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Supervisor Williams Announces For State Assembly

“Today [Monday, 13 November] I filed as a candidate for California Assembly District 2. I decided to run because our rural northern communities need a stronger voice in California. The data shows we are being left behind and I want to talk about how we can turn that around.”


  1. Jennifer Smallwood November 13, 2023

    Oh boy! I can’t wait to read all of the comments tomorrow morning!

    • chuck dunbar November 15, 2023

      At 53 responses now, you called it right, Jennifer. “Oh boy!” for sure.

      Actually a fascinating mix of comments overall, with Sheriff Kendall writing thoughtful comments about the importance of civility in troubled times. We shall see how it all plays out in reality, after all the feedback from our wise AVA commentators.

      • Chuck Dunbar November 16, 2023

        Now at 58 comments total– perhaps a record, certainly time to call it over and done.

        • Matt Kendall November 16, 2023

          Someone needs to call the SPCA
          We have beat this horse plum to death.

          • Marmon November 16, 2023

            Pay attention AVA, take this article down.


          • Lazarus November 16, 2023

            I have another book for you Sheriff.
            “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge.”
            By Carlos Castaneda
            Be well,

          • Stephen Rosenthal November 16, 2023

            Nothing epitomizes the 60s hippie culture like The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe.

            • Matt Kendall November 16, 2023

              Ah the Merry Pranksters, sorry I read that one when I was about 19. I’m fairly certain you reminded me why that flavor of the hippy lifestyle never appealed to me.
              The ones I knew were just a little more tame. A lot of them were Vietnam vets who saddled up with the forest service or CDF. Some showed up with Allen Chadwick and started farming on the land trust.
              Once I set that book down, I began For whom the bell tolls by Hemingway.
              Robert, Pablo, Pilar and a few sticks of dynamite were more my speed at age 19.

  2. Gwen November 13, 2023

    Oh boy. Following in his uncle’s footsteps? Gavin must be proud.

  3. Jon November 13, 2023

    Does he know there’s not a chance?

  4. Suzy Slocum November 14, 2023

    Best of luck in your candidacy Ted! Despite the tiny but verbose handful of constant critics in this particular forum, I think you have an excellent chance of winning and I wish you every success.

  5. John Sakowicz November 14, 2023

    To the Editor:

    Bowtie Ted Williams is running for State Rep? Are you kidding?

    What hubris!

    Bowtie Ted’s “leadership” has failed and failed miserably. Let me count the ways:

    Mendocino County has a current structural deficit of $17 million and counting. Our financials are in such a chaotic state that we don’t know how much red our budget is bleeding.

    Mendocino County is being audited by the State of California. Until such time as our financials achieve are unqualified by state auditors, we can’t apply for new federal and state grants. This will be disastrous, since most of the county budget is non-discretionary and comes from federal and state funding sources.

    Our county budget process will have to be contracted out, yet again, because no one in-house can do the job.

    The various anonymous 30-somethings in the Executive Office who are now running virtually every county department are too young, too experienced, and just too plain stupid for the level of responsibility foisted upon them.

    Our Accessor’s Office has fallen behind in collecting taxes…catching up, but still behind.

    Our Auditor-Treasurer was made the target of malicious prosecution, and the BOS went along with the gag by suspending the Auditor-Treasurer without pay or due process, effectively, a wrongful termination. It will cost the county millions of dollars in legal fees, and millions more in settlements.

    No monthly financial reports are being generated for any county department; hence the BOS is effectively flying blind.

    Measure B monies, which are stipulated, are effectively being dumped into the General Fund and “disappeared”, just like PG&E wildfire settlement monies and federal COVID relief monies, and soon, very soon, Measure P monies. Any one of these illegal transfers can trigger a taxpayer lawsuit. (Jared Carter, Ross Liberty, Ken Fowler, John Mayfield, and Dick Selzer, are you listening?)

    Our county’s unfunded pension liability is pushing $260 million.

    Given all the above, our county’s credit rating is sinking like a stone.

    Recently, Natalie Ramos, a lead analyst with Moody’s, filed a public records request for the fiscal 2022 audit or adequate draft financial documents that Mendocino County needed to respond to. Without those materials, she wrote, Moody’s would “consider placing the district’s rating under review for possible withdrawal due to lack of sufficient information.”

    County CEO Darcie Antle is clueless. She conceded to the rating agencies that the county struggled with completing the fiscal year 2021-22 audit and the preparation of Annual Comprehensive Financial Review.

