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Posts published in “Day: October 7, 2015

Death Songs

Media coverage of Kelly Gissendaner’s execution in the small hours of Wednesday morning stressed the apparent anomalies of an act that, in this country, is…

Valley People (Oct 7, 2015)

I drove over the hill to Ukiah on a hot day. I was looking for the County's lead educator. He's an Italian from Point Arena. I thought about how far education has slipped since Socrates and how they poisoned him for being bisexual. I drove east to Talmage. Damaged people shuffled up and down the sidewalks in the sun. A dog was dead in front of the Talmage Market.

Talen Barton, The Documents

On July 19, 2015, Talen Barton was at the residence of Cindy and Coleman Palmieri, Barton’s foster parents in the past. Also at the residence where Ms. Palmieri's brother, Theodore Norvell, her son Teo Palmieri and two minor females who are also related to the Palmieris. Late in the evening after everyone had gone to bed Barton went into Teo’s room and placed his hand over Teo’s mouth as he slept and attempted to slice his throat with a knife. Teo woke up and started screaming as he fought for his life due to the traumatic injury to his neck. Ms. Palmieri heard her son screaming, entered his room and was immediately stabbed in the neck by Barton. After being stabbed in the neck, Ms. Palmieri started screaming for her husband, Coleman. Barton then went to the bedroom of Coleman and Cindy Palmieri. However, once Barton arrived he met Mr. Palmieri running for the door. Once they reached each other, Barton stabbed Mr. Palmieri in the throat. After the confrontation with Mr. Palmieri, Barton went downstairs where he observed Mr. Norvell entering the kitchen. He then stabbed Mr. Norvell in the neck.

Mendocino County Today: Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015

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Bad Water Decisions;
Biden Quest;
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Restocking Rifles;
Cancer Walk;
Monsanto v FOIA;
TV Shrinks;
Van Man Rousted;
Ballpark Seat Hopping;
Library Events;
Community Forum

Fort Bragg Notes

WHY THE HARE CREEK SHOPPING CENTER should not be built, a very long letter, which we've brilliantly edited to its 50-word essentials, from Fish and Wildlife to Marie Jones, Community Development Director, City of Fort Bragg. Those essentials are, Hare Creek is a fairly large project that would increase demand for Fort Bragg's severely depleted water by nearly 2,000,000 gallons, and this in an ongoing drought from a City water supply already in ration mode and already drawing so much water from it natural sources in the Noyo River, Waterfall Gulch and Newman Gulch that already imperiled fish are further imperiled.

Bird’s Eye View (Oct 7, 2015)

"The Porkie" served at the Navarro Store on Saturday and Sunday afternoons by Grill Master Guy Kephart is surely one of the Valley’s finest offerings. Pulled pork wallowing in bbq sauce and served with cole slaw on top, inside a lightly toasted sourdough bun. it just makes a perfectly serene Sunday afternoon amongst the Deep End redwoods even better.

Mathematically Eliminated

Baseball season is again winding down, and it's not looking real promising for the home team. While not yet "mathematically eliminated," as I write this…

Dead Reckoning

Most families have a code these days, to protect the sanctity of shared holiday meals and allow the normally inane conversations at these events to…

Of Onyx & Guinea Pigs

1972. Santa Cruz. Never enough money. I was working days as a gardener, nights playing music. My girlfriend was a waitress and house cleaner. Rent was cheap but wages were negligible.