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Posts published in “Day: February 17, 2016

River Views

Walking upriver a piece, beyond the forks where the sun bakes the gravel bar and pepperwoods shadow the Indian trail, eventually Ed Sniece's place comes…

Jewish Like Bernie

Reveling in the fantastic news that Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary by a landslide, my eyes were drawn to an article in the New York Times with the headline As Bernie Sanders Makes History, Jews Wonder What It Means. Stop wondering already. It means he won the New Hampshire Primary. It means he kicked Hillary’s tuckus. It means he espouses what most Americans want: truly affordable healthcare, raising taxes on the rich, rebuilding America’s infrastructure, ending massive fraudulent banking Ponzi schemes masquerading as our economy, and getting corporate money out of politics.

Back to Indiana

Unseasonably warm breezes carry the humid effects of the Pacific El Nino across Mexico and from the Gulf up the Mississippi and Ohio valleys to…

Valley People (Feb 17, 2016)

SERVICES FOR DENIS LEE BOARDMAN, who was murdered in his home in Fort Bragg on Jan. 2, 2016, will be held next week. A VA…

Bird’s Eye View (Feb 17, 2016)

With Erica Lemons’ departure, the School Board is once again a member short. Three new members joined long-time trustee Richard ‘Dick’ Browning just a couple of months ago, and the new appointee will be nominated and selected by these four folks, who will hopefully have more than one applicant to choose from. So far, just Robert Pinoli Jr, who failed to get selected in the recent round of appointments, has applied. Robert is a pleasant, approachable, and intelligent man, who in normal circumstances would probably be an asset. However, he is the son of Robert Sr, the High School Athletic Director and current “Dean of Discipline,” a sort-of Vice Principal if you will. Do I hear “That must be a conflict of interest” from anyone? Given that the Board oversees the school’s administration and its duties, I’m sure I do.

My Doctor Got Busted

I’ve never understood people’s fascination with pharmaceutical drugs. I’ve been prescribed narcotic pain meds, and found their effects nearly as unpleasant as the pain they…

The Flawless Waffle

I was very excited about the inaugural gig of my new band, Flawless Waffle. It was a sort of fortuitous accident that we'd arrived at…

Mendocino County Today: Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016

Cold Fronts;
Kemper Meeting;
Making Firewood;
Bones Roadhouse;
Public Education;
Misleading Amendment;
Missing Birds;
$28k Missing;
CEO Power;
Police Report;
Phone Creep;
Stupor Bowl;
Political Vanity;
Missing Person;
Tainted People;
Missing Girls;
Gardening Discussion;
American Questions

A Brief History Of Mendo’s CEO

The Mendocino County Board Of Supervisors, at their December 10, 2013 meeting, will issue the usual insincere proclamation honoring the late Al Beltrami for his…