Open Studio

by AVA News Service, August 1, 2017

[Sep 10]

I am having an open studio, September 10, featuring 7 barns, my new work in which I create bas-relief constructions integrating salvaged barn siding from local structures, set against simple and quiet pastoral scenes. As a review put it,

“Through her evocative work, Johnson breathes new life into these once-integral parts of the human landscape. Every piece of barn siding carries its own history — in the patterns of the weathered wood, remnants of long-worn paint, and nicks and scars that make up their individual topography. Johnson gives these fragments of the past a new home, pausing time temporarily, and placing them in a Zen-minimalist vision of the rolling hills found just outside her studio door — sky, land, horizon, and barn.”

Hope to see you, Rebecca Johnson

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