The Diaz Report

by AVA News Service, March 28, 2012

I would like to give thanks to everyone who supported me a situation I'm in, whether it be writing letters or articles, donating money, spreading the word of what is going on, whatever it may be. I thank you all for your love, support and care!

Now for an update from me. As many know, I was extradited from Mendocino County to Brownwood, Texas on a cannabis charge. I live and reside a few miles outside the village of Mendocino. I am a current medical marijuana cannabis patient and have been for several years. The car and plane rides were not as dreaded as one might think or expect. Other than the fact that they were rides to a zero-tolerance state, for a legitimate medical marijuana patient such as myself to stand trial for having no more than the recommended and personal amount of medicine. The car ride from Dallas, Texas, to Brownwood, Texas, was more than a little terrifying, being that I was handcuffed, shackled at the feet and in the backseat of a sheriff's car with no seat belt on while the transporting officer was driving at speeds up to 97 mph and in the darkness of night at that.

Once I arrived at the Brown County Jail they booked and housed me quite quickly — within about three hours of my arrival at approximately 9pm on January 10, 2012. While being taken to the cell I was to be housed in — a 12 man tank — I was reminded of what a horrible place I was in. On the walk to the tank, at the beginning of the hallway, the officer pointed to two torn up mats on the ground and said, “Grab a mat.” I was then housed with 11 other men. I was to wait there for my first court appearance. I later found out by mail that it wasn't until the 29th of January that I would be before a judge. During my wait not only was I harassed by several inmates but I was threatened with bodily harm as well. I was threatened for joking with an inmate when asked, “What are you watching?” And me replying, “TV.” Then and there, again I was reminded of not only the horrible place I was in but the kind of people who were here.

Also during my wait and even after my first court appearance I grew increasingly sick to the point of having a temperature of 103.3 and being rushed to the emergency room at four in the morning. At the emergency room I was given a breathing treatment, a chest x-ray, diagnosed with bronchitis, given a shot and prescribed several medications/drugs. All that within an hour. Then I was discharged back to the Brown County Jail. About five days after my hospital visit I started feeling better. I did not know once take the prescription drugs prescribed to me. Instead I let my body heal itself.

At my first court appearance I was indicted on a charge of “bail jumping,” a third-degree felony, and I was appointed a public defender once again. A pretrial date and a plea bargain deadline was set for February 27. Then I went back to the county jail to await my pretrial hearing. During the last week of January my public defender, Rudy Taylor, came to visit me at the jail. At our visit I was told by Rudy that he was going to bail me out on my word that I show up to the pretrial and trial. Then the following week, the first week of February, he came back to the jail to visit with me and informed me that I was not going to do what he said he would do, which was bail me out, because of his own personal life problems.

Then on or about February 13 I was moved to a much smaller eight-man tank. I was there a short six days before my bond was posted on February 18 thanks to family members. Unfortunately, Sheriff Bobby Grubbs has to sign off on bonds over $25,000. He decided not to sign my bond and demanded a court-order, ordering him to do so. My public defender (Rudy) was supposed to get a court order that following week. Instead, something happened, to my knowledge I still don't know what, and he did not get a court order. Again yet another thing he said he would do and did not do.

February 27th was the day of my pre-trial. I was up early, showered, clean and ready for it. 8:30 rolled around and I started to wonder why I had not been called to get up and get dressed and be ready for court. Nine o'clock came around, I was ready to go, still wondering why no one had come to get me for court. Finally I laid back down and eventually fell back asleep. I later awoke in some what of a panic. I called my mother to find out what was going on. She informed me that Rudy went in to court without me and said there was no need for a pretrial, being that the last I had seen or spoken to Rudy Taylor was on February 18 and he did not tell me then that we were not going to have a pretrial. That concerned me. It has been just over two weeks since my pretrial date and 3.5 weeks since Rudy has seen or spoken to me.

Also, the last letter I received from him was dated February 2, 2012. I am greatly concerned, especially now with my jury trial scheduled to start in less than three weeks (April 2). I have no idea what is going on or what kind of defense Rudy is going to put on, if any at all.

I don't like to be negative. I had a feeling for a while though that Rudy is making it seem like he is working for me and going to help me, but in the end he is going to screw me. It doesn't help when time after time he says he's going to do something and ends up not being a man of his word. I need help!

As of March 11 I have been put in a segregated cell on disciplinary lockdown because I was not in my bed during lights-out time. Twenty-five days of the disciplinary lockdown, no visits, no phone access and no commissary except hygiene and writing materials. On top of being in a segregated cell I have already not been allowed to go out to the recreation yard in over a week and the Lord only knows when I will be allowed to go out and get fresh air and see the light of day again. Recreation time, attorney visits and trial will be the only time I am allowed out of this 10' x 8' cell over the next 25 days.

I'm hoping to have a different attorney by April 2, the day of my trial, one who will put on an adquate and proper defense and help me help to keep me out of prison and get back with my family. I know there are people in this world who can and will help me with what I'm experiencing. The hard part is finding them. Money is what is needed the most now to help pay an attorney as well as the cost of the trial. Time is of the essence! I ask any and all who can and will donate to please contact my mother immediately. She can be reached by cell phone at any time — Nona at 707-654-4367 or 325-203-0283. Please leave a message if she does not answer. She will be glad to help with any questions or information needed. Also, anyone can write to me at: Christopher Diaz, 1050 West Commerce Street, Brownwood, TX 76801. Any and all letters will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your energy and time in reading all that I have written. For those just learning of me and my situation, more information can be found on the Internet by Google searching “Christopher Diaz, Brownwood Texas” or by contacting my mother, Nona. Thank you all again not only for your support but your love and care as well!

With love to all from my cell at the Brown County Jail

Christopher Diaz

Brownwood, Texas

PS: “Why do parents…?” in AVA-Valle People, March 7, 2012. To one of the Valley People items, specifically the one who wrote a short article on young people and the use of marijuana-cannabis. I discredit everything you wrote. First things first, cannabis is not dope and is not a drug. Unlike the synthetic man-made pills and medicines/drugs, cannabis is a natural God-given plant. Read Genesis 1:11 as well as Genesis 1:31 where God saw all that he made and it was good. Secondly, who are you to say using cannabis makes anyone stupid? Honestly, anyone and everyone can only speak from their own experience, so if using cannabis makes you stupid and slow — speak for yourself. On to your conclusion: cannnabis is harmless! Period. You tell me, please, what negative and harmful effects cannabis has on the human body. And you know from extensive research, right? In fact, do you know the human brain has receptors to receive cannabis? Research that. Cannabis has nowhere near the negative and harmful effects as prescription and nonprescription synthetic drugs that would normally be picked up at your local drugstore if any. Last but not least I ask you to open your eyes, ears, mind, soul and discern the deceitfulness. — With love, a Mendoland Mendonite

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