Hospitals For Whites Only?

by Jeff Costello, July 19, 2017

Saw an article about right-wingers' disdain for institutions of learning (Trump: "I love the poorly educated"). One suggestion was because universities have non-white people in them. Well, okay. In a country full of people who are certain a black president must be a muslim from Kenya with no birth certificate...

Not to go into the health care debacle, but what will the white people who want American Made Great Again do if they need surgery or any procedure or service from a hospital? Because there a lot of non-white people in hospitals. Really a lot. And if you aren't paying cash to your old small town white family doctor (is there such a thing any more?), the likelihood is pretty fair that Joe Six-Pack, the "real" American, needing his prostate examined will have it done by an M.D. who is not white. I would suggest that the urology clinic in general would be a place to avoid for self-styled patriots of the NRA persuasion. It gets up close and personal in there. Big city hospitals are where the so-called melting pot is in full force. I can't comment on small town facilities.

My chief oncologist was from India, the secondary was Korean. Pleasant fellows, both of them. The guy who did the biopsy was white and a self-absorbed little prick, too. The prince of his kingdom. I recall the term HMO being first used by Hillary Clinton. Health Management Organization. That's why I have a "primary care provider" who monitors my computer files, orders blood work and sends me to other doctors or clinics for specific treatment.  I've never lived in one place long enough to have a good ol' family doctor, and with what I've observed in the way of exploding population, the HMO thing is probably the best way to do it anymore, at least it works, for me anyway. No racism tolerated, either.

If you don't like the sight of people in muslim clothing or balk at the notion of a young black female doctor, I don't know where there is left to go for medical issues. And this is Colorado, a "purple" state with more red than blue in the mix. I don't know when all the muslims arrived, or from where. I'm not religious, and the only believers who get in my face, or try, are Christians. Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, (are Mormons Christians?) and of course the nasty evangelicals, have tried.

But at the hospital they're quiet as church mice, even when confronted with international mishmash that crowds the corridors. Right here in River City.

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