    Moody’s is one of three credit rating agencies, along with Standard & Poor and Fitch Ratings, that score the county’s financial viability, a measurement that is essential to investors or lenders as they calculate their financial risk in their willingness to lend money to the county. A lot of lending is in revolving credit to finance payroll and other such short-term obligations.

    The county’s credit rating is also important in determining the interest rates on bonds, which many public institutions rely on to pay for specific projects.

    Blow your credit rating and you’re screwed.

    Market dynamics are a cruel beast. Market dynamics are unsympathetic to public systems, like our own, that can’t back up their expenses with a broader source of easily identified, easily audited, dedicated taxes.

    Looking forward?

    Mendocino County will have deteriorating financials and increased operating risks. The budget gap will widen. We will have major service cuts. We will lose residents, especially younger people. Development will slow. There will be water shortages. Maintenance will be deferred. Technology upgrades will lag. We will default on some debt. Statutory liens will be placed on county assets.

    Good luck, Ted. You’ve done a wonderful job here in Mendocino County. Let me know if you need help writing your campaign literature. You’ll pretty much find the highlights in the above.

    One request: Take Mo Mulheren with you. She blew up daddy’s insurance brokerage. Then, she helped you blow up Mendocino County. Maybe she can blow up Sacramento and get a federal bailout.

    Remember, states can’t declare bankruptcy. For that to happen, Congress would have to pass a law allowing it. The primary reason for the lack of state bankruptcy provisions is the U.S. Constitution. “Under the Constitution, states are ‘sovereign’ entities, and the federal government has limited power to act on them directly.”

    You and Mo will have a blast in Sacramento. It will be like having a blank check!

    John Sakowicz

  6. Stephen Rosenthal November 14, 2023

    His premature endorsement of the unqualified clownish Mockel is finally revealed. Quid pro quo.

  7. George Hollister November 14, 2023

    1 question: Is TW willing to buck Jared Huffman who is opposed to any type of dam water except in Marin County, where they depend on it, and where Huffman happens to live? Looking out for Northern communities would require this.

    At this point, the now lame duck Wood, and the high profile Maguire have gone out of their way to fall into line, and present a future of Mendocino County that is good for a grant hog economy, and nothing else.

  8. CB November 14, 2023


  9. The Shadow November 14, 2023

    At least we’d be able to get somebody new in his seat. Highly irresponsible to run for State office when the county is in a shambles. Probably not the best campaign pitch. “ I’ll do for the state what I did to Mendocino County!”

    • Chuck Dunbar November 14, 2023

      Just so.

    • Lazarus November 14, 2023

      As a veteran of several campaigns as an advisor, I would suggest Mr. Williams figure out his odd comb-over hair situation.
      Clearly, he is losing his frontal head hair. In State politics, a candidate needs every advantage they can get. Appearance and or optics can make or break a candidate.
      Currently, the thinning fluffed up ain’t get’n it.
      Best he figures out another style, in my opinion.
      It’s similar to campaigning in Covelo and wearing thong/flip-flop sandals…not a good look for the territory.

      • Just go November 14, 2023

        His hair loss seems to coincide with his cheating on his wife.

        • Bruce Anderson November 14, 2023


          • Marmon November 14, 2023

            Maybe he and Mo are doing the no no.


          • Mike J November 14, 2023

            There isn’t really a need to leave this comment standing, is there?

        • George Hollister November 15, 2023

          Give us a break Just go. Or are you the one he is having an affair with?

  10. izzy November 14, 2023

    The polish has come off that particular apple.

  11. Matt Kendall November 14, 2023

    As my father would say, boys and girls you’ve had your fun but it’s time to simmer this pot down a little.

    looking over these comments has me wondering how in the hell did we get here and why is everyone so ornery. Leaves me wondering what happened to the concept of showing respect for the fellow human. Just a little couldn’t possibly hurt anything. Sad to say the least.

    Maybe It’s politics that gets everyone so fired up. Perhaps it’s the fact that pen names allow for anonymity. Either way many of these comments can only be described as mean spirited and rude. Ask yourself if you would do the same if seated across from each other at the supper table.

    I may not agree with everything that occurs in the county. That being said I have always been able to have a conversation with Supervisor Williams. We have locked horns over things from time to time because our positions demanded it. We both stepped into the ring knowing it would be a fight, every single time. Not much fun, but he was willing to get into the ring, so have some respect.

