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Theron Miller Found Dead

A TERRIBLE RUMOR had been circulating over the weekend that Theron Miller had been found dead in his hometown of Albion. The rumor is true, Theron, 48, is dead, cause of death to be confirmed by autopsy.

Widely considered the best football player to come out of Mendocino County since Dan Doubiago, Theron more than held his own at San Jose State as a starting linebacker, and nearly caught on with the 49ers following his college career. Theron was the third Division One athlete to graduate from tiny Mendocino High School after Doubiago and Randy Mastin.

Raised in Albion by his parents, Neil and Sam Miller, Theron’s death has shocked and saddened everyone who knew him.


  1. Michael pollard August 15, 2022

    He was loved by all a great person so sad known him since he was little always at the fields with brother and sis. My heart goes out to the family and the residents of mendo Albion ft bragg and everywhere. And all the young kids he taught how to play many sports and how to treat others. So sad . In shock!

  2. Rebekah Rocha August 15, 2022

    Who is the picture of the person on the right? That doesn’t look like Theron. I’m confused. Yes, he was an amazing athlete that everyone admired!

    • Jah Jah August 16, 2022

      who are you? im his sister… never heard of you before?!?

  3. Jed Ayres August 16, 2022

    Theron was one of my dearest and closest friends growing up on Albion Ridge together. His passing is absolutely devastating.

    May he be remembered for his gentle, humble, and loving spirit and of course the powerhouse he was in every sport he played.

    Much love to all of his family and friends. ❤️

  4. Jah Jah August 18, 2022

    Is it possible to change the title of this article!?! Its offensive and insensitive.

  5. Ilene Stanley May 10, 2023

    Just came across Theron card from miller’s mobile on site every repairs. Meet Theron in San Jose in mid-late 90’s. Great guy!

  6. Lynn (Hunt) Muzsek July 6, 2023

    My love and prayers go out to the family and all thoes who were close to him.💔 And many were when you grow up in a small, “village” ❤️
    I just now was shocked to hear this. Just doesn’t seem possible.
    My daughter Trinity just sent it to me, im still looking at his high school photo thinking it’s not possible 🙏
    So, so heart breaking.
    Theron, rest well, young man 🥺

  7. Carrie Miller August 22, 2023

    I am just now seeing this article for the first time and my big brother has been heavy on my mind all this week, I even had a dream about him night before last… Him and my big sis Miranda were driving with me along the coast and the tide was steadily rising, it was getting scary but Theron just kept guiding us through, helping us get to higher land, the ocean was a threatening force, even then marine animals were acting odd and it seemed the end of days was approaching but in this dream my Herculean like brother was a mightier force than even the ferocious Pacific Ocean. For his stoicism and calmness kept panic at bay and his love for his family fueled a determination to protect us in this illusionary state as he always did in real life with all his brute strength but more so with his kind and generous oversized heart. Never was there a more loving, teddy bear in a Linebacker shell than my brother, Theron.
    ………..aaaahhhaaaa I can literally hear Theron rolling his eyes and flicking me sh*t for being such a big baby, myself right now….
    I miss you Ther Bear and I know someday we’ll be together again, but until then, please watch over us all and keep those fierce rising tides at bay.
    All my love, your baby sister (your favorite one as you told Wendy upon introduction when I was 3), Carrie-Michelle.💗

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