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Trent James, Write-in Candidate

Trent James, dissident former Mendo cop, being sworn in as an official write-in candidate today, Monday, 23rd May.


  1. George Dorner May 24, 2022

    So write-in candidates must be officially approved before an election? Why? So the “authorities” can rule out the ones they disapprove of? What happened to the the freedom of the ballot?

  2. Sick of lies. May 25, 2022

    Write-in candidates have to be registered as a valid option. You cannot just write in Mickey Mouse joblo whatever and if they are not a registered candidate the vote will not count. It was necessary for him to fly back from out of state to register and convey his desire to run. Makes me wonder though with all the ballots that have already went in in the mail is there an option to vote since he was not an option then?

    • George Dorner May 25, 2022

      Why do write-in candidates have to be approved? If write-in votes are just another version of candidacy, why offer the option? And why isn’t the need for write-in candidates to be approved widely advertised, instead of being hidden until time to disqualify someone? That is, if you approve of strangers making your voting choices for you.

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