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Posts published in “Day: July 6, 2019

MCT: Sunday, July 7, 2019

Cooler Temps;
Ridgecrest Quakes;
Salmon BBQ;
Cow Catchers;
Parade Mood;
Official Shortage;
MCDH Testimonial;
Loan Toast;
Asphalt Fires;
Widespread Outages;
1940 Jalopy;
Ed Notes;
Laytonville Charging;
Raptor Chat;
Yesterday's Catch;
Dumbest Age;
Nationalist Weekend;
Dem Cowards;
Empire Toys;
People's Park;
Maids Bedroom;
Late County;
1914 Ad;
Summer Reading;
Tree Me;
Fake Pols

Hatching Monsters

Lessons in Fame: P.T. Barnum by Charles Baxter       By pure literary coincidence, Phineas Taylor Barnum's autobiography was published in the same year (1855) as…

MCT: Saturday, July 6, 2019

Hot Inland;
Sunblock Truck;
Newton Memorial;
Carnival Evening;
Another Quake;
Mendo Parade;
Next War;
Branscomb Fatality;
Yorkville Competition;
Sweet Ride;
Gas Tax;
Olive Alcorn;
Whereas Trail;
Pacheco Filibuster;
Yesterday's Catch;
Mural Destruction;
Battenkill Ghosts;
Plastic Straws;
Brave Stand;
Mad Magazine;
Georgia O'Keeffe