Anderson Valley

Bird’s Eye View (Oct. 19, 2016)

by Turkey Vulture

Whatever next? I will surely be one of the many followers of the Valley’s restaurant scene who undergoes a ‘you’re kidding me’ moment on hearing this week’s…

Mendocino County

Mendocino County Today: Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016

by AVA News Service

VERY BAD SINGLE-VEHICLE ACCIDENT on Highway 101 north of Ukiah Sunday night. Apparently a drunk 18 year old kid named Juan…

Coast Hospital Popularity Survey

by Malcolm Macdonald

The Mendocino Coast District Hospital (MCDH) held a special Board of Directors, Finance Committee, and Planning Committee meeting October 12th. The…

This Halloween Story Rated PG

by Bruce McEwen

Last Halloween at a pot pharm near Dos Rios, when the costumes came off around midnight, out stepped a real monster,… Tickets to live events

Mendocino County Today

Get The Shotgun

by Flynn Washburne

When I woke up, I was struck first by the silence — a deep and complete absence of sound that seemed to have a shape and weight…

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

by David Yearsley

Was that great global spluttering sound we heard this week the five members of the Nobel literature committee gagging on the lutefisk that is their prize? Or…


by Todd Walton

In the days before digital cameras, I had several bouts of being a serious photographer, serious in the sense of owning good cameras, taking thousands of pictures,…

Confessions Of A Dealer

by Louis Bedrock

(told by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous) In Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, Tim Roth plays the gang member Mr. Orange. Mr. Orange is an undercover…

Charles Shaw Fishing

by Bob Dempel

My friend and client Ed Beard told me about a new couple in the Napa Valley. They had bought a small parcel and built a small winery…

The Compass

by Manuel Vincent

When you're born, your entire space amounts to the dimensions of the cradle: 80 x 60cm. The compass will open. After six months, you can crawl across the room.…

The Odor Of Desperation

by James Howard Kunstler

It must be obvious even to nine-year-old casual observers of the scene that the US national election is hacking itself. It doesn’t require hacking assistance from any…

Letters to the Editor

Letters (Oct. 19, 2016)

Mendocino County receives $27 million dollars annually to provide Mental Health Services. With passage of Measures AG and AH, this money will be spent in our County…