Anderson Valley

Valley People (Jan. 18, 2017)

by AVA News Service

BOONVILLE WATER & SEWER ENGINEERING GRANTS OFFICIALLY IN PLACE. “Good News!” write Val Hanelt and Kathleen McKenna. “We have finalized both planning grants. The $500k Clean Water (aka…

Mendocino County

Mendocino County Today: Monday, Jan. 23, 2017

by AVA News Service

175 Open; Colder Weather; Ukiah Dispensaries; Owsley Arrested; KZYX Records; Ukiah Utilities; Westside Rental; FB Notes; Albion School; Poor Speakers; Gram's Pissed; Little Dog; Yesterday's Catch; Sort Of; Present Catastrophe; White Moderates; Ukiah Symphony; Ukiah Author; Inaugurhowl…

County Trash Hauler Pushed To Brink

by Mark Scaramella

Willits Weekly reporter Mike A'Dair dug up some useful background concerning the ongoing dispute between County trash hauler Jerry Ward of…

Off the Record (Jan. 18, 2017)

by AVA News Service

DEPARTMENT OF THE MACABRE: According to a presser from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, the three pit bulls that nearly killed… Tickets to live events

Mendocino County Today

E-Brake’s Blessing

by Flynn Washburne

There are probably settings more dismal than a Fort Bragg (northern latitude, coastal proximity) bus "shelter" on a late Sunday afternoon in mid-November during a rainstorm, but…

Carrying On

by Todd Walton

We are feeling pampered and special because the power went back on after a two-day outage. We know there will probably be another outage when the next…


by Bruce Patterson

I think “Tells” is one of the most beautiful words in the American Language. According to Professor Webster, the words “tell” and “tells” have sixteen commonly accepted…

An Afternoon With Sherman Alexie

by Paul Modic

There was a crowd gathering outside the College of the Redwoods auditorium, we had all come to hear one of my literary heroes Sherman Alexie give his…

New Years On The Coast, 1879

by Malcolm Macdonald

1878 slipped into 1879 along the Mendocino Coast behind a northwestern breeze that blew away the rain showers of New Year's Eve. The flag on the point…

Do We Want To Win Or Just Feel Good?

by Clancy Sigal

Meryl Streep makes a beautiful, heartfelt (“sank hooks in my heart”) speech at the Golden Globes eviscerating Trump for mocking the disabled who lack “the power and…

Letters to the Editor

Letters (Jan. 18, 2017)

I find myself baffled by the idea that Caltrans would want to raise the speed limit through Philo based on a survey that finds most drivers travel…