    If folks have an issue with policy, direction, leadership etc, please jump on those with a reasonable voice. Most of what I am seeing seems reminiscent of graffiti in a high school locker room and it’s shameful. If this is what we have come to, God help us all.

    • Stephen Rosenthal November 14, 2023


      I agree with you about pen names. Gives the keyboard warriors the unbounded courage they otherwise lack.

      But as regards to Williams:
      A man reaps what he sows —
      Galatians 6

    • Mike J November 14, 2023

      He made a really big mistake recently (ie voting to suspend Cubbison) but no one is mistake-free.

      We can have a larger overview perspective (your comment being a good example of that) and note that a lot of upsetness, especially among unionized county employees seeking better compensation, is due to his recognition of previously shined on (by previous reps except Pinches and candidate Juhl) conditions limiting the degree county govt services can be funded.

      • Matt Kendall November 14, 2023

        Mike J and Stephen, I appreciate your words however yours were not the comments I was speaking of. There were some downright awful things said here, and I simply don’t think it’s OK.

        When a feeding frenzy begins, someone has to be the grown-up. Often folks tend to forget that our elected officials have wives and children who are literate. I have often had to remind my wife that when she stops reading the comments, they will stop making her angry. That being said she loves me and finds herself wanting to defend me knowing full well I don’t need it.

        I appreciate the reference to the scripture, I was raised with it. My mother had a lot of faith. But the scriptures say many things including Ephesians 4:29
        Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
        My point was and remains we are missing the mark on this. I hope we can all give it a little thought.
        Take good care drive safe and let’s all enjoy a little bit of rain .

    • Lazarus November 15, 2023

      Yesterday’s comments by the Sheriff of Mendocino County, Matt Kendall, concerning Supervisor Ted Williams’s intent to run for State office are disturbing.
      Not because of his preachy, lecturing, moral superiority, but because of the office Mr. Kendall holds locally.
      For one of the two top law enforcement elected officers to enter the comment page and call out posters for various reasons is itself an implied threat to free speech/The First Amendment.
      Mr. Kendall’s good old boy folksy verse could be construed, as a cloaked threat issued by the power of the Sheriff of Mendocino County.
      It’s similar to having a bad comb-over or a man campaigning in Covelo wearing Flip Flops.
      Not a good look, in my opinion.
      Good luck and be well,

      • Mike J November 15, 2023

        No, there were outright libelous comments he was commenting on, not criticism within legal bounds.

        • Lazarus November 15, 2023

          The Sheriff’s comments got my attention, and I was remarking about a bad haircut…If they want you, they’ll get you. Ask around.
          Be well,

          • Mike J November 15, 2023

            I’m pretty sure he wasn’t commenting on yours but just go’s and marmon’s comments.

            • Lazarus November 15, 2023

              Look, Sherrif Kendall has the right to say whatever he wants here. But Public Figures, kind of, sort of, are fair game, even to the most demented comments. My family lived in that cesspool for a long time.
              However, I don’t think it’s the Sheriff’s job to police the AVA. That’s what the Publisher/ Editor does.
              Because of the office Mr. Kendall holds, it’s impossible to be a regular guy commenting on the AVA.
              In my opinion.
              Good luck and be well,

              • Bruce Anderson November 15, 2023

                I’m encouraged that the Sheriff takes the time to engage publicly on public issues. I wish more public officials would follow his example. DA Eyster, by contrast, won’t respond to questions from local media, let alone respond to his critics on a public forum.

              • Matt Kendall November 15, 2023

                Lazarus, I understand your point I truly do. However, we are in a strange time where people aren’t saying enough is enough. Some of the rhetoric that was going on went way too far.

                We are in a time where a man can get beaten to death on the street, while passerby‘s who are completely capable of stopping it will gladly take cell phone videos, and pictures, but no one stops to help him. I often wonder is that a byproduct of what is happening with social media and blogs.

                My question is, is there no blow too low? If someone doesn’t stand up and say something it just continues.

                And when someone says something about it as in, let’s be polite, let’s show some respect some things are out of line,. They are somehow the outsider?
                I’m sorry I don’t agree with that.

                • Lazarus November 15, 2023

                  Thank you Sheriff Kendall for your responses.
                  As you say, we are in strange times. Living through the sixties now seems like a walk in the park.
                  Be well, good luck, and take care out there.

                  • Matt Kendall November 15, 2023

                    I was only in the 60s as an infant and that was for just a few months.

