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Posts published in “Day: March 11, 2011

Hillary Clinton: “We’re Losing The War”

None other than the US Secretary of State herself, Hillary Clinton, paid fulsome tribute to Al Jazeera last Wednesday, March 2. Appearing before a US…

Very Questionable Food

My earliest memory is a hazy but lasting one. I was around five years old at most, with my father, fishing on the beach where…

Myth & History

Historical facts. Hmm. When I was attending UC Santa Cruz in the late 1960’s (and I really did do that) Norman O. Brown came to teach at our newborn college. His course Myth & History was open to undergrads, so I signed up to hear what the famous man had to say.

Will Commercial Catch Shares Sink Local Fleets?

A lawsuit filed by local commercial fishermen may not stop what plaintiffs see as a corporate scheme to privatize the ocean and eliminate small-boat fishermen…