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Posts published in “Day: October 21, 2015

Mendocino County Today: Wednesday, Oct 21, 2015

Boy Search;
Privatization Disaster;
$100,000 Bail;
FB Contradictions;
Bail Reform;
Family Feud;
Hoopa Sovereignty;
Yesterday's Catch;
Contractor Sting;
Rental Scam;
SEIU Unavailable;
Asphalt Plant;
Fake Progressive;
Quake Swarm;
Harper Defeat;
Clinton Inc;
2000 Insults;
Sexist Vote;
Zito Retires;
Marketing Weed;
Tough Love

Why The Cops Won’t Share

Every few years, there’s a flurry of interest in Mendo’s obvious misallocation of Proposition 172 funds. Then everything returns to the status quo. It goes…

Mendo Forester Greg Giusti Fights Fire With Fire

Forester Greg Giusti doesn’t fight fires with water, hoses and aerial assaults. He didn’t fight the Valley Fire or any of the other conflagrations —…

The Magician

Most artists are unknown or little known outside their neighborhood or town or small circle of friends. This is not a bad or good thing, but merely the way of the world. My favorite poets are known to only a handful of people, and many of the finest musicians and painters and actors I’ve had the good fortune to hear and see will never be known outside the little kingdoms inhabited by their personal friends and acquaintances.

Schmoozh & Zlender Fingers

There is an old adage about the cobbler's children going unshod that makes me wonder what trade or profession, if any, breeds the most problematic…

Letters (Oct 21, 2015)

The new Bookmobile, bought with grant money from the Department of Agriculture (which means the County put out no money for its purchase) is being billed to the Library... as if it had been paid for by the County. Got that? Every day, in every way, someone at the County is figuring out how to steal the funds that local taxpayers wanted specifically to go to libraries in this county.

Valley People (Oct 21, 2015)

THE ANDERSON VALLEY PANTHERS crushed undefeated Calistoga Friday night in Boonville, 44-24. The defending NCL III champs — that's us — were upset by Upper Lake last week 34-22. The loss to Upper Lake was to a team that hadn't won a game the prior two seasons, and that was bad enough, but having our 16-game winning streak snapped seemed to provide plenty of angry incentive for us to knock off the undefeated league leader Calistoga.

Bird’s Eye View (Oct 21, 2015)

Several Three-Dot regulars remarked on the strong aroma of marijuana emanating from a significant number of young folks in the Valley in recent weeks, many of whom have never been seen around here before. It is a mystery.

Off the Record (Oct 21, 2015)

THE GUN NUT fantasy is that idiot bad guys will holler “Here we come!” and lurch, zombie-like into the front yard so that they can…

KZYX Rotations

On a pleasant late summer Labor Day evening, the KZYX Board of Directors met at the Anderson Valley Grange. All members were present with the…

Oslo Bans Cars!

Norway wakes up to the truth: city streets (and our lives) are better without cars!