Beauty Way Tour

by AVA News Service, October 7, 2017

[Nov 9]

2017 marks the 26th Thanksgiving Give Back Trip taken by members of Clan Dyken and their extended family to bring food, supplies, firewood and labor to the Big Mountain/Black Mesa region of the Navajo Reservation.

We can support the Beauty Way tour by coming out to dance to Clan Dyken's life affirming, rebel rock music Thursday, November 9 at 9pm at the Ukiah Brewing Company. 102 So. State St. $10-$20 donation.  Everyone welcome, no one turned away.

Proceeds will benefit both the Beauty Way Tour and local Fire Rehabilitation efforts.

For more information about the ongoing plight of the Dineh people

For more information about Clan Dyken's Beauty Way tour visit

For more information about Nov. 9 event. 707-895-3243

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