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Posts published in “Day: October 22, 2015

Bedlam On Low Gap

Some call it a debacle, others a fiasco — pick your adjective — but the escalating disaster of the County’s privatized mental health serices is…

Bad Bugs Biting Back

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law the nation's most stringent restrictions on the use of antibiotics in the production of meat. Is this a good thing? It certainly is - perhaps a crucial step in our survival, in fact - and I am not prone to exaggeration of such things. Now our state's new policy must become that of the entire nation.

Self Medication Nation

Just back from Ashland, Oregon, where I saw two plays. The good news: fifty to sixty high school students in attendance at Much Ado About…

My Journey With Ernie

It was a beautiful sunny day on the beach in Cardiff-by-Sea, Ca. during the early 1970’s, when I ran into this tall, friendly guy in…

Papal Pop & Circumstance

Entrusting the USA to its patroness, Mary Immaculate, then offering one final “God Bless America,” Pope Francis launched heavenward from Philadelphia on his Alitalia jet…

Mendocino County Today: Thursday, Oct 22, 2015

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