                    But the old hippies I knew said it was a hell of a lot of fun! Their stories made me jealous.

                    Maybe when I’m done with Sheriffing I’ll grow my hair out and find an old VW van to cruise around in. rumor has it they have become so collectible that no one can afford one any longer. That may be proof that the 60s were pretty damn cool.
                    Take good care and go easy Laz!

                  • Mike J November 15, 2023

                    Reading List for the Sheriff to Prep for Hippie Life Post Retirement:

                    1)- The Book by Alan Watts
                    2)-The Joyous Cosmology by Alan Watts
                    3)-Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein
                    4)-Be Here Now by Ram Dass
                    5)-Siddhartha by Herman Hesse
                    6)-Whole Earth Catalogue

                    That should get you started on the counter cultural path

                  • Bruce Anderson November 15, 2023

                    Forgot The Hobbit.

                  • Matt Kendall November 15, 2023

                    I ran out of room to reply to Mike J but I wanted to tell him thank you for the reading list. If I can get books on tape, I may just jump right on that. I have to warn you I’m going to stay away from the patchouly oil I’ve been around some pretty heavy doses of that stuff over the years. I always found it mildly offensive.
                    my daughter made a mean tie-dye shirt for me one time when she was about 5 years old, I wore it like a crown.
                    We were both pretty proud of that shirt! Perhaps I can commission her to make me another one.

      • Matt Kendall November 15, 2023

        Wow that’s a stretch to say the least. But that is the state of things now a days. Someone gets called out for some pretty bad behaviors and suddenly it’s the fault of the person who calls them on it.
        Sad sad times.

        • Lazarus November 15, 2023

          Obviously, you missed the point.
          Be well,

      • Bruce McEwen November 15, 2023

        Look what bad hair did for Trump.

    • chris skyhawk November 16, 2023

      yes, the ONLY good thing that would come out of Ted’s candidacy, is that we might get a Supervisor who actually cares about our community, rather than a narcissistic shape shifter, who only uses his office as a rung on his career ladder

      To Sheriff Matt Kendall- I’ve had a long ringside seat to this mans career, while I generally agree with you on civility, in this case not, this man is a liar,, an absolute user of people and I don’t say this casually, thank you….

  12. John Sakowicz November 15, 2023

    Dear Sheriff Matt Kendall,

    I appreciate your references to scripture, but truth be told, Mendocino County has never in its history experienced such an abject failure of leadership as we are now experiencing. Please refer to my above letter where I enumerate all the ways our Board of Supervisors has failed us and what the future may yet bring with a growing budget deficit, chaotic financial reporting, uncollected taxes, a qualified audit, wrongful terminations, the misappropriation of voter-stipulated public funds, a freeze on applying for new federal and state grants, and a plunging credit rating.

    It may interest you to know that for several years as a kid I attended Catholic schools and wanted to be a priest, and I am also no stranger to scripture. A few Bible verses on failed leadership immediately come to mind.

    Jeremiah 23:1-4 – Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the Lord.

    Proverbs 16:12 – It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness: for the throne is established by righteousness.

    Proverbs 29:2 – When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

    Proverbs 29:12 – If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.

    Hebrews 13:17 – Obey them that have the rule over you and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may create joy, and not grief: for that is unprofitable for you.

    1 Timothy 3:1-2 – This is a true saying: If a man desires the office of a bishop, he must desireth good work.

    I pray for our county, Sheriff.

    I pray for new leaders. I pray for five new District Supervisors, a new CEO, and a new County Counsel.

    And I pray that our children and grandchildren forgive us for burdening them with cuts in services and millions of dollars in new debt.


    John Sakowicz

    • Matt Kendall November 15, 2023

      Thank you Mr Sackowicz
      I pray quite a bit myself. I Appreciate your prayers for me.

      • John Sakowicz November 15, 2023

        Indeed, Sheriff. I always include you and all the other members of the MCSO in my daily prayers. I know how hard the job is.

        I worked at the jail in 2000-2004, and I never worked harder in my life. I was routinely assigned as the floor deputy in Ad-Seg.

        That was Bldg. 2, Wing 4.

        Combative inmates. Assaultive inmates. Mentally ill inmates. Alcoholics and addicts coming out of detox. Suicidal inmates. Snitches. Chomos.

        It was a hard, hard job requiring constant vigilance and the highest professional standards of care, custody, and control.

