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Posts published in “Day: May 4, 2016

“Touch The Leather” by the KZYX House Band

The Valley's third best public radio station (aka Radio Pee Syrup) sings of a passionate night spent on KMUD's indoor patio furniture with two or maybe five muscular femalesque Trimmigrants from Palos Verdes. The catchy song hit number 5,189 on the burgeoning Icelandic-Bhutan Soft Jazz Scene under the name: "Operation Not-So-Warm Leatherette (Except For That Tabouli-Stained Hole Near the Missing Buttonhole of the Universe)."

Mendocino County Today: Thursday, May 5, 2016

FB Demonstration;
Shelter Approval;
Berntime Ukiah;
Drivethru Knockouts;
MRC Retaliation;
The Manueuver;
Enchanted Forest;
Crab Opening;
PA Broke;
Facebook Sniper;
Your System;
Homeless Questions;
Rhody Show;
Radio Money;
Werner's Ghost;
Wild Thing;
Yesterday's Catch;
Clinton Trolls;
Trump Words

Vexxed At ‘Vaxxed’: Like an Infection

An email just arrived in my inbox recently titled "The Most Controversial Film in the Country — VAXXED — Set to Open in The San…

The Stony Lonesome: What A Shock!

I recently finished writing something that caused me, after doffing my writer's cap and donning the chapeau d'critique, to say: Dude, this is boring. Boring?…

Mendocino County Today: Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cruz Out;
Broadband Meeting;
Grange Events;
Panther Baseball;
Navarro Boca;
Vet Memorial;
253 Repairs;
Radio Asylum;
Church Benefit;
County Tourism;
BayArea Discontent;
Ukiah Madness;
Homeless Rousted;
Hemingway Movie;
TPP Talks;
Yesterday's Catch;
Trumple Play;
Pres Appeal;
Useful Words;
Sweet William;
Gardens Day;
Wool Festival;

Another Covelo Blood Feud

More criminal cases come out of Covelo than any other sector in Mendocino County, and a lot of the violence results from long-standing family feuds passed down through the generations to young folks who would otherwise get along in a neighborly and helpful fashion. And now, to go with the numerous ancient ones, new blood feuds, these among young Hispanic families who have moved into the historically blood-drenched Round Valley over the last past decade.

The Truth About Measure U

The people against Measure U are over-reacting to this minor zoning change and they are misleading people about what Measure U will do. The no…

Forty Years Ago

I completed my novel Inside Moves in 1975, the year the war in Vietnam ended. I had a medical deferment that saved me from going to that…

Letters (May 4, 2016)

I have been watching with amazement the growing hysteria about transgenders in public bathrooms. It is not only a issue in the South but also here in Montana. Facebook is full of strident voices about stationing straight male guards in women's bathrooms to protect them from transgender predators. Are they confused or what? No woman has been attacked by a transgender woman in a public bathroom anywhere in the country. It never happens. It is not an issue.