Raging Old Biddies, Hysterical Geezers

by Bruce Patterson, April 22, 2010

“A society is rich when material goods, including capital, are cheap, and human beings dear: indeed the word ‘riches’ has no other meaning. The interests of those who own property used in industry. . .is that their capital should be dear and human beings cheap.”

— R.H. Tawney, 1880

“But there is one point. . .to which I ask a brief attention. It is the effort to place capital on an equal footing with, if not above, labor, in the structure of government. It is assumed that labor is available only in connection with capital: that nobody labors unless somebody else, owning capital, by the use of it, induces them to labor.”

— Abraham Lincoln

* * *

I was ecstatic when Obama became President. Not because I wanted some Moses to lead me into the Promised Land but because I knew John McCain was rotten through-and-through. Then when McCain picked a rank lunatic — Eva Braun on a military mis­sion from Yahweh — as his running mate, I figured that was the end of McCain as a candidate. On prime­time TV McCain had just dropped his drawers and flashed his childish blind ambition, for Christ’s sake. I mean, how could a decrepit old geezer like McCain not know that he could drop dead at any minute and live out his days accordingly? Far more importantly, how could any American voter not know that McCain could drop dead at any minute? Americans scare easy and what could be scarier than a President Sarah Palin? It seemed to me that McCain’s selection of Palin was the kiss of death.

Of course what passes for the Republican Leader­ship nowadays — turncoat Dixiecrats dressed in drag in more ways than three — had a counter argument: what could be scarier than a jigaboo in the White House? This dark shady stranger appearing out of the spooky mist who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama, the Republicans warned in spit-shined lock­step, is a rabblerousing Black Nationalist, Radical community organizer and closet Acornite. This boy’s a pretend Christian, a hippie slut’s love child, an Ivy League elitist, twirp and Socialist, a crooked pawn of Chicago’s gangster machine, a pot-smoking, free-lov­ing, miscegenating Hawaiian beach bum, a Kenyan, Indonesian, illegal alien, Muslim, secret terrorist sym­pathizer and, just possibly, the Anti-Christ.

And, you know what? McCain/Palin ticket carried “white” voters over 59 years of age by 11 percentage points. The McCain/Palin ticket won a plurality of all “white” voters nationwide and they did it after these same voters had just spent 8 years getting shaken down and shafted by the most venal, incompetent and destructive American regime ever (barring the Con­federate/Jim Crow regime). The election results help show why, at the bitter end of WW2, so many Ger­man military outfits, hopelessly outgunned and beaten, bloody, burnt and dismembered, fought to the last for their Glorious Fatherland. It’s very, very diffi­cult for people to admit they’ve made a horrible mis­take. For some people it’s easier to die.

And that brings me to the McCain campaign’s spawns, these self-proclaimed Real Americans who are financing and organizing the Tea Partiers. The Poison Kool-Aid Gang is more like it since all they stand for America’s revolutionary founders stood against. But I don’t want to pick apart the Tea Partier’s “politics” since there’s no use arguing reality with a collection of hysterics. But I do think it’s important to know why all this past year the Tea Partiers have been the darlings of the mass media; the avatars of “grassroots patriotism.” In a word: they, and their media shills, are useful idiots.

While success in politics is a function of how many friends and allies a particular social movement can make, who they perceive as their enemies gives you a window into their collective soul. The longer the list of perceived enemies, the rule is, the more delusional, self-defeating and dangerous the social movement. Now, according to these Real Americans (as opposed to the legions of phony ones like me), we are surrounded by dangerous enemies both foreign (“God save us from the Yemenis!”) and domestic.

Our most formidable domestic enemies are labor unions. Look what the labor unions did to what used to be the greatest manufacturing power on earth? Look how the labor unions destroyed the railroads, the steel and shipping industries, mass transit and the public schools, etc. Real Americans know that their prosperity is rooted in the vast pool cheap labor made available without strings to the highest multinational bidder, and look at how rich all of these featherbed­ding union slobs are getting while us Real Americans must slave for our meager salaries.

The Liberals are also domestic enemies. Imagine how wonderfully free us Real Americans would feel if we just got rid of all of the Liberals calling the shots up there in Wall Street penthouses and out in Holly­wood hot tubs? Next are the Secular Humanists that have taken over our schools and are poisoning our children’s minds with Science and barring Almighty God from the door. Who could be more sinister than unionized Secular Humanist school teachers? Abor­tionists, that’s who. America is awash with Deadly Sin and spiraling toward The End Times because right under our noses we’re allowing a bloody Holocaust against the Great Unborn. Imagine the galactic width of God’s smile if we Real Americans just got rid of all of the abortionists and their fellow travelers and sym­pathizers? And, since we’re cleaning house, why not get rid of those who would not just deny us our God but also take away our guns and ammunition? I could go on — environmentalists, leftists, illegals, homo­sexuals, potheads, floozies — but you get the idea. You can call a social movement that hates about 75% of the people living around them a lot of things — around the world 70 years ago folks had a whole slew of names for them — but “patriots” isn’t one.

Barack Obama became President because, for the first time in American history, people of color swung a national election. People of color even “stole” Vir­ginia and North Carolina. Of course they couldn’t have pulled it off without Obama also carrying a large plurality of young “white” voters but, to me, that just sweetened the victory. My joy was not only because I knew we’d dodged the bullet but because I saw it as a passing of the torch from the old and checkmated to the young and oh-so-screwed. When candidate Obama talked about how change came from the bot­tom up and not the other way around, I knew what he was talking about.

The day after the election I watched and listened as the Republican Leadership in spit-shined lockstep publicly dared the freshly minted President elect to just try’n “Govern from the Left.” One after another, their botoxed lips creased into sneers, their Southern drawls dripping venom, they urged the young upstart to go ahead and make their day. They were not just sore losers and they were after more than just getting even. When candidate Obama spoke of turning crisis into opportunity, these guys knew what he was talking about and they’re running with it as far as it will take them. What could be scarier than a jigaboo in the White House? It doesn’t matter that Obama, wishing to get re-elected, has so far governed from “the mid­dle.” It’s not what he does. It’s who he is. ¥¥

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