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Boonville Meltdown

Central Boonville was advised to "shelter in place" Sunday evening at approximately 7:30 as law enforcement converged on a Lambert Lane property abutting the Boonville Fairgrounds where Boonville native Stacey Rose had reportedly burned the property of his wife, Bronwyn Rose nee Hanes, and was threatening to shoot responding officers.

Rose was subsequently spotted by aerial surveillance pacing the area armed with a rifle.  An Army veteran, Rose was described as possessing multiple firearms and threatening "suicide by cop." Shortly before 8pm law enforcement said they had a "visual" of Rose with his hands up in surrender.

Update: Shortly before 9pm, Rose was peacefully taken into custody on charges of brandishing an imitation firearm, obliterating markings applicable to an imitation firearm, criminal threats of death or great bodily injury and resisting arrest.


  1. D vigil May 22, 2022

    . Stacey is very dangerious he has been threatenig my best friend has twice cut the valve Stem off his car tires has been threating to kill him,just thurs he followed him thru town when my friend Stopped he attacked him which he videod he has went to the Police about this matter and nothing has been done. Stacey is on hard drugs and its just a matter of time before he kills someone.

    • Pissed Off Citizen May 26, 2022

      Please call the District Attorneys office and report this and your concerns please. Their number is 707.463.4211

  2. One of his victims May 22, 2022

    No bail! No release! Enough is enough!!! It’s all day every day with Stacy Rose!!!

    • Another Pissed Off Citizen May 28, 2022

      Worthwhile read, very informative. Thank you for sharing this, hopefully others will read it.

  3. Another victim May 23, 2022

    He’s a serious danger to our community and each incident has escalated in severity. There are so many folks here he’s harassed and threatened and everyone’s been too afraid to go public. There are so many attacks on innocent people. It is a relief to finally see this out in the open as possibly he’s been given special treatment being related to the Sherriff. Kendall. Why is his mug shot never shown? Why no actual arrest after the episode at the cemetery months ago? Something has to change here. It’s going to end badly if he’s back in the community. We are not safe.

    • Pissed Off Citizen May 26, 2022

      Please call the District Attorneys office and report this and your concerns please. Their number is 707.463.4211

  4. Amy Rose May 24, 2022

    Im his ex wife with a restraining order . He tried to kill me twice . He is a danger to everyone . He still is 3rd party harassing me . My home has been broken into mseveral times and ive been attacked several times ( by people i don’t even know ! His new wife is just as big of a drug addict loser . She should be locked up with him ! Lock them both up and throw away the key .! They dont want help everyone has tried !

    • Pissed Off Citizen May 26, 2022

      Please call the District Attorneys office and report this and your concerns please. Their number is 707.463.4211

  5. Jess May 25, 2022

    Stacey Rose is another Ken Rex McElroy.

  6. Pissed Off Citizen May 26, 2022

    Watch out, Anderson Valley. Stacey Rose will be back in the area very soon as his parents bailed him out of jail yesterday and he was released last night putting many people at risk.

  7. Another Pissed Off Citizen May 26, 2022

    I would like the public to know that Stacey’s parents bailed him out AGAIN, Wednesday evening. The residents on family property have Temporary Restraining Orders, however Stacey himself has said, they are only paper. Stacey Rose is a threat to the community, many of you know that. The Walker family is in fear of what he might do. They have tried various ways to get him off the property, but have been unsuccessful.
If those who have commented above would contact the Mendocino County District Attorneys office and share there experiences with Stacey Rose, it would be appreciated. It could possibly save lives.

  8. Nathan Duffy May 26, 2022

    Aw makes you miss the big city where it’s always possible to send a foot soldier or a couple of em at such a problem.

  9. Extra pissed off citizen May 26, 2022

    Well, did you know Stacey is related to the Sherriff through marriage, and the Sherrifs wife works at the DA’s office. Small towns are great in some ways, but in this case not so great.

    The fact he is already out does not bode well. He brags about having ‘friends in high places’. The Ken McElroy comparison is pretty right on.

    Does anyone know where is is staying now

    • Melissa Kendall May 30, 2022

      My name is Melissa Kendall, born Melissa Rose and for that I will not be ashamed, because I take responsibility for my own actions and not that of others including my cousin Stacey. Since you know so much about me and my family, please call me at home and be sure to use your name when I answer. That’s called common courtesy, funny, it’s not so common anymore.

      I am not an elected official nor a public official, so when a statement such as this is brought to my attention, I will respond. It simply amazes me how people such as yourself can sling false information while hiding behind a title rather than a true name, but expecting full transparency from “friends in high places”.

      You need to point your anger in the right direction by educating yourself. Research the California Judicial System and the Mendocino County Bail Schedule. You may want to add AB 1475 to your research as well to educate your fellow conspiracy theorists. Until then, don’t insult my integrity, hiding behind a covered identity.

      Melissa Kendall

      By the way, I have not been employed at the District Attorney‘s office in over three years.

  10. Jane Doe May 30, 2022

    Something is rotten in the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. No one is safe around those Rose boys (especially children) and their father is the source. There are many victims of their abuses over the years trying to be heard, but for some reason no one will investigate their cases. They lose the papers, can’t find the files, determine the findings are “inconclusive” – and case closed. Perhaps that is why there are so many “pissed off and concerned citizens.” Maybe they have a right to feel like victims – both of the Roses’ and the system, not being heard and dismissed for years. When is enough enough?

  11. New guy June 7, 2022

    Eventually, pissed off citizens just handle the problem themselves. Sheriff can’t protect him from the mob.

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