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Posts published in “Day: November 20, 2014

Mendocino County Today: Friday, Nov 21, 2014

Rainy Days;
Affinitos Sell;
Still Counting;
Harvest Time;
Tuition Hikes;
ACA Numbers;
MendoVito EIR;
Christmas Trees;
Official Inflation;
Prison Shellgame;
Pain Map;
Cute Cult;
Catch of the Day;
Another Cat;
Your Overlords;
Moral Courage

Cloverdale Art Courses

at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance starting in January! Beginning in January, the Cloverdale Arts Alliance is pleased to present an 8-week after-school Art Course for…

Drink Wine, Save Salmon

Please join Whitethorn Winery and Sanctuary Forest for the 2nd annual Drink Wine, Save Salmon wine tasting fundraiser! The event will be held on November…

Mendocino Talking: Doug Mosel

Since landing in Mendocino County, Doug Mosel has involved himself in several worthwhile community projects: running the successful Measure H campaign against GMOs; co-founding the Agriculture & Ecology Hour on KZYX; and most recently creating the Mendocino Grain Project where he farms, mills and distributes locally-grown grains and flour to CSA members of the project and local stores.

Going Native

Utopia isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. When Boonville resident Ken Montgomery arrived here 36 years ago, he hadn’t read the fine print…

LaRue Kobrin Scholarship

A perpetual scholarship has been established for Mendocino College Nursing Program students in memory of LaRue Kobrin of Fort Bragg, who died in September. Kobrin…

Mendocino County Today: Thursday, Nov 20, 2014

MendoVito Water;
Girl Scouts;
Depletion Cheered;
DA Correction;
Suicide Attempt;
Clinton Corruption;
Holiday Shoplifting;
Board Vacancies;
Shmoll Talk;
Sexual Strangler;
Palace Vote;
Catch of the Day;
Stalinist Democrats;
Immigration Relief;
Net Neutrality