        There were two bright spots, however. Our forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Doug Rosoff. And our Inmate Services Director, Hugo Boeckx.

        Both were friends as well as colleagues. Both continue to inform and influence my life to this very day.

        I still miss the job. I would go back in a second.

        Be safe.


        John Sakowicz

        • Bruce McEwen November 15, 2023

          Saco, you sicko, it’s a good thing you’re a Christian, cause only Jesus would take you back, you disloyal old skunk (I was going to say “dog,” but my trusty cur snarled auspiciously and I abandoned that complimentary analogy in favor of a more noisome species)!

  13. Mike J November 15, 2023

    The filing deadline ends Dec 8, maybe extended to the 13th because incumbent Jim Wood didn’t file.
    I haven’t seen reports of anyone else yet filing aside from Ted.
    Wood was a city council member from Healdsburg and a thirty-year dentist.
    There are two supervisorial districts in Sonoma County that are also in Assembly District 2: 4 (James Gore) and 5 (Lynda Hopkins). All supervisors in Humboldt and Del Norte are eligible to file. I imagine city officials would be viable candidates also.

    Wood announced his intentions after the beginning of the filing period, and looks like after the period when petition signatures for in lieu of paying the $1,122 filing fee can be gathered.

    So, there may not be a significant amount of time for many potential candidates to consider a run for this seat. We will see by Dec 13.

    Maybe Ted Williams will be the sole viable candidate?

    • Phyllis Mervine November 15, 2023

      Rusty Hicks has declared his intention of running.

    • Jon November 15, 2023

      Not a chance. There will be several candidates by the time the deadline rolls around. One of those candidates will win. Ted doesn’t have a chance.

      • Mike J November 15, 2023

        If there are multiple candidates from northern Sonoma and likewise from Humboldt but only Ted from Mendocino, then he likely makes it to the final round.

        • Jon November 15, 2023


    • Stephen Rosenthal November 15, 2023

      Viable: (adjective) capable of working successfully.

      Sole candidate or not, I hardly think this applies to Williams.

  14. Marmon November 15, 2023

    It might be a subtle approach, but I think what Kendall is really getting at is that he wants the AVA to ramp up their censorship policies on commenters while messaging to the AVA staff to cut back on their damaging coverage of local officials.

    You’ve been warned Anderson and MS.


    • Bruce Anderson November 15, 2023

      Guess I better get my affairs in order….

  15. Mike J November 15, 2023

    There is a Republican candidate from Del Norte.,here is an excerpt from the paper up there:
    “Del Norte Unified School District Trustee Michael Greer, a Republican, declared his candidacy for the Office, last week. The filing period window has begun.”

    So far from the northern region there is Calif State Dem Chair Rusty Hicks from Humboldt, Michael Greer and Ted.

    • Jon November 15, 2023

      “R” candidate = Lose

      • Marmon November 15, 2023

        Del Norte is right leaning, he will get a big boost there. The whole county is mostly law enforcement with the prison, State and Federal Park Rangers and employees along with the County and City law enforcement agencies. I worked for Del Norte County Child Protection Services for 5 years and know the voters well. Even my daughter and granddaughter are MAGA’s


        • Marmon November 15, 2023

          They live there, my granddaughter attends a Charter School, thank God


  16. Mike J November 15, 2023

    In the 2022 primary election, 66,000 voted in the Assembly 2 district race in Sonoma Co, 21,000 in Mendocino, 32,000 in Humboldt. I didn’t check Del Norte, only a few thousand there.
    Advantage goes to any Sonoma politician, I suspect. If there’s only one candidate from there.

    If a Republican makes it past the primary, they’ll get about 35% of the vote in the general.

  17. Marmon November 15, 2023

    Everywhere is freaks and hairies
    Dykes and fairies, tell me, where is sanity?
    Tax the rich, feed the poor
    ‘Til there are no rich no more
    I’d love to change the world
    But I don’t know what to do
    So I’ll leave it up to you
    Population keeps on breeding
    Nation bleeding, still more feeding, economy
    Life is funny, skies are sunny
    Bees make honey, who needs money? No, not poor me
    I’d love to change the world
    But I don’t know what to do
    So I’ll leave it up to you
    Oh, yeah
    World pollution, there’s no solution
    Institution, electrocution
    Just black and white, rich or poor
    Them and us, stop the war
    I’d love to change the world
    But I don’t know what to do
    So I’ll leave it up to you

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