25, 2019)

The burning of the multiplex in downtown Boonville has led many to discuss their own experiences dealing with the landlord who owned the buildings

Kanye in the West

At the beginning of August I drove from the Oregon Coast to the middle of New York State mostly on U. S. Highways and state…

We Are the Hollow Men, Headpieces Stuffed with Straw

Absolutely nobody in Mendocino County’s fourth District expects anything from Supervisor (Silent Dan) Gjerde. Honey Bear don't care. That’s how he rolls. Dan Gjerde is…

Here We G(r)o(w) Again, Part II

Well, a promise is a promise, and I suppose that being clean and reforming myself includes doing my best to keep them, and thus—the timeline. …

Measure B Committee Approves the $3.3 Mil

Used to be that applicants for professional positions did a little homework on the organization they were submitting their resume to. These job seekers sometimes…

Justice Is Not Blind…

Last week, a jury found Paul Rivera, a deaf and dumb homeless man, not guilty of possession for sale of methamphetamine, a felony. Rivera was…